The Times of Malta  reports another  horrendous story.  I am deeply disturbed by what is happening to these dogs but more so about what these people have in their mind.  They are absolutely insane and need help urgently.  I’m not after any more crucifixions  – I’m after justice.  I really can’t believe that no one saw any of this happening.

A dead dog has been found ‘crucified’ upside down at the gate of the Oratory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Mosta.

The grim discovery was made at about 7.15 a.m.

It is the second such discovery in Mosta since a dog was similarly found – a month ago to the day – nailed to the door of the residence where a murder took place.

In both cases, a note was found with the dog.

An investigation has been launched.

The incident was the latest in a series of incidents involving extreme cruelty to dogs in recent months.

On September 30, a jogger in Kalkara heard movements in a skip and found a boxer dog close to suffocation tied inside in a black garbage bag. The boxer, named Gaia, died later in the day.

Last May, another dog, later named Star, was found buried alive in a field with nose poking through the soil gasping for air. The dog had been shot in the head and died three weeks later.

The following month, three dead Pharoah hounds Klieb tal-Fenek were found dead tied together in the sea off Marsalforn.



4 thoughts on “Crucify him – crucify him!

  1. I shudder to think that such people are walking our streets and we don’t know what’s on their mind. Are they sick? Are they hopelessly frustrated? Are they schizophrenic? Are they addicts? Do they come from a secret sect? What makes them act in such an inhuman way? Unless they are caught and we are given the answer to all these questions I believe that no one is safe any more in our beloved, once peace-loving, country.


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