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L-ittra minn Avukat1 datata 1 ta' Gunju '02 qed jirrinunzja milli jibqa' l-avukat tieghi, ftit jiem qabel dik is-seduta tat-12 ta' Gunju '02

Letter of Lawyer1 dated 1st June '02 renouncing from remaining my lawyer, few days before the court sitting of 12th June '02

Lawyer 1 renouncing from remaining my lawyer

English translation:
In the Court of Magistrates (Malta)
As a court of Criminal Judicary
Today: first of June of year two thousand and two (2002) – 1/6/02
Police (inspector Carmelo Bartolo) vs Nicholas Grech
Note of the defending lawyers Angelo Farrugia and Edward Gatt
With which they are renouncing the patronage of their client Nicholas Grech and this because of the considerable lack of agreement between the undersigned lawyers and the accused.

The above letter was forwarded to the Commission for the Administration of Justice, informing it also of the abuses of my first lawyer who defrauded me so vilely with my own money defended my opponents made cover-ups of severe crimes that were done on me by not reporting them, amongst them the threats of Peralta in a court room, of guess what, of smashing me against the wall. 'Not reporting makes you complicit' but for a purely fake Commission that is nothing to worry about (see letter below, as I had also asked it to investigate them).

Letter from the Commission for the Administration of Justice dated 14th October 2002 asking for those who witnessed the incidents on 4-Feb-20 English Translation (the parts in brackets are my additions):
The Commission for the Administration of Justice considered your letters of 19th August 2002 and 22nd September 2002.
I ask you to inform me who was present in the Court appearance you had on 4th February 2002 (referring to that Court sitting when I was threatened by Magistrate Peralta of smashing me against the wall).
Regarding the complaint against the lawyer (Anglu Farrugia), this has been forwarded to the Committee for Lawyers.
Wait (reply) from your end.
Dr. Deborah Farrugia.

I never had any response from this Committee for Lawyers on Anglu Farrugia - they never investigated anything for the sake of cover him up. So much is fake this Committee, like this Commission which presided on it. The law, is of course, not the same for everyone in a country like Malta, since ever corrupt.

Payment of Lm100 done to lawyer Anglu Farrugia The above is a payment of Lm100 done by my relatives to lawyer Anglu Farrugia, probably for his services the first time I appeared in Court on 15-Jun-2001 in my first court case as he used not to charge me that much.