The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

Vittmi tal-Psikjatrija f'Malta: Il-veru wicc djaboliku tal-Psikjatrija

Victims of Psychiatry in Malta: The true diabolic face of Psychiatry

Psychiatry, the biggest intellectual scam of all eras, with no science at all
From Wikipedia's article Controversies about psychiatry: As long as psychiatry has existed it has been subject to controversy. Psychiatric treatments are sometimes seen to be ultimately more damaging than helpful to patients. Psychiatry is sometimes thought to be a benign medical practice, but at times is seen by some as a coercive instrument of oppression. Psychiatry is seen to involve an unequal power relationship between doctor and patient, and critics of psychiatry claim a subjective diagnostic process, leaving much room for opinions and interpretations. In 2013, psychiatrist Allen Frances said that "psychiatric diagnosis still relies exclusively on fallible subjective judgments rather than objective biological tests". - This statement by this Allen Frances, a psychiatrist himself, who had the audacity to criticize his own profession, gives you a clue of the racket of abuses behind Psychiatry, where despite relying "exclusively on fallible subjective judgements," Psychiatrists, without any scientific basis (like urine / blood tests, brain scan, etc.), diagnose you as mentally ill and drug their patients with unneccessary medicine with terrible side effects without in any way having it on their conscience, so much are they without scruples and principles as long as it fattens their pockets at the expense of their victims - as an example, imagine a doctor who is not sure if you are really sick with Aids (assume it is not detected via blood tests or any scientific method), but drugs you with Aids treatment anyway, or even worse, labels you with this illness intentionally to character assassinate and discredit you as happened to me in my first court case.

Psychiatrists collect rent from castles in the air

But if you really want to know how FAKE Psychiatry really is, don't wait for Psychiatrics themselves to tell you this who have all vested interests to hide what is behind their so fake profession, GO ASK THEIR VICTIMS. The following are some patients whom I got to know during my stay at M(ale)W(ard)3A at Mount Carmel Hospital – VICTIMS of that FAKE branch of medicine they call Psychiatry.

Some patients given some form of injection at Mount Carmel Hospital

In the above image, next to the name of the patients is listed the injection they were prescribed, or in other words the INVASIVE TREATMENT they were subjected to. Those 3 marked in green were alcoholics (one of them can be seen in some more detail here) and ended diagnosed as if they were schizophrenics prescribing them (or better: experimenting on them) the injections Haldol and Fluanxol used to treat such illness. Of course, like in my case, no scientific tests were done on them in diagnosing them so, because as always Psychiatry is based on presumptions, not facts like blood or urine tests, brain scan, etc. Rest assured that the injection didn't stop their addiction to alchoholism (it is utterly stupid to believe there is some wonder pill or medicine that solves your addiction - if you do not have the will and determination yourself to stop, no medicine can cure you - in Psychiatry they just keep increasing the dosage of medicine until they make you that sedated and disabled to no longer remain in control of yourself and problem solved their own sadistic way). The one in orange was an octagenarian in 2018 and the Fluanxol leaflet says: You are more at risk for this type of abnormal heart rhythm and its complications if you: are older than 65 years of age. Similarly the one marked in red was almost 74 years old in 2018 and the Modecate injection leaflet says: Check with your doctor or nurse before you have this medicine if: You are elderly (65 years of age or older) particularly if you are in poor health or during very cold weather. As regards the one in blue still in his 30s in 2018 who was given Fluanxol at a dosage 400mg every 2 weeks, the Fluanxol leaflet says: During an exacerbation or acute relapse of the illness, single injections of as much as 400mg fortnightly, or even weekly, may be required. As soon as adequate control of symptoms has been achieved, gradual decrease is made to a suitable maintenance dose, usually in the range 20-200 mg every 2-4 weeks. That is, once the patient is supposed to recover, he is supposed to be given a much lower maintenance dose, as low as half that dosage and for sure not kept at this dosage for long. When initially I was prescribed this diabolic injection Fluanxol and after some weeks had to be reduced to a dose of just 20mg every 4 weeks, it still made my life really a complete hell - one could just imagine what would I had to suffer had I been given the dosage as this patient at 400mg every fortnight or 40 times as much. The one marked in pink below had a full-time job when way back in June 2008 had a case in Court in which he said (or maybe played it) to have had some mental problems during the commitment of the crime, probably as an excuse to lessen responsability of his actions as almost everyone by instinct does seeing that Psychiatry is that fake (so much it is so that the Psychiatrists disagreed between them if he is mental or not, 3 of them wanted him to pay for his crime, another one who thinks he knows better than anyone else opted to excuse him with mental insanity to save him the job, only for the sake of having yet another victim on whom to experiment drugs on). As can be seen on 7-Oct-18 (this day was a Sunday - maybe when he was about to be given the next injection?) when he still worked in the same full-time job he had without ever having any problems on his workplace (the actual "problems" were turned into the typical Psychiatrist's "illusions" of mental insanity), he is having the dosage of Risperdal Consta increased by an impressive 25% from 50mg to 62.5mg every fortnight when most probably he did not exhibit any mental problems to justify such increase, but was simply done because his court sentence of 3 months in prison had since been appealed and was an excuse invented probably by his consultant Psychiatrist David Cassar to be given a more "favourable sentence" in the appeal as in fact happened when it was reduced to just a 3 year suspended sentence in March 2019 (guess that about a month before, the same Cassar had testified in court that he had put him on "the highest dose of risperdal consta"!) - once again, so much is Psychiatry that totally fake - to avoid prison and safeguard his job, he was forced by Psychiatrist David Cassar to let him (Cassar) experiment on him (the patient) at a higher dose at the expense of his health (see this link also from this court of appeal sentence regarding this same patient, explained further below). With Psychiatry not being scientific at all, it's literally like the Court deciding a case by consulting some high priest or a fortune teller to tell it if the culprit would ever commit a wrong doing again, with consulting a Psychiatrist is even worse as it is as if the Court wants to know whether the culprit was sedated, drugged up, poisoned, and disabled enough with this excuse by psychiatric drugs.

The pretense of Psychiatric expertise in criminal cases has degraded both medicine and law, and insulted the foundations of human society

Not in the above list is a certain illegal immigrant who came from Somalia, who maybe like others play it they are depressed or hearing voices to get social benefits at taxpayers' expense "for being sick" and may even qualify as social cases be rewarded with a residence in some community home (they have to pay with their health by being prescribed some injection, but that is not a problem when out of their own free will enjoy ruining their own health smoking whole day [with money for cigarettes from social benefits] and taking 3 spoons of sugar with every coffee, etc.). Persons like him are more at risk of being maliciously diagnosed as schizophrenic with the excuse usually being due to "immigration related to social adversity and racial discrimination." One day he happened to be somewhere in Mount Carmel Hospital precints (maybe?) and decided to expose his genitals to some lady who was walking by. For sure not something commendable, but what is even much more not commendable is what happened next: that lady reported him probably to the MW3A staff (or the Police who referred him to the Ward?) who in turn called the Psychiatrist who ended prescribing him or increasing the dosage of that diabolic injection Risperdal Consta even further to say 75mg every forthnight, to make him, amongst others, more suffer from impotence (one of the ugly side effects of this injection, and this is really impressive because it clearly shows that they administer medicine in particular because of its induced dreadful side effects and NOT because of its supposed cure effects - in this case with the excuse to prevent him from ever repeating the same wrong doing again, they made him sterile and problem was solved, like cutting your hands to prevent you from stealing again). In case of a woman, besides an injection of this sort to stop her from having more menstrual periods and more children, "sterilization" often involves inserting the "coil" in her uterus (Intrauterine device (IUD) with "Your periods can be heavier, longer or more painful in the first 3 to 6 months after an IUD is put in" - guess for Psychiatrists, your grandmother was probably missing this "coil" to end having say some 12 children for only few to survive, possibly one being your father / mother). Back to that Somali, he also ended vomiting every so often (another side effect of the injection Risperdone) but of course the staff never bothered, they just left him to vomit again and again. They just didn't care to report the side effects but let us have mercy of them and say they did it because these are such quite common occurrence with Psychiatric drugs and maybe to save patients the excuse to be drugged further by Psychiatrists (and hence the staff nurses would end burdened with extra work preparing pills) supposed to combat these side effects. And in case the patient himself complains about some side effect, and in particular some side effects listed in the leaflet of a particular medicine, which leaflet tells you to inform the doctor if you experience them, they vilely turn it that it couldn't be the same symptom listed because the manufacturer mentions them for the sake of being covered by insurances, or if they can't deny the obvious seeing you with their very own eyes destroyed by a side effect, rather than attributing this to their so fake psychiatric cure, apart from risking to end overdosed with other pills supposed to combat these side effects (or some other INVASIVE treatment like Kemadrin injection / depot, etc.), they vilely may end saying you are just playing it to be suffering that particular side effect because you had read about it in the leaflet, as exactly they did with me - you really have to be mentally strong to not despair the way they so vilely treat you and so blatantly deride you.

Psychiatrists that crazy to make others crazy

For sure no one hears your cries, you just have to keep suffering in silence, learn living with the side effects, and try not to predict the state you will be reduced to in the long run as you grow older and weaker and weaker.

Side effects an indication you have been poisoned

There are also cases, where I presume one cannot find a place in some government's old people home like in St. Vincent de Paule to get rid of their parents lock them in, and so they take a chance and go find the usual fake of a Psychiatrist in private, and invent some excuse for him to inflate it even more to lock them instead in this Mount Carmel Hospital (labeling someone as mental is so very easy, you don't even need to be a Psychiatrist to do it, of course the Psychiatrists will do the rest). As an example there was once an old man in his 80s (b. 14.2.1934?) who for having spent some of his hard earned savings in a car, ended locked by his greedy sons and daughters (3 out of 5) in this way with the excuse he is wasting away the (already made their own) money - he had made the mistake of assigning the property he owned in his lifetime rather than after his death in a testament, so he ended a sort of burden to them to gain what else he owned in say cash (it's like telling your doctor you made him your heir in your will or as as goes the Latin proverb: Male secum agit aeger, medicum qui heredem facit). Also at MW3A mabye at around year 2018, ended locked another old man maybe with some excuse of depression invented probably by his daughter to get rid of him (note in this link that not daughter but niece is listed as the contact person) and even had signed the necessary papers for him to be administered treatment and drugged up by Psychiatrist David Cassar with all liberty and leisure. That David Cassar for sure would not lose such an opportunity to take full advantage of this umpteenth victim who had fallen "under his care," to begin maliciously experiment on him, in this case with that diabolic Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock therapy, and had decided this old man be given say about 24 such electrically induced seizures in his head, which is in the range of 4 times what is normally given according to this site which states: "Typically, ECT is given two to three times a week for a total of six to twelve sessions" - I have chosen "4 times" considering he was an old man and probably the first time he was given such diabolic treatment. But say on the 21st one this old man suffered a heart attack (one of the ugly risks of ECT, especially if you are old), with Cassar had almost succeeded in intentionally killing him seeing this old man's own daughter so much doesn't bloody care about her father that she seems NEVER used to go to see him (impressively her interest in her father stopped instantly once she managed to lock him in this hospital and signed the necessary papers for Cassar to be able to feast on her father). Fortunately there was his niece who took care of him who had protested in vain with Cassar from the start that her uncle in not mental to be given such treatment (I can confirm this, he seems just a normal old man with whom I got the pleasure to discuss the old maltese money and how they used to refer to them with terms used during the Knights like the 'xelin and 8 soldi' or '20 sold' was referred to as 'skud' and so on), and only because of her insistence, Cassar had to abondon his so diabolic plan in giving him further electric shocks. From reliable sources I heard that Cassar ended having to make such a U-turn by stating this old man was then fit to go out from hospital live by himself if he wants, indirectly to have a space for that other victim on whom he can more freely and at leisure experiment on. He died beginning of November '20.

