The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

Associate Professor Andrew Azzopardi Dean of Faculty of "Social Wellbeing" at University of Malta, has since long issued a death fatwa to have me killed crucified

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi's social wellbeingIssuing orders for someone to be crucified must form part of what for him is "social wellbeing". University of Malta seems lately to be trying to give plagiarism a new meaning to save him the day (after almost a year supposedly investigating the case, they found a way to excuse him: his plagiarism reduced to "lazy writing!").

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi's blatant hate speechAs can be seen, his call to have me assassinated has been active way back since 16-Nov-2011 - "CRUCIFY HIM" repeated no less than 8 times and falsely labeling me as animal killer murderer when in fact the animals I used to find them already dead while cycling. If instead one analyzes the source code of the specific webpage downloaded and made available on this site as a text file, one can count the word "crucify" alone a staggering 96 times and the words "crucify him" combined no less than 14 times to cater for the facebook and twitter share buttons, etc. (the same file in html/php extension can be seen here). Such behaviour must be totally acceptable to a university with such low standards as University of Malta to end promote him to Associate Professor and be even one of its Deans.

Salman Rushdie: as long as you say the truth, then whatever the consequences that's fine

In a small country like Malta with institutionalized corruption since ever, the so many fake institutions and authorities are only after the small fish, but completely absent when it comes to people in high positions who tend to become all friends of friends, almost like a masonic lodge covering up the abuses of each other. Take this website as an example: had I fabricated the slightest lie they would have for sure massacred me with libel cases with the court being their playing ground, but since the abuses I wrote about concern persons in high positions, it's all in vain the many documents and evidence I have to prove my point because the authorities, the Police, the Court, etc will simply turn their head away. This is further exacerbated by the absence of investigative journalism in Malta: the media simply write down what they dictate to them or even manipulate stories to suit their agendas for the greed of money to attract more high income adverts. Again take as an example my case: after having for so long all media of the time falsely labeled me as the Mosta cat killer, it turned out to be a blatant lie for the magistrate himself said I used to find them already dead, yet they kept repeating the same lies without in any way having it on their conscience. Partially to blame for all this corruption and impunity is as to be expected the university of the country, University of Malta (UOM), the breeding ground of those who mostly end occupying the most influential and high position jobs. Have a look at the video below, a screen capture of my mobile as I was browsing the blog of one of its most senior staff, the mentioned Andrew Azzopardi.

If not simply a lecturer, but one in a position of senior lecturer, associate professor and Dean of the faculty of "social wellbeing" to be more vile like Andrew Azzopardi comes out with this death fatwa on me, imagine what possibly worser senior staff you may find in other faculties at UOM which do not have the "wellbeing" as part of their name, and I leave it up to you to figure out why thus in Malta influential and persons in high positions tend to behave that corrupt and biased way. I have been for so long afraid of reporting this Azzopardi because I know well from experience that law does not exist for persons like him, it is all in vain, even if one day he will have to face justice, the possibly biased court in some way or another will excuse him or give him a lenient sentence while myself who have reported him will be demonised and character assassinated yet again and even having no one to back me, end an excuse for the sadists of psychiatrists to cover him up label me with "delusions of persecution" and a not to be missed opportunity to drug and disable me further at leisure. In fact after having finally plucked up the courage hoping to expose further the blatant impunity in this country and reported this Azzopardi on 2-Jan-2022 to the rector of UOM, Minister of Education and the Police asking for immediate action, as can be seen from the date of the video, this Azzopardi has yet not even been asked to remove the post let alone prosecuted against him. Now compare this to that priest who for comparing a pro-choice canditate to Hitler (me being falsely labeled as animal killer murderer, cat killer, etc.) almost landed himself in court, or that old man who for saying that Roberta Metsola deserved to be burnt alive (calling for me to be killed crucified) was given a suspended sentence, while this Azzopardi issues a death fatwa an order to kill assassinate me and enjoys complete impunity and maybe the rector didn't sack Azzopardi fearing this may possibly start a chain reaction having to sack other more senior staff like Psychiatrist David Cassar (Head of Department of Psychiatry) involved in much and much more serious crimes and blatant abuses on me as outlined throughout this website. But of course law in Malta never existed to persons of this sort.

