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Il-verbal tas-seduta tat-12-Jun-02 li ssemmi Avukat3 li lilu jmiss it-turn biex jinhatar bhala avukat t'ghajnuna legali imma minflok il-Magistrat Peralta jappunta u jsemmi isem Avukat2

Script of the court sitting of 12-Jun-02, mentioning the name of Lawyer3 whose turn it was to be appointed as legal aid but instead Magistrate Peralta appoints and mentions Lawyer2

Lawyers 1, 3

English translation:
The Court is referring the sitting from 17th June '02 to today.
Appeared Inspector C.Bartolo and the accused.
The Court after seeing the note of the accused defence lawyers, that is of Dr. Anglu Farrugia and Dr. Edward Gatt, is nominating Dr. Martin Fenech as (the accused's) legal aid whose turn it is.
Testified M.Grace Vella Probation Officer. Testified Dr. David Cassar.
The Court is revoking the bail granted to the accused on 15th June 2001 and this after having heard M.Grace Vella and Psychiatric Dr. Cassar and is ordering that the accused be arrested again immediately and should be recovered in Mount Carmel Hospital. The Court is reaffirming the nomination of D. Cassar who together with Dr. Peter Muscat, Dr. Joseph Saliba (this one later resigned from this role) and Profs Pisani are to examine the accused and report on his progress and in writing state whether the accused is in a position to respond to the accusations he is accused of. Next sitting scheduled to 8th October 2002 for the report by the experts.

In my second Court case of 2014, I didn't knew of a lawyer who could best defend me, so when asked by the Police during interrogation, decided to nominate this lawyer Dr. Martin Fenech and they made the arrangements themselves calling him, supposedly to defend me.

Payment done to lawyer Martin Fenech on 28 April 2014

The one above dated 28-Apr-14 is one of several payments made by my relatives to laywer Dr. Martin Fenech. There were still 6 court sittings to follow, so one could expect how much more payments my relatives had to do. Now go fetch my court case (if one day it is found, because as I said it has 'mysteriously vanished' from right under the Court's eyes) and see if there was just one instance, just one, when this lawyer dared defend me. You will find nothing because he never, never did - he just fraudulently took me money as my defence lawyer but vilely ended never uttering just a single word to defend me despite the great contradictions in the accusations as done by the Police. He just left them to frame me up and character assassinate me with all liberty amongst others.

Also, whlist locked at Forensic section at Mount Carmel Hospital till the sentence was given on 26-Jun-14, I was kept in a cell with other 4 inmates, one of them being a certain British national Steve Bradbury. He had some case involving importation of drugs and this same lawyer Martin Fenech had been appointed as his legal aid. Yet this Fenech never appeared in Court to defend him, with the result that this Bradbury ended being given the maximum sentence while Fenech possibly ended pocketing the money from legal aid anyway.