ECT - electroconvulsive theraphy used by Psychiatrists to inflict brain damage

ECT - experimenting by Psychiatrists

Also at MW3A ended a patient still in his 20s who most probably suffered from schizophrenia (he was said to hear voices, etc.), and sometimes he became a bit violent and broke some window glass and so on. Cassar seems to have overdosed him with several pills in his attempt to sedate him (I once heard a nurse saying "I had enough preparing his pills" / "Xbajt naghmillu l-pirmli"), prescribed him several and so many ECTs (and still continued to hear voices, if not even more, and most probably will not manage to make it to 40 or be reduced to a completely disabled by that time with all those drugs). On 17-Jul-17 at around 10:00am he became a bit violent with the staff, and some 4 or 5 of them surrounded him (because he has a stature of a giant) and knocked him, let us say "in some way," to the ground. While on the floor, he suffered some fit or heart attack, and when they eventually realised he was unconscious, one could see them panicking with fear they might have (so savegely) killed him. They began doing him CPR and in some way he began breathing again, called his family (came his mother), his consultant Psychiatrist David Cassar (fortunately it was a Monday as if it weren't a Monday or say a Friday he is rarely seen in this hospital despite supposedly being his full time job), and the ambulance which came after a while and took him to Mater Dei Hospital where he stayed for some days. Once again, let us have mercy of the staff saying it "may not" have been their fault (guess what, one of those involved was the one who has such charisma when dealing with patients that on 4-Apr-18 ended throwing me away the food for trying to uncover abuses of the staff, see further details below), but most probably the fault of the side effects of all those drugs David Cassar had overdosed him with.

Another case worth mentioning is that of a certain Mangion nicknamed Kalanc, whom I got to know first in year 2002 when Psychiatrist David Cassar and Magistrate Carol Peralta had abusively locked me kidnapped me in what was Male Ward 10 at Mount Carmel Hospital, and then met him again in my second Court case in those 100 days I spent at Forensic ward till my sentence was given on 26-Jun-14. He was sentenced by Court to life imprisonment and what impressed me so much on seeing him again was how his health had deteriorated from 2002 to 2014, in just 12 years. I recently heard he had died in 2019 when still about 54 years old from heart complications. I am TOTALLY CONVINCED his death resulted from the side effects of the drugs he was overdosed with (he didn't have heart problems before being locked in this Hospital, probably was not genetic either, and for sure was not because he was a heavy smoker as his only source of income were the little benefits he received while locked in prison / hospital and thus was limited to how much he could spend on cigarettes, etc., and of course he ate the so much "healthy food" provided by the hospital), when most probably they experimented even further on him once his beloved mother, who used to come all days to see him and bring him food ("kienet tigi taruni kuljum, ustja" / "she used to come to see me every day" - when locked in Ward 10 this meant his mother wasted at least 2 hours travelling with bus from Zejtun to the hospital at H'Attard and then back home, just to see her son and say a word or two with him in those little 15 minutes allowed) passed away, and he ended almost forgotten and abondoned by his remaining relatives (he told me while at Forensic he had some other brother or two who very rarely came to see him - "ghandi hija iehor imma ilu ma jigi jaruni" / "I have another brother but it has been long since he last came to see me"). For sure it is not something commendable the crimes he did, maybe while drunk or under the effect of drugs (Psychiatric drugs? - violence and suicide booklet - the one mentioned earlier who had his sentence reduced on appeal had been prescribed some pills by Psychiatrist David Cassar just 3 days before he committed most probably his sole crime ever), but for sure it must be everything fine for the Psychiatrist/s with a salary paid from public coffers and when in full control of their senses, to most probably so blatantly kill him and had made his life miserable with the side effects of the drugs they prescribed him. But if you think this was just an isolated incident, you are mistaken. During my stay at Forensic in 2014, I also came to know a certain Harrington who in the say 25 years he was locked in this hospital / prison ended a complete disable unable to speak, shaking / with tremor, and so on. In some cases they issue a Treatment Order [TO], i.e. the Court or some authority gives consent to the Psychiatrist to like it or not prescribe him whatever treatment - in particular Treatment Order (TO) in Malta is literally capital punishment but under a different more pleasing name, with "the Executioner" listed instead under a more pleasing name as "Psychiatrist," only that it is even more diabolic, to make the culprit pay for his crimes by destroying him with side effects of psychiatric cure over a prolonged period of time to not raise suspicions, as if to make it appear as if his health has long been deteriorating, ... only that the derioration had actually started with the Psychiatric treatment. To explain it in simple words, in Malta whenever the Court wants to impose capital punishment on someone, sometimes on suggestion of the corrupt Police themselves from the way they so vilely frame-up the culprit, it appoints the usual Psychiatrist to fake it write a report that the culprit is paranoid, psychopatic, schizophrenic, etc., and subsequently with this excuse be put on a Treatment Order (that is the court having sentenced the culprit to capital punishment) for the Psychiatrist to execute this death sentence, by killing the culprit slowly slowly destroying him with the diabolic side effects of Psychiatric cure, and in the meantime the culprit would serve as that guinea pig for experimentation of drugs on him, paying society with his life and his health for his supposed crimes. They said that Harrington suffered from Huntington disease, dementia, Parkinsonism, or something similar, as usual a not to be missed opportunity to experiment drugs on him, and once again I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED he was reduced to that state within few years accelerated by the side effects of the psychiatric drugs he was prescribed and overdosed with. He died soon afterwards later that year in 2014, and if in year 2000 he was 43 years old, in 2014 he was just 57 years old, incredibly probably another intentionally induced dreadful death in this so fake Hospital at the hands of the Psychiatrists. But of course it is useless reporting, you will always find many ready to invent ridiculous excuses to cover them up in these so horrible crimes or not responding at all and even ends turning against you (people in high positions in Malta cover up the corrupts practices of each other, they will make your life hell if you dare take it against one of them, like a sort of masonic organization). Once again everyone condemned him (Harrington) for probably burning his victim alive, but for the Court most probably to authorise the Psychiatrists to burn his life in such a dreadful way is something that goes completely unnoticed if not justified, or let us say, for our local media to find it in any way suspicious worthy of an investigation.

But let us analyze the similarities: Impressively in both cases, 1) Mangion and Harrington died in their 50s despite living on a supposed healthy food diet in this hospital, 2) both were under that diabolic Psychiatric cure with Mangion for more years and as a consequence probably was the cause of him dying younger, 3) both ended in the same ward (Forensic), and 4) both had committed crimes which instigated so much hatred against them with so many Pharisees (in a typical country where the more you are corrupt the more they adore you, expect to find many) wanting them killed in the most atrocious and savage way (a further incentive for the Psychiatrists). I have just gave you 4 hints, 4 facts, but probably many are so blinded to nevertheless find nothing wrong with Psychiatry, but on the other hand, a Psychiatrist needs to invent just one lie on you labeling you maliciously the mental for everyone to believe him the Psychiatrist as if it was coming from some sacred text book. Both cases have so many things in common and similarities that makes it is blatant obvious that their premature death was for sure not a coincidence at all. But once again, if you are that blinded to ignore such atrocities, such facts, and think that I am on purpose just exaggerating or overstating things, go visit the webpage containing Malta's Mental Health Act Schedules to see for youself the almost total freedom Psychiatrists have to so blatantly and vilely abuse, experiment on, and silence their patients, and in particular that diabolic "Schedule 14 part 2" listed at the end (this link is a copy of it on this website). Regarding the part where it mentions "the consent is in writing and signed by the person" let us have mercy of the authorities' most probably intentional ambiguation and assume that by "person" they were referring to the "patient" when still in control of his senses hasn't yet started to drug him up, rather than that obvious "other person" or possibly some relative who has vested interest to get rid of him, possibly referred to as "responsible carer" - for what in Malta they mean by this "consent," see further further below, from my very own experience. This Schedule 14 concerns "APPLICATION FOR INVASIVE OR IRREVERSIBLE TREATMENT" - for clarity the term "INVASIVE TREATMENT" refers in particular to the use of an injection to administer some diabolic drug (like in my case, see further further below, and like the patients listed in that first image in this webpage), while "IRREVERSIBLE TREATMENT" is even more diabolic as it concerns according to this source that which "has unfabourable irreversible physical or psychological consequences" (note that Irreversible treatment has nothing to do with Irreversible Illness say Alzheimer's disease which you never recover from no matter how much doctors and Psychiatrist drug you up). This even goes against the United Nations Human Rights charter concerning Mental Health care, clause 11, point 14 which states "Psychosurgery and other intrusive and irreversible treatments for mental illness shall never be carried out on a patient who is an involuntary patient in a mental health facility ..." but in a country like Malta don't even dream of human rights if you do not form part of the elite (persons in high positions, of authority, etc.) for all it takes is for a Psychiatrist to maliciously label you as a mental to find yourself reduced to a guinea pig, and another Mangion and Harrington in the making, waiting your turn, waiting for that "box" to come collect what the hell they leave of you (referring to the coffin - "minn hawn fil-kaxxa johorguk" / "from here in the box they get you out").

Patient's violence fakely attributed to having stopped taking meds

As regards that injection Kemadrin listed next to some patients' name in the first image above, it seems it is given extra to treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease or involuntary movements due to the SIDE EFFECTS of certain PSYCHIATRIC drugs (it is a clear indication of how some Psychiatric drugs are so diabolically dangerous to end make you sick with say Parkinsonism, a mental illness in itself, really incredible, for guess, it must be that in Psychiatry they reason it that by making you sick say with Parkinsonism will cure your depression, like going with your shoe to a shoemaker to repair say a pinhole and ends doing you a patch that ugly that would leave you no other option but to throw the shoe away, ending wasting both your money and your shoe / ruin you your health and your life in the case of Psychiatry).