People who point finges and accuse, most often are guilty themselves

The Police if they really want to do their job, can amongst possibly many others, accuse this Andrew Azzopardi of the following:

  1. Made wrong use of electronic equipment, of telecommunications and internet,
  2. Issued an order a death fatwa on me, a fatwa he made in written form and in english on the internet so as to have worldwide audience 24x7 and thus in so doing increase by far the chances of reaching his aim of seeing me killed,
  3. Instigated that I specifically be killed by crucifixion (or maybe wanted to mean something similarly atrocious), that is by using a dreadful and prolonged torture, when the use of torture has long been abolished by international laws,
  4. Incited for public disorder and unrest by urging one to commit a crime to take law into his own hands and come kill me rather than let justice take its course,
    Fake news influence citizens to do wrong things
  5. Because of this death fatwa to kill me in such a macabre way, I ended traumatized and living continuously terrorized and in fear, to that extent that as can be expected had severe possibly permanent repercussions on my health and was one of the causes amongst many others no less severe that when walking the slightest noise ended out of fear making me suffer from continous headaches due to constant fear and terror, suffering from panic attacks during sleep or when about to sleep, etc. all symptoms from what I found of what is called post traumatic stress disorder, exacerbated further by that psychiatric poison of Olanzapine I am forced to take,
  6. This death fatwa on me ended having repercussions even on those dearest to me, on my family, in particular my aged octagenarian mother, always deeply worried that I end so macabrely killed and simply a telephone call or ringing of the door bell always being a big shock to her thinking it is to announce to her that I was killed. She also ended living in fear that they do not manage to kill me in the first place, seeing her weak will divert their attention on her killing her instead to the point that at night my sisters had to take turns and sleep with her, and also my sisters similarly fearful that finding them with her will end also killed make a massacre of all of them. This in turn further made me suffer from panic attacks thinking my mother and/or sisters were being brutally killed. I think it is only by miracle that up to now after all these years have still not gone totally crazy with all these frightening thoughts,
  7. In the same way the Maltese state was recently found guilty of leaving to nourish a culture of impunity and hate that led to the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, this Azzopardi sowed a similar seed with the intention of seeing me killed assassinated and in such a cruel and macabre way, and yet again the state, the institutions, the Police, etc. rendered themselves complicit remaining indifferent and leaving the status quo waiting for the next tragedy,
  8. Further spread and incited unfounded hatred against me by falsely labeling me character assassinating me as animal murderer, animal killer so as to more give them impetus, the motivation and sow hatred to reach his aim of me ending killed crucified (he wrote "crucify him" x8),
  9. Incited for violence to be used on me and that I be killed by putting it in writing on the internet on his website to crucify me on 2 separate webpages, in 3 different places, and repeated again and again "Crucify him" for no less than 8 times and with the exclamation mark (used especially after an interjection or exclamation to indicate forceful utterance or strong feeling),
  10. Defamed me when he falsely labeled me the animal killer / murderer when I did nothing of this sort and in so doing damaged my reputation,
  11. He discriminated against me when he asked that I be crucified when I had killed no one, but for hunters who kill birds for the fun of it he didn't ask for the same thing,
