The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

IMPUNITY MALTA STYLE: Just a screenshot of a facebook comment incriminates the man in the street, but a website with 0.7GB of evidence not yet enough to prosecute the big heads

Roberta Metsola's double standards
Note how man / woman of power take the utmost revenge against the man in the street for the slightest mishap on them, in this case against this old man Navarro who in a mere facebook comment wrote that "traitors" like and including Roberta Metsola "deserved" to (not "should") be burnt alive. But of course she sees nothing wrong the other way round, great offences by man / woman of power abusing their position on the man in the street as happened with me, so much she has double standards. Imagine this Navarro ending framed up and character assassinated by the Police saying they found his car fuel tank full of petrol ready for committing the crime, some influential Professor you can expect from University of corrupt Malta issues on his 24x7 blog a death fatwa to have this Navarro crucified, when Navarro tries to make his point in Court the Magistrate cuts him short threatening him of smashing him against the wall, the Magistrate seeing he now risks his career, appoints a Psychiatrist to label Navarro of suffering from "delusions of persecution" to make it difficult for him to uncover the abuses on him and be that easily believed, Navarro ending drugged up, kidnapped, vilified with unfounded hatred by the media, defrauded by his own lawyers (1, 2, 3, 4a and 4b, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5rec_a, 5rec_b, 5rec_c and 5rec_d), abondoned all by himself to be further abused at leisure (1, 2, 3 and with my laptop broken), wherever he knocks for help he finds only closed doors, etc., and amid all these injustices, abuses and violations of human rights, Roberta Metsola remains silent, making herself complicit through her inaction, as she had done with me when informed her of my case. Guess one like Roberta Metsola ended the European Parliament President, and I submit a petition to the EP about the blatant impunity enjoyed in Malta by persons in high positions regarding my case and question Metsola's role, through her silence inaction on the matter, as head of one of Europe's top institutions, and they found my petition as inadmissable and "incoherent reasoning" (as if a magistrate who had a 'parasite ... scum' of journalist arrested, would ever tolerate a "mental" writing stupidities and lies on him). Was a screenshot as above (size about 110kB) enough to prosecute against Navarro (a simple man in the street), but an entire website (size about O.7GB) full of documents and evidence not yet enough to prosecute against those (very big heads) involved? Impunity in Malta can be understood even better if one considers that had I suffered all these abuses in a normal country, I would end compensated say one billion euros, while in Malta even if I had to spend a billion euro they would still have not started prosecuting those involved, and if they ever start, it would be just a farce.

Roberta Metsola to not listen to injustices
"One of my priorities ... is to reach out as many citizens ..." ... "to listen, to discuss, to speak about aspirations, about achievements, about ambitions", but to not care, to not listen, to not discuss injustices, abuse of power, violations of human rights on the man in the street, for leaving them out was probably no coincidence at all. In other posts she says "We believe in equality before the law." I leave it up to you to judge if Roberta Metsola is just another fake politician, ... at EU level, ... from corrupt Malta.

Intom specjalment inti ja Traditura ta pajisek muwx kundana haqkom imma naharkuwkom hajjin demmel

Intom specjalment inti ja Traditura ta pajisek muwx kundana haqkom imma nsalpuwkom hajjin demmel