A youtube video worth watching titled: "Psychiatry gave me Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Gynecomastia" (Tom's Story)

Psychiatrists surrounded Mosta bridge with a fenceThis is Mosta Bridge once a fence was installed, supposedly to prevent suicides, in year 2016. Rest assured that if one is passing through such a difficult time to do such a frightening thing, opting to kill his very self, a fence will for sure not stop him from instead bring with him some ladder, or go jump from somewhere else - with this logic we might as well cover all buildings say more than one storey high with fences. And just ask yourself if seeing such a fence, such a cage in front of you, will in anyway help, rather than seeing the beauty of the little left from what was once a so beautiful so sacred valley. From this article, probably the one behind it was, guess whom, a Psychiatrist, namely that Mark Xuereb, often used to be seen on that non-sense TV programme of Xarabank / The Bus giving a helping hand to the presenter in indoctrinating their flock of sheep with their stupidities. He used to be responsible of the 'Crisis intervention' unit - from well founded rumors he is probably the one, although through preferential treatment they avoided mentioning his name, who on 13-May-24 was arraingned in Court on charges of stalking women, his custom since long. Rest assured that for him the alternative to prevent you from committing suicide is "to control your condition" with pills and / or injections, to make you dependent on him, to reduce you to a mental forcing you to take that diabolic psychiatric cure with so dreadful side effects (there is always that "Treatment Order" "for you own safety" if you dare refuse), for him to have his job secured, to keep fattening his pockets, out of your misery. Contrast with whom am I to tell you what to do and what not with your life to what you are considered by Psychiatrists, who pretend they only have a mind to decide for yourself, as in Psychiatry you the victim owns absolutely nothing, not even your very own life, let alone your hospital file (see further below regarding the meaning behind those so vile words "NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT").

As one can see, you are REALLY in good hands with a Psychiatrist. Go waste your money and ruin your health seeking their so “professionally fake" advice and cure. Just ask yourself what is the purpose for one, assuming he may really be mentally ill, to be cured (if ever) say from hearing voices, while at the same time make him instead sick with so many dreadful side effects of the psychiatric medicine he is drugged with? It's like being cured from diabetes only to be made sick with Parkinsonism and subsequently drugged further with the excuse to reduce the effects of Parkinsonism. In Mount Carmel Hospital I know of a case of one still in his 40s who after so many years drugged up with Psychiatric pills, ended amongst others obese, diabetic, and suffering from sleep apnea (this file with the part by me highlighted in yellow was downloaded from, having to pay from his own pockets, despite having the pink card for medical aid, for some machine and a mask all night round his face to be able to breath properly while asleep (but end causing him to suffer from dry mouth and air swallowing, etc. - as always Psychiatrists pretend to cure you from some disease only to make you sick with a multitude of others, rather than eliminate the source of the problem: their psychiatric pills / injections). And what is the purpose of say saving one from committing suicide, to instead utilize him as a guinea pig to experiment on and drug him up, reduce him to a disabled, and kill him anyway slowly over time with that so fake medicine of Psychiatry? The main purpose is of course not that of saving his life but for the Psychiatrists to once again grasp with the slightest opportunity to fatten their pockets and have yet another victim to feast on. Apart from the fact that committing suicide does not in any way imply you are mentally sick, e.g. consider the cases of Marcus Antonius and his lover Cleopatra. But in Psychiatry it surely is an occasion to exploit the one who happens to be passing through a difficult time pretending they want to help him by drugging him up to end making him disabled dependent on them. As an example, in MW3A there was once a certain VG from Fgura. In the past he worked as a welder at Malta Shipbuilding ("kont dhalt bl-ezamijiet mhux bil-fottamenti" / "I was chosen on the merit of my examinations, not fraudulenty"). But one day, maybe because of depression, he decided to swallow whatever pills he found (he had told me what type of pills he swallowed but have since then forgot), and had to be rushed to hospital where because of maybe blood circulation problems they had to cut the thumb from one of his hands amongst others. After recovering, he was locked by Psychiatrist David Cassar in this Hospital (presumably in MW3A), for about 6 months (this means that he probably was already on psychiatric cure when he tried to commit this suicide, so most probably could be a result of some medicine's side effect) and from then on he used to go out on leave some days with his family. He died around 22-Jul-16, when probably still in his 50s - so maybe he was saved from committing another suicide, only to find his death at such young age probably as a result of the side effects of the psychiatric cure he ended drugged with. Suicide is more common amongst psychiatric patients also because seeing oneself without any dignity humiliated and destroyed with side effects and killed slowly with diabolic psychiatric pills / injections, might as well reason it committing suicide would save you from all this torture and humiliation - the side effect of the side effect.

Lexapro antidepressant side effects include depression and thoughts of suicide

Escitalopram, sold under the brand names Lexapro and Cipralex, is one out of many marketed as an antidepressant for treating "major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder." Guess that amongst its many side effects, it instills thoughts of suicide and panic attacks, even worsening depression and anxiety amongst others. In simpler words, a poison marketed as "antidepressant" that poisonous to make you suicidal, that "depressed" to kill yourself, really impressive!

But what is even more vile is that the nurses / staff know well of the damage outlined above pychiatric drugs do to the patients' health but just don’t care, they for sure don’t have it on their conscience. Was it necessary for me (when already in a disadvantaged position discredited as a 'mental') to write down just a few of so many abuses I met, and they who work in this field of Psychiatry with hands on experience of God knows how many more cases remain always completely silent. Just compare with a teacher who keeps silent and everything to himself when seeing his students so vilely and blatantly being abused repetitively by the head of the school, by the headmaster, and just ask yourself if he could ever be excused and not held accountable. In fact not reporting MAKES YOU COMPLICIT. Instead, what is of priority and important to them is to be as much as possible the usual Psychiatrists’ lackeys, preferring friendships with persons of authority rather than integrity on their work place at the expense of the vulnerable patients under their trust, and above all, that one day they so vilely get rid of another one – “ahjar ghax xi darba nehilsu minn iehor” and that payslip at the end of the month keeps coming - "l-aqwa li fl-ahhar tax-xahar tidholli l-paga." They for sure REALLY enjoy playing their part, for sure enjoy associating themselves in such crimes (with their silence and by administering such diabolic cure as requested), they for sure are 100% complicit to the point that if we consider the Psychiatrist as being the Executioner (the Magistrate gives the sentence) who simply with the stroke of a pen (without any scientific basis) gives the order to do such abuses, the staff / nurses are nothing more than the real Executioners who in fact execute what is stated in the order with their own hands. In fact, had I say refused to take the medication, as I once tried in vain after having been so much destroyed with its side effects, they instantly reported me to Psychiatric David Cassar, not helped me in any way report the Psychiatrist for so blatantly was ruining my health and had kept me innocently locked in Hospital even when I had informed him that he himself with others had come to a completely wrong conclusion in their court reports (Cassar had vilely returned the letter I sent him on 9-Oct-16 to be kept in my Hospital file and so was 24hrs at their disposition but of course they didn't bother at all giving me a helping hand, be witnesses and by alerting the Police immediately, instead they alerted David Cassar. In fact I have in my hands this original letter, complete with Cassar's fingerprints and probably of so many of the MW3A staff nurses, because it was kept in my hospital file, and let us say, I had came with the excuse asking a particular nurse to go photocopy it at the SNO office and ended returning him the copy while keeping the original complete with fingerprints to myself).

The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed

Had I been an isolated case who had such an ordeal with Psychiatry and Psychiatrists, one would by instinct suspect something wrong with me, maybe am just exagerating things on purpose, but having outlined so many dreadful cases of patients victims of Psychiatry, one must be either an imbecile so blinded unable to perceive the obvious, or has vested malicious interest to cover them up by remaining silent. But once again, if you are still not convinced enough of the so many abuses behind Psychiatry, the following patient had no other choice but to ask a lawyer, at his own expense, a certain Dr. Rachel L. Montebello, who today holds the position of a Judge, having just recently in 2018 been promotod from Magistrate to this position.

Another victim of that tyrant of Psychiatrist David Cassar

Another victim of Psychiatrist David Cassar had to seek the assistance of a lawyer

English translation of the last 3 paragraphs of the first image, the parts in brackets are my additions:
... The complaint of my client concerns the fact that he was prescribed the ‘Modecate’ medicine since many years ago as part of his cure in hospital, but nevertheless, the dosage he was being given lately, has been excessive, to the point that Mr. --- is suffering from many side effects that  are making his life more miserable than already is in the circumstances. Effectively, my client used to be given a dosage of Modecate at 150mg every fortnight – a dosage which according to general medical indications, is too excessive. In fact, the general medium dosage is in the 25mg range and the highest dose that of 100mg.
The side effects which Mr. --- is suffering from are causing him great inconvenience in his daily life, as well are making him feel highly embarrassed. He frequently complains of dizziness, too much tiredness, lethargy
(lack of energy), hypertension, as well as incontinence (lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation) which is heavily embarrassing to him. Apart from this, he is not able to read for long hours, which is for sure unfortunate for him in these circumstances.
After several consultations with his Psychiatrist
(i.e. most probably is referring to this lawyer having been in contact beforehand with the Psychiatrist after having been all in vain for this patient complaining himself, as always), the Modecate dose Mr. --- was prescribed was lowered in the past months, first to 125mg every fortnight, and now is receiving a dose of 112.5mg every fortnight. Nevertheless, the side effects above mentioned did not reduce despite the reduction in dosage, and my client kept suffering despite with the reduction in dosage his condition was satisfactorily under control. ...

Analysis: Note how this patient was originally given the injection Modicate at a dose of 150mg, at the same dose as that old man highlighted in red in that first image further above. His Psychiatrist is no other than once again Psychiatrist David Cassar, who as can be confirmed once again with this case, has since long made experimentation on patients his sadistic passtime. This letter mentions that the dosage was lowered first to 125mg and then to 112.5mg every fortnight which clearly shows that Cassar is either that incompetent to prescribe dosages haphazardly, or maybe more probable that he was just experimenting the effects of an overdose of the drug on him. The same patient recounted how once he was prescribed some pill, which because he refused to take, ended locked in the ward without permissions (and then they vilely say that the cure is given with the patient's consent, actually you are forced to take it and if you dare refuse, it will eventually be forced on you, for sure you have no choice, you have no say, you are voiceless without any rights from the very start once labeled a mental), and once he was so forced to accept and take it (yet experimenting once again on him), he ended hospitalized because of a seizure/fit attack (so much are that dangerous psychiatric drugs - didn't I mention before a somewhat similar case of that patient still in his 20s? - guess why "People with severe mental illness die younger ...") which was so severe that everyone, including the staff, ended stealing his belongings (what normally happens from my own experience in cases like these is what I call "the scavergers takeover," that is you first see the staff (the lions) take the edible things like biscuits, sweets, and most probably money from some wallet, and then follows the patients (the vultures, hyenas) who take his clothes, shower gel and so on), as they thought he was dead or almost dead to the point that he could never recover to return back to the same ward.