  12. Insulted and threatened me in this way for over more than a decade, since 16-Nov-2011, even when Magistrate Peralta in his court sentence way back in 2014 mentioned that I used to find the animals already dead, and kept it active even after having reported him to the rector of the University and others and he probably will leave it ad aeternum (till the time of writing / video, is still active), and despite this, there is no guarantee that if he retreats the death fatwa there is no one still having the same sadistic thought after so many years of hatred left in written form to crucify me,
  13. Incited racial motivated hatred against me because I am Maltese for rest assured that had I originated from a different country or continent he would have used a completely different tone (could you imagine him coming up with say, a call to kill the immigrants? Of course not, and so should it be, but for him to come up with a call to have me killed is totally acceptable),
  14. He did all this when in a position of great responsibility both as a supposed journalist taking advantage of his influential position and with thousands of followers and also as Dean in the University of the faculty of social wellbeing to be even more vile, instead of being a role model of the wellbeing of society for his students and followers, he instead gave them the worst example possible, poisoning the way they think, to follow in his footsteps to crucify and kill, evinced shock for me having crucified animals found already dead as confirmed in the court sentence, but for him to infuriate and instigate that I be crucified alive innocently everything fine, he sees the speck in my eye, not the massive log in his eyes, Character assassination: it win him the honors of a hero
  15. And after me having been condemned as a mental, even through maliciously and fraudulently just a stroke of a pen what was needed without any scientific evidence to back it, all these abuses are even more severe as it means he did them on one who is vulnerable and disadvantaged,
  16. Because of the lies he and others like him spread on me, I am still suffering in silence getting insults because many are still of the idea that I had maltreated killed animals and wishing me bad things like I ending crucified as he incited. I ended say passing some time in the hospital's main garden near others frightened that someone pops up hurling insults at me in front of everyone, and if I dare to go somewhere alone risk ending an easier target for someone to commit the death fatwa he issued on me, really a case of living tormented in constant fears without any peace of mind,
  17. Instead of condemning the unfounded hatred towards me from the public and the media and on social media, he took part in the frenzy of hatred on me, and even went a step further inciting that I be killed crucified not via a simple comment which vanishes within a short time amidst many others, but more prominently and everlasting on webpages created on purpose and with the words "crucify him, crucify him" and also as title of a webpage,
  18. Because of the hatred incited by him and others towards me, I am still to this date suffering from injustices and cannot find someone to defend me amongst them on the blatant abuses of Psychiatry as everyone takes a step back from getting associated with me fearing he will end inherit the same hatred and possibly even end with a similar death fatwa on him, his family, his children and his dearest. All this further isolated me making me feel more helpless and hopeless seeing no light at the end of the tunnel and a further cause to make me suffer even more from frightening and very disturbing panic attacks. Losing almost all hope and knocking for help always finding closed doors is in itself so dreadful that I just cannot describe it in words. To compliment this, I have to keep hiding my sufferings from the sadist of psychiatrists who will for sure not loose a single opportunity to experiment drug me further with pills and injections with so dreadful side effects like parkinsonism (risperdone), mental impairment (olanzapine) and incredibly most often depression / anxiety itself.