The problem with this patient is in my opinion not a mental one but simply that he is a sort of imbecile, as most of the patients who end in this hospital in fact are (some as a result of the drugs they have been drugged with). If one goes to what remains of the Museum in Mount Carmel Hospital one finds an inscription of more than a century ago referring to the hospital as “Asylum for Imbeciles.” With time, being an imbecile seems to have become to be considered as a mental illness, and with this excuse they began to overdose them with pills, drugs and injections as if by giving pills and injections to a lame person will ever make him walk properly. What they actually do is take advantage of the low IQ of such patients which makes them not in a position to fight for their rights and in some cases considered a burden by their relatives (voiceless from the start and a nuisance "xi dwejjaq ghandi bik" / "what sadness / annoyance I have because of you" - especially if locked in hospital having nothing to do they end becoming heavy smokers and always begging for money), practically without voice, to be able to do blatant EXPERIMENTS on them with all liberty and leisure. But the problem does not stop here, for once they overdose them with a particular injection, they begin to EXPERIMENT even further with other drugs on them supposed to cure them from the ugly side effects of the prescribed Psychiatric cure, and so on and so forth. In other words, Psychiatrists being so without scuples, do not eliminate the source of the problem, their so fake psychiatric cure, but see it as an opportunity to experiment further, again and again.

When flower doesn't bloom, fix its environment, not the flower

As a typical example, consider one who lost his job, and once with less money in hand began to despair, went to see a Psychiatrist who to add fuel to the fire, gave him some pills whose side effects (THE DIRECT EFFECTS) caused him say to loose hair at a faster rate (problem with his own appearance) and suffer from impotence (problems with women, with his wife / partner, with his self-esteem), thus giving him more reasons to consider himself worthless (THE INDIRECT EFFECTS), to despair (possibly depression being even one of the side effects of his prescribed pills), and an occasion to be more dependent on the Psychiatrist (THE MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN EFFECT - ending with less money in hand) and to have to call him again and again (THE MONTHLY SERMON BRAINWASHING EFFECT - letting oneself be hypnotized by a Psychiatrist). Without knowing, the victim begins to lose control of his mind, becomes a sort of sedated imbecile (because of the prescribed medicine), not even realizing he is so blatantly being derided, defrauded and stolen alive. Once without money and reduced to almost a disabled person, unable to fend for himself and completely dependent on others (becomes a "nuisance" a burden), they lock him in hospital to experiment more freely on him behind closed doors and away from sight with other drugs and / or at higher dosages to more effectively use on the next victims, possibly having close contacts with those in the pharmaceutical industry promoting their drugs (another indirect salary to fatten their pockets), etc. So much is Psychiatry a fake branch of medicine, a big business for exploiting the vulnerable, where the victims go to seek help and find themselves, without realizing, being exploited by none other than pure wolves in sheeps' clothing.

Psychiatrists are narcissists interested only in what they are getting from you

When I said before that some are reduced to imbeciles "as a result of the drugs they have been drugged with," it is a symptom I experienced myself when drugged so many times with the INVASIVE TREATMENTS of Fluanxol and Risperdal injections. Guess that before my 2014 arrest without any cure I worked for years, without ever taking sick leave, as an engineer in a job of responsibility with persons under my trust, and then with these injections I was reduced to an almost complete imbecile with my mind practically incapacitated and useless. To explain myself better, it is like getting an idea of how to incriminate your "consultant psychiatrist" but it being that short lived to end not having any clue of what the hell was that idea once you come to pick the pen to write it down, and you literally end staring with the pen in your hand cursing your luck like an illiterate cretin - just picking the pen ends being a lot of distraction for your mind to make it forget the purpose of picking that pen in the first place. It's like your mind trying to fight back, but there is always that diabolic psychiatric cure your mind have been sedated with, that FENCE AROUND IT (like the one they installed on Mosta Bridge), always ready to instantly stop it. So to overcome the problem when staying in bed I found useful covering my eyes with some shirt (to avoid unnecessary distractions) and keep a paper and pen at hand to at least have time to immediately write the main points when some idea pops up, and then later try to figure it out how to put everything in a sentence. In fact, I sometimes also ended having problems when communicating, like begin speaking with someone but at one point forget what was talking about to end telling him "fuqhiex kont qed inkellmek ghax insejt" / "on what was I talking about as I forgot", being so embarrassing and humiliating that within myself I could feel the one in front of me within himself saying "kif inhu mohhu spiccut" / "how much he has no brains." Now imagine yourself trying to fight for your rights with a mind reduced to this state: instead of making your point clear, you confirm yourself as an imbecile, and instead of exposing the state to which that diabolic psychiatric cure has reduced you to, you instead confirm yourself as that disabled for psychiatric cure to be even more justified to be further used on you. From the leaflets of injections Fluanxol and Risperdone, I couldn't figure out from their listed side effects which one best fits with this "imbecilicity disorder" (could it be "aphasia" as is the case with that poison of Olanzapine?) - but I am more than convinced that it is not listed, as rather than being "a side effect," in Psychiatry making you an imbecile is instead considered "a healing effect," a sort of diabolic improvement to your condition, a sign you are responding well to the treatment, an indication that they had reached their so malicious aim. But didn't I say before that once you have to do with Psychiatry it's like getting entangled in a cobweb? Rest assured that whoever says he is doing well with psychiatric cure, it must be either originating instead from his immune system fighting back (i.e. for sure not because of the pills he is taking), or else he must be either mentally ill or mentally disabled, having been either born so or reduced to being that imbecile for his own mind to not even being capable of realizing how he is being made fool of. You just have to wait for some years to see how he will eventually be reduced - in Maltese we say "Iz-zmien itina parir" / "With time you get that advice," only that in the meantime, the Psychiatrist may have bought another villa, while yourself might as well have invested some money in a coffin and a tomb.

Must be nuts and stupid to go see a Psychiatrist

Just to mention another incident out of many in this Mount Carmel Hospital, there was once a patient in his 70s nicknamed 'Is-Susu' who if I understood him well, had got sick from some illness when he was about say 16 years old which ended leaving him a sort of hunchback unable to stand and walk upright (he walked bent sideways). He died on 28-Oct-16 in the Ward (MW3A) from some heart attack, probably a side effect of the injection Modecate at a dosage of 100mg he had longed been drugged with, even after he was 65 years old (see the above link, having been born in 1945, in 2012 he was 67 years old, in 2016, 71 years old). In the link it can also be seen that he had additionally that injection Kemadrin 10mg given once every forthnight probably to combat his severe Parkinsonism he was made sick with, having had such a severe shaking in his hands that he wasn't able to drink by himself (he would drop almost all the cup's contents on him and get wet) and I very often felt pity of him and gave him some help and at the end I cursed that moment for when his health deteriorated further, he used to ask me to go with him to the toilet to pull him up or down the trousers, get him seated, and handle him the toilet paper like an idiot (at that time maybe there were still no foreign staff employed on whom the Maltese staff ended burdening them with the work they were supposed to do themselves). Most probably when he died in 2016 they didn't even have the decency to do him an autopsy as required by law to see why he had inexplicably died although Psychiatrists could play it safe anyway as I presume it would not have been that easy to link his death with the side effects of the psychiatric cure he had long been drugged with because his health had quite as well since long been deterioring. I am once again convinced his death was quite as well another case in this Mount Carmel Hospital of "Oqtol u idfen" / "Kill and bury" at the hands of Psychiatrists with all the blessing of the authorities and the hospital staff who are just as well 100% complicit with their silence. But what is even more interesting about him is that some year or so before he was also on the verge of dying. It happened that the nurses as usual had called the Hospital Psychiatrist or a General Practitioner (a sort of doctor available during the day shift only to handle illnesses like fever and so on not related to Psychiatry) but this time the doctor refused to send him to Mater Dei Hospital for further check-ups despite the severity of his health because, guess why, it happened that those at Mater Dei ended accusing those at Mount Carmel Hospital as incompetents for burdening them and forwarding to them patients for the slightest mishap. So this time the doctor, so as not to appear the usual cretin for the umpteenth time, ended leaving him for one day or two seated on a sofa in his room, completely unconscious and on the verge of dying (really unbelievable, but in Mount Carmel Hospital the impossible is possible) until finally one nurse protested with the doctors and was finally sent to Mater Dei. In fact from my impression the doctors at MCH are almost all that incompetents that they wait for instructions from the nurses to what to do and what not. As an example, once a patient recounted to me how he was seen by some newly graduated Psychiatrist and when he [the patient] complained about say chest pains, the Psychiatrist attempted to change subject by talking on the usual stupidities of Psychiatry, like if he had slept well during the night and so on, because that is the cretinism in which he is qualified. I don't remember how it ended, but to give you a clue of what happens in cases like these: if the answer is that he slept well, there is almost nothing to do, maybe wait a bit more to see if the pain passes by itself, but if not, it is a not to missed opportunity to drug him more to help him live with "the chest pains as we grow older," probably even being a side effect of some Psychiatric drugs in the first place. To continue with the story of that 'Is-Susu', he recovered and was sent back to Mount Carmel Hospital but in Male Ward 2 for some time (at the time it was still open) and then back to Male Ward 3A where I was and he had been since long (I remember him in those 2 months of 2005/2006 once the sentence of appeal of my first court case was given when he walked bent sideways by himself. In 2014 I had ended in the same room he had back then, while he was by then wheelchair bound at another room on the diagonally opposite side of the ward, nearer to the clinic, waiting for his demise. At the time mentioned when he was on the verge of dying, they gave his room to someone else [everyone though he would never return anyway the way he was left unconcious in his room for some days making you presume his health to have deteriorated further and irreversibly] and the substantial collection of the feasts' annals / magazines of several localities he had stuffed in his locker ended dumped with rubbish as a proof of them being so completely without culture and vision - it was too late for me destroyed at the time by the Fluanxol injection when finally had decided to go collect some: They could have easily created a small library with them in that "Asylum for Imbeciles"). But what is impressive from this story is that the highly experienced Doctors at Mater Dei who had really managed back then to save him from a so certain death and who base everything on scientific tests like X-rays, blood and urine samples, etc., seem to consider the doctors / Psychiatrics at Mount Carmel Hospital who base everything on presumptions for the fake they are as mere incompetents who rather than trying to handle the problem themselves, being that incompetents or doctors for namesake / "tobba tal-isem" they just simply forward the problem to them. And as usual, it is the patient who is to suffer because of their incompetence.

Psychiatrists' insatiable greed: drugging for profit at patient's health expense

Apart from this "Is-Susu," in MW3A there was also another one like him a sort of hunchback but not actually like you would expect one of this sort to be, because instead of being bent from his back, he had his neck bent - he was nicknamed "il-Lokus" or "Gamgam" - literally ending locked in this Hospital not only you risk being killed prematurely drugged up, but seeing the frightening way some patients unfortunately end disabled / reduced, it's like living in the after life in a cemetery surrounded by resuscitated zombies to make it complete. The one whom I mentioned previously who had to use the service of a lawyer to have his dosage reduced, remembers him many and many years before when he was in another ward with him and says his hunchback in those days was for sure not that severe. This "Lokus," seen here in some detail, used to say that once he was employed as Police Officer and even did some boxing as a passtime, when one day he happened to be in church and exposed his ass. The priest seems to have put aside the teachings and examples of Christ to instead take total revenge on him without in anyway having it on his conscience by writing some letter to the authorities to lock him in a mental institution (notice the similarity when I mentioned before that it is so easily to label one as a mental and then leave it to "the Psychiatrist to do the rest"), as in fact happened, most probably to be more vile, within just 6 days, in less than a week, since he had celebrated his 29th birthday on 9-Dec-71, as his "Date of Admission" is listed as 15-Dec-71 (this is the beauty of delving in history because it gives a meaning to what seems to be meaningless dates). So one could guess the obvious (or not the so obvious for those who know only of revenge) that this act from this Locus could have been just some form of stunt or gamble he did as a sort of joke with his friends or maybe was even challeneged by his friends to do it for the fun of it, maybe for that can of beer and a half a dozen of cheesecakes. What could have been the true reason I cannot say for sure, but for sure he ended paying such a high price for such a stunt because he had since then been locked in this hospital - a sort of life sentence given by that vile priest who God knows how much he exaggerated facts for the satisfaction of seeing him locked (in Maltese we say: "biex ghaddiet tieghu" / "so that what he had in mind happened") and give the Psychiatrists a not to be missed opportunity to experiment on this upteenth victim with drugs and so on and so forth. Rest assured that Christ Himself for sure didn't condemn him, only that His inaction in the face of so many injustices makes you wonder what the hell of God He is or if He ever existed (one day will recount my experience: In the culmination of abuses and injustices of my first court case, I turned by instinct to God for help, and when that help didn't come, I did something a bit too much with that Eucharist, only to be paid later on in the day with "Is-seqer jiena u nitimghu wara nofsinhar nisimghu ghall-ewwel darba jwerzaq ghal diversi drabi" / "As I was feeding the hawk in the afternoon heard it screaming for the first time several times "). Instead, it was the Psychiatrists and the priest who condemned him for the fake and "whitewashed tombs" they are.

Malta Mental Health Act: Commissioner authorise ... scientific research on persons The above is an extract from Malta's Mental Health Act, Part III, Clause 6.1.f which states that the Commissioner [for Mental Health] can "authorise ... scientific research on persons [patients] " - so much patients in a mental institution in Malta are treated as guinea pigs to experiment drugs on and kill at leisure by Psychiatrists with the side effects of Psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatrists' obsessive prescribing disorder

After all this write-up and listing of so many abuses, hope by now one got a good idea of what Psychiatry and its "experimentation" involves - as usual they give you some form of diabolic "pill" or "pills", begin to drug you up, sedate you, to prevent you from ever having the physical and mental ability to repeat the same wrong doing, ... and if you dare persist, they just continue to increase you the dosage more and more, and / or experiment something new even more diabolic, it's just that simple, an endless repetition of the same story: they do it so vilely to this day, so you could expect how it was even much and much more worse more than half a century ago.

Narcissists are surprisingly predictable

Psychiatrist Abraham Galea and the Black & White Whisky tal-kelbPsychiatrist Abraham Galea. At his Valletta office, his writing desk drawer "used to be crammed full with Black & White Whisky, tal-kelb (of the dog)"

In those days, the mentioned "Lokus" was probably then a victim of that Psychiatrist Abraham Galea, my front door neighbour in my hometown Mosta and father of that Psychiatrist Ethel Felice who together with Cassar, being that fake, ended falling to my bait by making them come to the wrong conclusion in their court report in my second court case of 2014. Although I admit I don't have any experience with this Abraham Galea (my mother mentions that her sister, my aunt, who used to work as a sort of cleaner in Saint Lukes Hospital, once went to see him to do her a fake certificate that she is not fit to work anymore, as in fact happened and ended boarded out, enjoying social benefits at taxpayers' expense without ever being prescribed some medicine for the illness he labeled her she was suffering from - so much was that totally fake; some old patients also recounted to me how they used to go see him privately in his office at Valletta and give him "Black & White Whisky" in exchange for favours!), logic and common sense tells me that being qualified in such a fake branch of medicine they call Psychiatry, he (Abraham Galea) must have been quite as well fake also himself (the ancient Romans used to say "FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS IN OMNIBUS", see further below for its meaning), and even more in those days when technology was even more primitive to what it is still today in this same branch of medicine (in those days they experimented in vain to try to understand the brain, today they are still experimenting because they have still understood almost nothing of such an astonishingly complicated organ, as if the Divine wanted to share all his secrets except that the one which controls everything, he wanted to keep it all for himself [as well as total control in some way of birth and death], or in other words, man egoistically can PRETEND to surpass everything and everyone, but at the end of the day, it is as if the Divine wanted him to realize there must be someone much greater above him who surpass him in everything, so at the end of the day, for sure I am so totally convinced that Psychiatrists can experiment and experiment relentlessly but they WILL FOR SURE ALWAYS REMAIN FAKE AND BLATANT LIARS, they will always and forever have to base everything on MERE PRESUMPTIONS RATHER THAN FACTS - but if not convinced, just this article's title in year 2018 from none other than says it all: We Scientists Know So Little About Mental Illness - they actually know almost nothing but pretend to know everything, you just have to look deeper to see what actually is behind the mask). Psychiatrist David Cassar, listed as being this Lokus's "Consultant," was most probably back then just a newly graduate (i.e. in the mid 80s, having been born in 1961), learning from direct hands on experience by experimenting and drugging patients at leisure what the term Psychiatry actually means, and for sure one like Cassar did not lose such an opportunity to take it even to a step further, as for sure having a tyrant qualified in this fake and diabolic Psychiatry are the prefect ingredients to create the so perfect monster he is.
Psychiatry, the real insanity, a pseudoscience which has never cured anything

Don't tell me why that Susu and this Lokus managed to live beyond 70 unlike Mangion and Harrington. I tried to answer this question myself before. It could be because the latter having had say a more violent background ended having problems with the staff or other inmates (they were hated more), or the fact they had ended locked for life forever forgotten and abondoned by almost all their relatives (they were more voiceless and away from sight), in both cases an opportunity to be drugged up further at leisure. But I may give you a hint from what I experienced a bit myself. Mostly, when locked in Forensic before the court sentence was given, from time to time they used to call me to appear in front of the Psychiatrist, usually that Maria Axiak. In their sadistic passtime to experiment drugs on you, they begin to bombard you with questions in their attempt to make you feel guilty, to make you feel shy of yourself, and God forbid if I had to tell them that I had nothing to shy from as I had killed no animals (unlike what hunters and trappers do in their "traditional passtime"), just utilized some of them that way when already found dead, and if any, it was those who actually killed them and kept driving, and amongst other the Police who, to save their face, had so maliciously framed me up and character assassinated me making me appear to have killed them myself, that ought to be shy of themselves, but that would have been for sure a case of me having "poor insight" and an excuse to be drugged further the other way. In other words you have to tell them not what you feel, but what they indirectly want you to say, what sounds pleasing to their ears. So, as usual you have to admit the guilt even if you are guilty of nothing, and in so doing have to invent them that excuse to lessen your responsibility for that guilt, to justify yourself, say you was passing through a difficult time and had to do such "unusualities" to boost your morale and so on and so forth. Go tell them that thanks to those "unusualities" I had managed to make an entire Police force suffer the most humiliating case in their entire history of all times yet to come without in anyway harming anyone, and if their name most probably dies with them, in my case my name will probably survive my death (it was an encouragement given to me by no other that another one locked at Forensic, for sure not by a Psychiatrist whose only aim is to discourage and demoralize you by intentionally making you feel depressed in one way or another - he had told me "jien ismi jmut mieghi, int jghaddu mitt sena u tibqa' tissemma" / "My name will die with me, in your case will pass another 100 years and your name will still live on" - words which meant so much to me to keep believing in myself in those difficult times when our local media were having a good time inventing blatant lies on me - "Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible" - M. C. Escher). To come back to the point, with the excuse "to help you live with the remorse and guilt you must be feeling," they diagnose you to be suffering from say depression (because of the supposed remorse) to begin drugging you up and experiment drugs on you (to supposedly alleviate the remorse) and so on and so forth. As usual Psychiatrists mask their evil by pretending they want you well, with illnesses like depression being most often a side effect of the pills they prescribe you - in other words, in one way or another they intentionally make you mentally ill, make you depressed, etc. to have yet more excuses to drug you further and experiment on.

Malta patient file: Not to be handled by patient

But in a country since ever corrupt like Malta, expect them to make laws the way its suits the priviledged class like persons in high positions, and discriminatory against us mere mortals. For example when they introduced years ago the VAT (Value Added Tax), they passed for example Jack of the village running a small ironmongery shop through a nightmare if he ever dared not give a receipt for say selling some €1 can of paint and barely making 5cents profit, but was not the case for doctors and lawyers (the profession of most politicians) amongst others who were either exempt or did not enforce this tax on their so much and much more profitable services they offer. Similarly, successive corrupt goverments allowed especially the doctors working in the public sector to enjoy the priviledge to write whatever they want behind your back in your hospital file, and so if they happen to make an incorrect diagnoses of you, if need arises, they have the corrupt state and the quite as well corrupt authorities always ready to cover them up in their possible corrupt practices and experimentation on you. It is a corrupt practice coming from the past when science and medicine were still in their infancy and the doctor happened to not have any clue of the symptom from which say your grandfather was suffering when he lamented say of back pain, and so rather than appearing as the incompetent, he (the doctor) used to invent something pretending to have diagnosed from what your grandfather was suffering to pocket the money anyway by prescribing him some medicine which could possibly end do him (your grandfather) far more harm than good (prescribing him say medicine for Arthritis when he only had muscle or ligament strain). I am referring to the above image showing the front page of my Mount Carmel Hospital file with those vile words in block letters "NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT" or else in their twisted mentality it must be that unforgivable sin that not even Christ himself could absolve you from. After all, why on earth should a guinea pig of a "patient" in any way interfere ("handle") with what such an intellectual of a fake doctor had decided to drug him with? In other words your Hospital file is at full disposition of the hospital staff and doctors to feast on, but you the miserable patient do not have access to what has been written on you and with what illnesses they may have labeled you with - literally Data Protection the other way round with outsiders having right and full access to your supposed health "history" and incredibly you the victim have no "protection" let alone access to something concerning yourself, SOMETHING SO VERY PERSONAL. Although at first one may suspect nothing wrong with it, a sort of not to make the patient depressed or mentally ill if he gets to know the so very often blatant lies that are so vilely written on him at leisure without any scientific basis, in other words "Data Protection" to the "priviledged" forger / liar who lies behind his back making the patient "the under priviledged" in a disadvantaged position from the very start if he dares fight for his rights, its other true diabolic hidden intention is that if you dare ask to consult your file to incriminate your doctor, the authorities not only will inform him but will also give him time to say destroy evidence if necessary by tearing out the relevant pages (or make the complete Hospital file or Court file vanish as happened in my case) and if necessary replace them with forged ones, and even he may take it a step further accusing you of trying to defame him (and you without the paper in hand end loosing the Court case). To take it a step further, it must NOT BE HANDLED BY PATIENT not because it is in anyway beneficial for his health (the purpose of seeing a doctor in the first place), but for the doctors to always be covered-up by a corrupt state in their possible corrupt practices. What is the purpose of hiding from the patient from what he is suffering if it were not to cover-up their possibly incorrect diagonoses for the fake they the Psychiatrists in particular are, their blatant lies written behind his back? That phrase is the black on white proof of something intentionally malicious, of something which will possibly end harming the patient's health ruining him with unnecessary drugs, and has at all costs to be kept hidden as in occult (Occultus - the latin word to hide, keep secret). It confirms something so very diabolic, that THE STATE IS FULLY AWARE OF THE SO VERY OFTEN POSSIBLE CORRUPT PRACTICES BY PSYCHIATRISTS and their experimentation of drugs on you, and SO MUCH COVERS THEM UP that intentionally gives them this priviledge to get away with it (impunity), SO MUCH IS MALTA A CORRUPT COUNTRY with blatant institutionalized corruption so deeply rooted. It's like telling someone (the psychiatrist) to go steal the customer's savings in the bank (experiment drugs on patients) when the CCTV will intentionally be switched off (the patient's Hospital's file will not be made accessible to him that easily or be too late for him anyway) to lessen the possibility of any evidence that may end incriminate him (hence the need for NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT at all costs). In fact as one can expect, it is a priviledge so much exploited since ever by Psychiatrists in their so fake profession to abuse even more their patients, at leisure and without the need to worry of ever being incriminated, so that they can focus even more on their so sadistic passtime of doing blatant experimentation on them (as said before, possibly an extra salary from the Pharmaceutical lobby "at the expense of patients"). It is just another example of what was pointed out in the very first paragraph of this webpage, namely "Psychiatry is seen to involve an UNEQUAL POWER RELATIONSHIP between doctor and patient" - an unequal power that makes whatever most blatant lies Psychiatrists invent on you as sacred, and whatever evidence, real facts and witnesses the patient tries to put forward against them as doubtful and waste of time.