Fake news cheap to produce, genuine journalism expensive

If this Andrew Azzopardi has publicly called for my assassination way back since 2011, the media on their part assassinated, massacred me outright their own way, character assassinated me, demonized me falsely as animal / cat killer without bothering in any way that I may possibly be quite as well nothing of this sort, without checking facts beforehand, so much we have journalists of calibre without any journalistic ethics. The video below recorded on 6-Jan-2022 shows how the internet is flooded with articles (amongst many more which didn't show up after so many years) portraying me falsely as cat killer when as I said for the umpteenth time I had in fact killed no one and to be more vile the media not only didn't bother to retract the lies they spread on me (despite having had inside information from the start that I simply made use of dead animals) but also just kept going on with this rhetoric even after the court sentence was given in which was stated that I used to find the animals already dead.

Note how one of the articles is by Veterinarian who part of their job is doing euthanasia on animals, i.e. the intentional killing of animals by injecting poison in them to get rid of them faster, dumping of your pet when in most need of affection (ask yourself if a Veterinarian would choose to do the same to his dying mother, of course not). In particular one can also note how that Belle De Jong kept referring to me as "cat killer" in her blog even after having corresponded with me via emails, when she had this website full of documents and evidence at her disposal to verify facts, she just joined the chorus of hate and lies on me knowing quite well she can run scot-free just as the media have been doing for so long, for law does not apply to them, and the Police who did their part in my character assassination won't ever prosecute to end incriminating also themselves. Bad luck for the victims in particular me and my family having for so long suffered in silence in the face of so many blatant lies, injustices and abuses. To be more vile this De Jong calls herself a 'mental health advocate'. God forbid you are mentally ill or depressed with these kind of persons for they will make you even more.

People believe the wrong, doubt the right thing

In the video below recorded on 14-Jan-22 I was doing more specific searches:

One and Netnews are the media of the 2 major political parties, particulary experts in spreading hate on each other, no less on me. As can be seen that Andrew Azzopardi shared on his blog an article from such biased media with such macabre title ("when NG maltreated and killed animals ...") by Netnews (originally they were Maltarightnow, if they lose another election they will probably rename it again), 2 days before I was sentenced, even if he for sure must have read the one of earlier date from Maltatoday which mentioned that I simply used already found dead animals. 3 days later, a day after I was sentenced, Daphne Caruana Galizia is seen in her blog quoting Times of Malta who (despite coming with the usual title of me as cat killer) somewhere hidden in their article mentioned that I simply utilized animals found already dead (and hell Daphne didn't know of the intricacies between magistrate Peralta and Psychiatrist David Cassar behind the label of schizophrenic maliciously given to me for she would have possibly spent a lifetime writing on it). Newsbook is the media of the church which depict themselves as "Fair, Accurate and Thrustworthy" here calling me "killer of cats" and reporting other BLATANT LIES on me in the article (note how Malta's church media uses BLATANT LIES to keep itself in business, in the same way the church itself has been doing for almost 2000 years, even if it means betraying the teachings of Christ Himself - don't make my past mistake of repudiating Christ because of that venom and hypocrite of Church, compare it to those of Civil Society Network, Occupy Justice, Manuel Delia, The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, etc. who pretend to follow in Daphne Caruana Galizia's footsteps in her fight against corruption, impunity, but remain completely silent when the injustices and abuses concern the man in the street). The Archbishop probably would never feel the need to apologize as he did in other cases. Guess that the one who teaches "Ethics in the media" at University of Malta is no other than Rev. Joe Borg, a very close friend of the mentioned Andrew Azzopardi and "Chairman of the Editorial Board of Beacon Media" responsible for the mentioned Newsbook (do you notice always the same pattern? - friends of friends, having influential and/or high position jobs, UOM, etc.). Note also how my website shows often in the searches, so the media cannot say they didn't know of my version of events and of the many documents I uploaded to further prove my point. And hearing once again for the umpteenth time to have been so maliciously mentioned in the media last August 2021, seeing me for so long innocently locked, drugged up and abused at leisure, made a scapegoat while the real culprits and criminals have been since long running free enjoying complete impunity, was a bit too much and another nail in the coffin for my aged mother who ended dying within roughly a month in September, and more psychological torture for me as if I did not have already more than enough.