Psychiatrists' insatiable greed

Psychiatry, like fortune telling, is simply a big fraudulent business at a much much larger proportions, and as can be expected "wherever there is a vast amount of money, someone, somewhere will be up to no good" - that "NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT" sheds light on a much larger fraud, where say that football team (the Psychiatry profession) ends bribing the players of another team (the politicians) and the Football Association (the authorities) to let them win that trophy (pocket money through a fake profession and diagnoses not scientifically based) even through they for sure don't deserve it (will instead ruin the life and health of their patients), with possibly the regulatory boards (the Medicines Authority) twisting and manipulating the laws (the standards) to allow such deplorable acts to happen (so diabolic drugs and injections with so frightening side effects, like Parkinsonism, to unbelievably get the approval). As the ancient Romans used to say "CUPIDITAS RADIX OMNIUM MALORUM" or "Greed is the root of all evil" and with Psychiatrists having such an insatiable greed for money (see further below as to how some manage to cope with a multitude of jobs to pocket a multitude of salaries), I am more than convinced that a Psychiatrist is literally the incarnation of Satan on Earth, the origin of all that evil that not even Satan himself from Hell could ever imagine of doing for the sake of money and their sadistic passtime of drugging patients, and to such an extreme that once made a victim of Psychiatry (made voiceless, discredited, and disabled), ONLY God could put you again on you knees (for everyone seem to remain blinded in the face of such blatant abuses, you made voiceless no one will hear your cries, you discredited will be left alone to fight for yourself, you just have to keep suffering in silence abondoned to your fate). I might as well be the greatest atheist on Earth but in this sentence I believe with utmost conviction. I for sure know so very well what I am saying. As another comparison, Psychiatry is like Islam, both are pure evil but no one dares to criticize them, the latter because it has the money from the oil industry, the former from the pharma industry.

Siamese twins often joined from the hip, just like Psychiatry and the Pharma industry

As another example of the sadists Psychiatrists are made to be, imagine the world brightest scientists and engineers assigned the task of investigating why an airplane has crashed with the problem being that the communication with the airplane had long before been lost and its black box was never found. So without instruments and data in hand, they are no better than the man in the street, and because that day say happened to be raining, allude the crash to possibly have originated from bad weather (when it could just as well have originated from a sabotage). And Psychiatry is just the same as incredibly in the era we are living it is still in its infancy as for sure am convinced it will always remain, and thus with practically no instruments and science to determine with certainity that one is suffering from a particular mental illness (hence more the necessity for your Hospital file "NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT" - note this phrase is composed of 6 words, with 6 being the number associated with the devil, Satan - 666), they have to base everything on mere presumptions, most often blatant lies, but that is for sure not a problem as long as it keeps fattening their pockets in their so fake profession (if for them it is such a big sin if "HANDLED BY PATIENT," the one they placed in a disadvantaged position by discrediting him as a mental and as an imbecile, imagine how much more it is if handled by someone who is wise enough to want to incriminate them and expose their so fake profession). To take it a step further, having experienced injustices and abuses from both Psychiatrists and the Police, this "NOT TO BE HANDLED BY PATIENT" is for me the Police version of framing you up - accusing (attributing to) you wrong doings (illnesses) they know for sure you didn't commit (you are not suffering from, do you fraudulent diagnoses) - really an impressive similarity.

Psychiatry the real evil behind everything evil on Earth

As an example consider my case, where if I dared to make the request to the authorities to access my file, they would in the first place inform Psychiatrist David Cassar himself whom I am trying to incriminate, and not only would it be all in vain as explained in the previous paragraph (will have all time and power at disposition to destroy or manipulate evidence, or even make it vanish as happened to my second court case and my hospital file - incredibly vanished from under the court's eyes guarded by so many CCTVs, metal detectors, and officers), but being that tyrant, he will turn it as if I am suspecting something wrong with him (because as always, Psychiatry is a profession of blatant lies and manipulation of facts), as another symptom of those "delusions of persecution," and thus a not to be missed opportunity and that so desired excuse to drug me up even more and more - i.e far from incriminating him or the authorities help me do this in anyway for the corrupt they are, he ends destroy me even more. Because in Psychiatry, as always, with the patient stigmatized and voiceless and reduced to a psycopath is for sure no match to a Psychiatrist exalted as the unquestionable expert, and to dare fight for your rights and against their so many wrongs, is always considered a symptom of one with "total lack of / poor insight," of one with "inappropriate beliefs," (see further below how Psychiatrist David Cassar labeled me so in one of so many occasions for trying to incriminate him by reporting him amongst others to the Medical Council) a sort of severe paranoia to experiment further on you with an increase in dosage or some other diabolic drug, they do not even give you chance to open your mouth to speak let alone to present proof and evidence, you are ignored and prejudiced NOT FROM THE START BUT ACTUALLY BEFORE YOU DARE START. You the victim alone try to point your finger towards a Psychiatrist, and you find yourself overwhelmed with all cannons pointing on you from all sides and directions everyone backing him: they doubt you, your evidence and facts, but find absolutely nothing suspicious from a profession based primarily on presumptions and blatant lies with no scientific basis, and in particular, as can be expected, such dilemma manifests itself even more in a country like Malta since ever corrupt. In fact, in Psychiatry your condition is considered as under control once they disable, sedate and silence you to a complete physically and mentally disabled imbecile, for once achieved, they will turn their attention on their next victim.

Psychiatrists since ever fake: aren't able to prove anything

And once labeled a mental don't even dare to contradict them say you are perfectly sane because they will instantly reply "Sometimes our illness prevents us from realizing we are actually ill" / "Xi kultant ma nirrejalizzawx li ahna fil-fatt morda," and thus because of this expect them to drug you further with the usual excuse of suffering from that "lack of insight " and every evidence you dare bring they discredit you instantly with this same excuse ("because he is sick doesn't know what he is saying, is having visions"/ "ghax dak marid ma jafx x'inhu jghid, qed jimmagina l-affarijiet").

Psychiatrists' Symptom Deficit Disorder

But with Psychiatry being since ever that fake, you always have to find the opposite meaning, so what you is for them as suffering from "lack of insight," is actually them to have "abundance of pretension " pretending to be that professors to be able to diagnose you as mentally sick when in reality they don't even have the brain of a child to at least be able to detect if you are lying to them and taking them for a ride to intentionally make them come to the wrong conclusions for the fake they are. Imagine going in front of a fortune teller and he begins asking you questions as if in that way he will be able to tell you your future / fortune (rest assured he is not even capable of predicting his very own fortune), and you intentionally invent things to him to make him fall to your bait to come with incorrect conclusions for the fake he is. In fact a Psychiatrist is nothing more than a fortune teller, they both exploit their victims for their insatiable greed for money; they both disguise themselves, with the former pretend to be doctors and the latter as having supernatural powers; both are totally fake without any scientific basis (not even the most sophisticated brain scan available for the former, and the latter are so humble to have to base their judgement on say the wrinkles in your hand); and in both cases you have to be both a mental and / or a complete imbecile to waste money and trust your life (luck) in their hands, in the hands of such blatant fraudsters. Again the phrase "Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus" comes to mind when seeing the way they can so easily be fooled to make them come to a wrong conclusion.

Psychiatrists always on the verge of scientific breaktrough but end never materialise
Above from a facebook post.

Living in an era of neverending scientific breakthroughs except in Psychiatry
Above further clarified it myself (eg. Prozac: they said it was safe).
Psychiatrists still searching for some biological marker for mental diseases

But if there is anyone who knows how much Psychiatrists are fake, rest assured they are the Psychiatrists themselves, in the same way that one who lies (or a fraudster, or politician who is corrupt) knows before anyone else can realize that he is actually lying to them (defrauding them). So in some way or another, either by using that charming charismatic voice and / or a seductive smile, etc., they sort of attempt to hypnotize their victims (like a leader of a deadly cult) to make them (the victims) believe they are mentally ill and need to take their so fake psychiatric cure, or in other words, Psychiatrists attempt to transform their illusions and pretensions in seeing everyone as mentally sick (except themselves of course) into something real, attempt to transform their blatant lies into something factual. But seeing one to be too obstinate and not that imbecile to fall to their bait, he risks being prescribed the injection (to make him imbecile the other way) instead of or in addition to the prescribed pills, with the excuse that he would stop taking the medication (the pills) if left alone because of that "lack of insight" of not knowing, according to them, he is mentally ill. In this way, by prescribing you that diabolic injection, and by exploiting to the maximum this so diabolic phrase ("lack of insight"), they prevent you from ever be in a position to claim that: 1) they had diagnosed you incorrectly as mentally ill and, 2) instead you are perfectly healthy even despite never had taken their so fake cure. In other words, as long as you are on pills you can do it (stop medication and you stay healthy), but once you are on the injection they shut your mouth once forever (as you cannot say that you was healthy because you had taken no medication), in the same way that when they lock you up, it useless to claim you would for sure behave well outside as you had done when locked (they come with the excuse that you couldn't do otherwise as you was under their watch). This is in some way what happened to me, only that those diabolic injections came a bit too late to make them fall to my bait come to the wrong conclusion in none other than their court reports in their role of court experts attributing my wrong doings for having stopped taking the cure (the pills I actually had never took from the very start) for the completely fake they are.

The above youtube video shows one trying to hypnotize his viewers (without going into the merit of the video, this one happened to be against the legalization of divorce in Malta) using his charming charismatic voice as if he is some high priest or Messiah, wearing glasses ("implies that you read more often and, in turn, suggests that you are of higher intelligence"), and having left his white beard to grow to make you think he is an old man full of life experiences and even see him as some Socrates or a philosopher from ancient Greece. Guess this one in no other than Psychiactrist David Cassar. If you happened to have had a different opinion on divorce from this unquestionable expert who thinks he knows it better than everyone else, you for sure must be suffering from "lack of insight" and need to be prescribed say that diabolic injection Risperdal Consta every fortnight to regulate that dopamine you for sure have missing from your sick and psychopatic mind.

The above video, a screen capture of my laptop screen, shows the facebook page of a certain Anton Grech using another way for one to hypnotize his viewers, in this case with his seductive smile (in Maltese we say "jikxef sninu" / "revealing his teeth"). He often appears on TV indoctrinating the flock of sheep with his stupidities and presumptions and once said he has photoghraphy as passtime. But that is what he said "when on the air," for his true passtime must be that of having himself photographed, with a slave or some lackey 24x7 at his dispostion on whom he burdened the job to take him photos to post in his facebook album for everyone to see. Few photos of him smiling would have been acceptable, but a multitude of them reveal his true personality, that of glorifying his very self, in the same way that tyrant of Communist Stalin had done with his cult of personality with images of himself displayed everywhere in what was USSR. Guess this Anton Grech is a Psychiatrist by profession, and so expect him to have so much to laugh about and keep himself smiling (in particular in the face of the one I referred to as his 24x7 slave / lackey).

A psychiatrist pretends he has the remedy to cure a sane man

That is, once labeled a mental you become entangled in such a cobweb that don't ever dream of getting out from, you have to continue let them drug you and experiment on you with the excuse that only in that way, with their diabolic drugs, your condition is under control. In fact with Psychiatry being that fake don't even expect Psychiatrists to ever be able to cure you from anything (it's not like you found a job and thus you are no longer depressed, for sure not like getting sick with fever that lasts for say one week), and as such guess why almost all mental illnesses they label you with are considered as chronic (taking the previous example, now that you found work they say you will get depressed anyway because you are bullied at work [because they have labeled you the mental] or can't cope at work [because of the way they have sedated you]), so that once labeled a mental you always remain so, forever and ever, their voiceless slave, their guinea pig without any rights ALWAYS AT THEIR DISPOSITON. Thanks for Psychiatry we can live again the dark days of the Middle Ages when the master gave the orders and the sheep had to follow, when you owned nothing not even your life and everything was decided dictated for you by the nobles and the priviledged class.

Price good men pay for indifference is to be ruled by evil men

But if in Psychiatry the patient ends the victim, the guinea pig, to experiment on with diabolic psychiatric drugs at leisure with the blessing of the corrupt authorities, for sure for the true criminals, including most of the Psychiatrists themselves (ask Mangion and Harrington if only they could speak from their tomb) it is a big business, and for the priviledged class a blessing, and above all, so very useful amongst others to cover up their corrupt practices ("crime-laundering"). A prime example is Magistrate Carol Peralta himself who with the blatant lies on me by Psychiatrist David Cassar labeling me the mental managed to transform the threats on me in a court room of smashing me against the wall into being my "delusions of persecution" to get away with it and with other abuses and retire from a career in the judicary with all honours, or almost, because some criticism he received for the eccentric he probably is. So don't expect much from our legal system to the point that even that Commission for the Administration of Justice supposed to be a watchdog on how justice is administered, instead covered Peralta up in such blatant abuses, for as can be expected in a corrupt country since ever, the laws exists discriminately for us mere mortals, while those of the priviledged class and the friends of friends are always excused, are always priviledged. Taking another example, in a case of like father like son following in their father’s footsteps / example as pure incomptetens not worthy their uniform, the sons of former Deputy Police Commissioner Raymond Zammit after having ended under inquiry due to irregolarities / unethic practices (amongst them the case that was called the Gaffarena-Zammit scandal, etc.) were boarded out with the excuse, guess what, of psychiatric illnesses as a further confirmation of how Psychiatry is that totally fake, and suspiciously in such a short time before the conclusions of the inquiries came out so as to automatically qualify for a life pension which would have lost had they been expelled from the Police force (in the same way Magistrate Carol Peralta "retired" in 2015 to avoid that Commission for the Administration of Justice the embarassment of dismissing him). Of course they never spent a single day locked in this Mount Carmel Hospital for their supposed "mental illnesses" to the point that vilely within 4 days after one of them was boarded out as sick not fit to go to work, was given a job in the then new Enemalta of Fredrick Azzopardi with a salary of €60,000 (the salary of 3, 4 common workers) and subsequently because the case came in public everything was cancelled.

And all this was just an idea, just the tip of the iceberg, because as the latin proverb says: “FALSUS IN UNO, FALSUS IN OMNIBUS” or "false in one thing, false in everything." So in case you would like to ruin your life once forever at the hands of a Psychiatrist and the similar scum of Psychologists, sometimes listed together with bombastic adjectives like Practitioner, Counselor, Consultant, to make them appear to the man in the street as the unquestionable know-it-all experts, remember that behind their mask, THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A SORT OF FORTUNE TELLERS without any scientific basis to proof 100% you are really sick with the mental illnesses they label you with, for Psychiatry is not scientific at all but based merely on presumptions, and RATHER THAN ADMIT IT and end having their job at stake, to keep fattening their pockets expect them not to think twice to exploit you, especially when you happen to be most vulnerable passing through difficult times, to make you dependent on them ("call again within a fortnight to see the progress"), remain so forever ("you suffer from a chronic illness and have to take pills for all your life"), and experiment on you ("let me try this pill maybe it helps"), and just in case you experience side effects, the remedy is to drug you further with pills supposed to combat these side effects ("let me increase a bit more the dosage of Artaine or prescribe you Kemadrine injection"), and above all, NEVER EXPECT TO BE CURED FROM A PROFESSION WHICH HAS BEEN FAKE SINCE EVER ("sometimes we don't realize we are ill" / "with time it's better to increase the dosage as our body becomes accustomed to it").

When the rabbit screams, the fox comes running, but not to help

For more information on how fake Psychiatry was, is, and will for sure always remain, give a look to this article uploaded by The Washington Post: This secret experiment tricked psychiatrists into diagnosing sane people as having schizophrenia. The article tries to sugar the pill by ending with "this is far from how mental-health care is practiced these days," contradicting this article by the Psychologists themselves, but I assure you that if some developments in Psychiatry for the good happened in the USA, for sure here in Malta Psychiatry is still that evil as has since ever been (as a reminder, just consult once again Shedule 14 part 2 mentioned before for the "APPLICATION FOR INVASIVE OR IRREVERSIBLE TREATMENT" - in Malta it is all that easy for Psychiatrists especially once they have that Order Number in hand [CDO – Continuing detention order, IAO, IATO, EIATO - Extension of Involuntary Admission for Treatment Order, etc.], while regarding "the consent is in writing and signed by the person " see further below for what it actually is from my very own experience).

I like to compare Psychiatry with circumcision, that irreversible procedure consisting of the removal of the foreskin that protects the tip of the penis usually performed on children or minors who cannot decide for themselves (the vulnerable patients and those falsely discredited as mentally ill in case of Psychiatry) which is so falsely believed (in the name of so fake religions and fraudsters) to be in some way beneficial to health and hygiene, with none other than the World Health Organisation stating that "there is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually (between opposite sexes) acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%" (see this screenshot on this website of WHO's webpage on circumcision in case they happen to remove it). I suggest those that imbecile men to believe such non-sense stupidity to go circumcise themselves and later go give it a try go do it with HIV infected women, and just in case (without condom and without foreskin) happen to get infected with HIV as is so blatantly obvious to be expected, they don't go seek an explanation from WHO, but rather to make it complete go seek a Psychiatrist to presumably cure them from their "cretin disorder" and make them even sick further with side effects of Psychiatric drugs - they would surely deserve it. As regards a mental institution, I like to compare it to an orphanage with the custodians (Psychiatrists) happen to be all paedophiles (sadists, fraudsters) who find satisfaction abusing (experimenting and drugging) children (the vulnerable patients) with their dick (the injection, diabolic pills) leaving them traumatized (destroyed with side effects) and humiliated. The custodians are seen by the outside world as caring, devoted and dedicated persons, yet within the walls of the orphanage, the children have a total different story to recount, beaten (drugged further) for the slightest mishap (e.g. if they dare reporting abuses of the staff, of the Psychiatrist) and even if they dared to speak (immediately labeled with "lack of insight"). Similarly there exists a stigma towards children in an orphanage for possibly having been abondoned by their families, for being born out of wedlock, for having to list their father or mother or both as unknown, their home address as that of the orphanage, etc., in the same way that patients who end in a mental institution end stigmatized, stereotyped and labeled for all their life as being psychopaths, insane, imbeciles, and voiceless, discredited to whatever they say be taken with a pinch of salt. But not everything is that similar for the word of a Psychiatrist, no matter how fake and blatant liar he is, for sure has much and much power than that of custodian in an orphanage, and to make matters worser, once labeled the mental you become voiceless even more than that little child of the orphanage for rest assured that they give credit and worldwide attention to the allegations of say a 5 year old boy, but for sure not to evidence and facts provided by one who say had completed tertiary education, never took sick leave on his workplace, but has since been labeled as the mental. In fact it seems we have a Court and a Police force with upside down priorities where that Emanuel Camilleri was innocently sent to jail for over a year on the false testimony of his daughter and myself has built a website with so many black on white evidence and the Police do not intervene. I have suffered so much because in Malta we have such a big void when it comes to investigative journalism leaving persons in high positions to persevere in abuses with all impunity. Another stark contrast is that for sure it concerns much more the authorities if say a custodian simply happens to place his hand on the buttocks of a child, but for sure not of concern at all that a patient has been abused locked innocently for so many years by a Psychiatrist, has been destroyed with the side effects of psychiatric cure like depression, parkinsonism, made sterile, sedated, disabled and reduced to an imbecile without control of his own mind, of his own self (the big business involved behind Psychiatry mutes everyone). So much once they label you the mental, you become meaningless, without any rights, with your cries not even surpass the whimpering of say a puppy (i.e. a patient in a mental institution is even worse than an animal, like an an ant having to do with ferocious lions). So much those behind Psychiatry are mostly psychopaths themselves without any scurples and conscience, fattening their bottomless pockets on mere presumptions and blatant lies, always on the lookout for their next victim to label the mental and to exploit. Hence another Latin saying, "LUCRUM SINE DAMNO ALTERIUS FIERI NON POTEST", or "Profit cannot be made without another’s loss" - In Psychiatry, the patient's [health] loss has always been the Psychiatrist's [pockets] gain (guess why that Psychiatrist Anton Grech in the video further above has so much with what to laugh!).