Truth forms part of your past, a lie of your future

On 10-Jan-2022 I wrote for the 2nd time to UOM's rector and this time also to the Prime Minister and directly to the Commissioner of Police regarding the so many abuses mentioned above by that Andrew Azzopardi, only to be cut short with a reply on same day by the rector saying "I wish to inform you that the specific evidence you provided is not that on which measures can be taken as stipulated by the applicable regulations of the University." I leave it to yourself to understand even better when I said that University of Malta is such a University of low standards, and that it reflects and is partially to blame for the corruption that has since ever existed in corrupt Malta - impunity galore with persons in high positions the big fish who are always excused, and injustices galore invent laws to frame up the small fish as has since long been happening with me as testified throughout this website. A few days later on the 14-Jan-2022 had their revenge on me increased me the dosage of the Olanzapine (Zypadhera) from 15 to 20mg the maximum possible dose (to further destroy me with side effects, few months after having passed from the trauma lost my beloved mother to be more vile) with the excuse INVENTED coincidentally for the occasion that I wanted to commit suicide (God forbid you are contemplating suicide for they will push you to do it even more) and made "Level 1" to humiliate me in front of other patients. Way back in April '18 had increased it from 5 to 10mg for reporting staff taking home food intended for patients by labeling me to be suffering from "inappropriate beliefs", and in 2020 for reporting to the CEO staff passing almost all night shift sleeping was increased further to 15mg, was transferred to other wards with less liberties, tried to frame me up saying I was killing cats, invented that I wanted to stab the Psychiatrist (had it been so they would have for sure sought the Police to interrogate me and guess how much they would have inflated it in the media - lying so blatantly on the voiceless patients is the order of the day), issued me another restriction of freedom of communication order, and even ended with my laptop smashed by the staff and prohibited from using it again. For more on these stories and of others victims of Psychiatry see link.

Roberta Metsola's double standards"Imagine if instead of merely a suggestion you deserve to be burnt alive written once and mispelt, one issues a call to kill you a fatwa "crucify him" repeated no less than 8 times "publicly"; instead of a comment which vanishes within a short time amidst many others, one makes this call for more than a decade and still active on a blog available online 24x7; instead of written in Maltese, one does it in English to have worldwide audience; instead of being written by some unknown Jack of the village, it is written by a very influential person, by a seniour lecturer, a professor, a Dean at our most noble University of Malta to be even more vile; and incite the most unfounded hatred on you depict you as the most macabre murderer possible when at the end it resulted being a complete lie. And I report this to the highest authorities, and once again deafening silence, impunity galore." When you hear them shouting on impunity, corruption, and rule of law and all the beautiful words, rest assured it matters only to politicians and friends of friends trying to take revenge of each other, as when such injustices concern the man in the street, the small fish, they will remain completely silent and not bother at all to speak (as did this Roberta Metsola, the newly elected President of the European Parliament, which emails confirm even more her double standards) and through their silence and inaction don't bother at all in making also themselves complicit for they know they will be covered up just as well in their crime for having similarly covered up persons in high positions and their friends of friends.

Il-Professur tal-Bigilla Andrew Azzopardi u l-Father Joe BorgIt-Tipiku "Professur tal-Bigilla" u l-"Father" (u l-"MEP tas-sena" Metsola). Ghall-"Professur tal-Bigilla" hu hazin li wiehed isib annimal diga mejjet u jsallbu biex iwassal messag, imma kollox sew li jordna t-tislib ta' bniedem haj innocentament; ghall-"Father" hu hazin li tigdeb ghax jaharquk l-infern, imma li l-media tal-knisja tivvinta gideb sfaccat biex tpappiha kollox sew. Ghal Metsola hazin li wiehed jissuggerixxi jixirqilha jaharquha hajja, imma li haddiehor johrog fatwa fuq wiehed biex jigi maqtul imsallab kollox sew. "Qed tifhem" xi tfisser li tkun falz?
Translation for the benefit of English readers: (some sarcasm, even if it is the sad reality) The typical "Professor of Bigilla" and the "Father" (and the "Mep of the Year" Metsola). For the "Professor of Bigilla" it is wrong one finds an animal already dead and crucifies it to convey a message, but everything fine that he orders the crucifixion of a man alive innocently; for the "Father" it is wrong to lie for you will burn in Hell, but for the church media to invent blatant lies to keep itself in business is everything fine. For Metsola it is wrong one suggests she deserves to be burnt alive, but for someone else to issue a death fatwa on one to be killed crucified is everything fine. "Do you undertand" what it means to be fake?

Nothing better to listening to a lie when you already know the truth

How the law is applied in Malta to the man in the street on hate speech a billionth times less severe than the crimes committed on me by big heads like no other than the Dean of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing, Prof. Andrew Azzopardi