Those fake of Psychiatrists diagnosing your mental illness

But didn't I say in the above paragraph that the big business involved behind Psychiatry mutes everyone. At one point I was in contact with a certain Sandra Gauci, who every now and then uploads videos of her speaking on hot topics. I wrote to her around July '21 to speak on victims of Psychiatry, where as can be seen in this thread of emails, at one point on 12-Aug-2021 3:14pm she replied back with the following, translated in English:
I found someone also victim of the same doctor of yours (namely Psychiatrist David Cassar). I am trying to convince him to testify. This one his brother died from the medicines he prescribed him. Will keep you updated as the one involved wants justice and will work in your favour. For now I am not going to disclose anything, but you are not the only victim. At least you are (still) alive.
But this hope of some help was short-lived for I never heard anything more from her. For as the latin proverb says: CURAE LEVES LOQUUNTUR, INGENTES STUPENT - Slight griefs talk, great ones are speechless. Bad luck for the many victims of Psychiatry left all alone abondoned to their fate - another umpteenth death from it doesn't matter, what matters if one dares to speak against.

Mount Carmel Hospital Male Ward 3A clinic damaged

In the above images I am in what was the clinic of Male Ward 3A, some weeks or maybe months after it was closed by the end of October 2019. In the first photo on the left, on the left (on my right), one can see the board which used to contain the name of the patients. The photo on the right shows this same board with the last remaining 4 patients, guess one of them is my name, I indicated it with the arrow. One can note from the window behind me that most probably was a bit too dark outside, but at least was there in time before days later, say around 9th January 2020, they came to cut out the electricity supply to the whole block. It could be the staff of my new ward were I eventually ended transferred, at that time were being paid for having a nap a bit too long from 10p.m. in the evening till 5a.m. the following morning, or just before they closed the ward to go to sleep when supposed to be on duty. And then the Maltese idiot blames that Theuma for having received a 3 month salary for which he never actually reported to work and applauds these as "national heros" for literally being paid for going to sleep since time immemorial (let us not include those nurses at Mater Dei for possibly not going to such low levels, and say they spend "a few hours less" sleeping or chattering behind the desk). Of course they cannot dismiss the staff of this ward as likewise they would need to dismiss the staff of the entire hospital who just do the same or even worser. In fact it is the custom in most wards of this so fake hospital to lock the dormitories and prevent patients from going to bed during the day (except for some 2 hours after lunch) so that they will end tired enough to sleep an entire night and not bother the night shift staff, even through most patients are already sedated with drugs more than enough to not be able to do otherwise. So during the day, you may encounter patients sleeping anyway on some sofa or even on the floor. But of course that is not a problem for the staff; it is a problem for the patients - always the staff trying their utmost to make their life more miserable and boring than already is, so the staff can enjoy their deep sleep so that in the morning they can go out strong enough to do their other private jobs and daily tasks. As always the patient, the under-priviledged class, are always to blame, the staff, those who occupy a high position, the priviledged class, are always excused in such a corrupt country since ever like Malta (see further below the revenge they did on me for reporting staff sleeping an entire night). In the above photos, I am sort of having my revenge standing behind the desk of MW3A clinic, that same desk on which amongst others they wrote down that they have administered to me the umpteenth injection again and again for the 65th time in a row (out of 67, as the first two I got them when in Mixed Admission Ward; one can see the links further below for more info), that so diabolic INVASIVE TREATMENT with injections that made my life a hell and miserable. On the merit of such a corrupt country, the staff in this hospital for sure merit the "Gieh ir-Repubblika" award for their so commendable work they do during the day (remain silent in the face of so many abuses and play their part in ruining the patients' health with injections and psychiatric cure), just as well as for what they do during the night (ensure patients are sedated enough to not in anyway interfere with their [staff's] long sleep, if not, there is always that injection at the staff's disposal for such emergencies [Ativan, Valium?] to administer to patients sedating them that much to end up wetted with their own urine by the following morning).

As regards to the whole mess one can see in these photos in what was MW3A clinic, it was for sure not a patient who made it in that state. But of course seeing that for having crucified some animals already found dead on the roads ended framed up of having harmed and killed them myself, for having entered the church crypt of my hometown to take some photos and measurements ended accused to have made violation of tombs, and for entering the cave under Speranza chapel for taking photos ended accused of trepassing, expect the Police of such a typical corrupt country to frame me up once again saying I did that whole mess myself. And rest assured that the Maltese idiot would gullibly believe it as once discredited as a mental, whatever lies they invent on you is so easily believed. But believe it or not, that whole mess, was made by no one other than the administration of this so fake hospital, by sending their cannibals to ravage what was once a whole 3 storey block consisting amongst others of 2 wards with a capacity in total of 80 patients (say about 1/5 of the hospital capacity who ended sent to private homes - a sort of less eye catching privatisation of Mount Carmel Hospital), an archive, some stores, and an "Out reach" office, on a totally fake report by an architect who just on a visual survey condemned the entire block for demolition, instead of opting to do the little repairs necessary in that little part of the roof. But if I said before that the Police might as well frame me up holding me responsible for that mess, rest assured that Psychiatrists are always a step ahead when it comes to blatant lies, for guess my venture there they will interpret it as me having once again "poor insight" to realize I should not have trepassed, this time to take those photos and videos for everyone to see the so many corrupt practices in this so fake hospital at taxpayers' expense (Psychiatrists want a new psychiatric hospital near Mater Dei hospital so as not have anything less than doctors, enough said to give you a clue of what is behind this so massive fraud)

The above were the experiences of others, where literally I had risked my ass (in italian "ho rischiato il culo ") to try to put pieces together of few of the many victims of Psychiatry by taking photos of the documents concerned and in some cases risking it a bit further where possible by gaining access to the document itself complete with fingerprints, for God forbid had I been caught red-handed, for none other than my ass would have ended paying it dearly with some newly prescribed injection down there - they would have for sure diagnosed me as suffering from some "extreme form of schizophrenia with severe obsessive disorder against Psychiatry and Psychiatrists and the rest of the scum of Psychologists, etc." requiring immediate and drastic psychiatric measures with their usual diabolic drugs and treatment, in particular with some multitude of not only INVASIVE BUT ALSO IRREVERSIBLE TREATMENT orders issued by none other that our Court where injustices and discrimination are sometimes the order of the day for us mere mortals - for sure not the case for the priviledged class. Next follows my very own experience with Psychiatry (the whole story in much more details can be read by clicking the banner at the very top), starting from my first Court case of 2001, with Psychiatrist David Cassar first trying to sedate me with pills to prevent me from uncovering abuses I had been suffering from persons in high positions:

The following are the dates and links when I was administered that diabolic Fluanxol (Depixol) Injection / Depot
08-Aug-14 Fluanxol 10mg Test Dose
14-Aug-14 Fluanxol 10mg Right Arm, 1 week later
28-Aug-14 Fluanxol 30mg Left Arm, 2 weeks later
11-Sep-14 Fluanxol 30mg Left Arm, 2 week later
02-Oct-14 Fluanxol 30mg Left Arm, 3 weeks later
30-Oct-14 Fluanxol 30mg Right Arm, 4 weeks later
29-Nov-14 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm, 4 weeks later, etc.
22-Dec-14 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
24-Jan-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
21-Feb-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
21-Mar-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
18-Apr-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
16-May-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
13-Jun-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
11-Jul-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
08-Aug-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
05-Sep-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
03-Oct-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
31-Oct-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
28-Nov-15 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
26-Dec-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
23-Jan-16 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
20-Feb-16 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm
19-Mar-16 Fluanxol 20mg Right Arm
16-Apr-15 Fluanxol 20mg Left Arm

The following are the dates and links when I was administered that quite as well diabolic Risperdal Consta Injection / Depot (see this link to what this so diabolic injection really means and in particular the article: Risperdal Settlements And Verdicts concerning several lawsuits opened against its manufacturer)
30-Apr-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
14-May-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
28-May-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Right Arm
11-Jun-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
25-Jun-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
09-Jul-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Right Arm
23-Jul-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
06-Aug-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Right Arm
20-Aug-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
03-Sep-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Right Arm
17-Sep-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Left Arm
01-Oct-16 Risperdal Consta 37.5mg Right Arm
In a letter dated 9-Oct-16 I inform Psychiatrist David Cassar that actually I never had taken any of the pills he prescribed me before my 2014 arrest, right from the very start from 2002 when he began seeing me, and thus this meant that the conclusions he with others reached in their Court reports which attributed my wrong doings for having stopped taking the cure as I had made them believe, were totally erroneous. Instead of informing immediately the Court that I had misled him / them to intentionally make them come to the wrong conclusions, he lowered a bit the dosage and abusively continued to experiment on me with injections and later with pills, and above all kept me innocently locked in a mental institution. Do they really leave you the option to refuse psychiatric cure especially if it is making your life a misery? Of course not, for being a Psychiatrist you should first of all be without conscience, enjoy ruining what remains of their voiceless patients - their very own health that precious that no money can ever buy and bring back once lost. In fact the side effects of Psychiatric drugs are so great and dreadful, that the greatest satisfaction of a Psychiatrist must be that of trying to guess what side effects will eventually come out so they can have a further excuse to experiment further on you to suppose combat that side effect/s, a sort of sadistic game for the sadists they are. On the other hand, the only setback for Psychiatrists must be when their victims end dying earlier than expected (in some cases this may be the intention: Mangion and Harrington) or have their health that ruined that better not to experiment further on them and raise suspicions (like patients seen and maybe taken some hours on leave by relatives), and instead have to start everything again from scratch on that next victim in the pipeline.
20-Oct-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
03-Nov-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
17-Nov-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
01-Dec-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
15-Dec-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
29-Dec-16 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
12-Jan-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
26-Jan-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
10-Feb-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
24-Feb-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
10-Mar-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
24-Mar-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
07-Apr-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
21-Apr-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
05-May-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
19-May-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
02-Jun-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
16-Jun-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
30-Jun-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
14-Jul-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
28-Jul-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
11-Aug-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
25-Aug-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
08-Sep-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
23-Sep-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
08-Oct-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
22-Oct-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
05-Nov-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm
19-Nov-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Right Arm
3-Dec-17 Risperdal Consta 25mg Left Arm

Every time you are injected this diabolic poison you feel humiliated, helpless, like a woman, forced by a pimp (a Psychiatrist) into prostitution (a Treatment Order enforced on you), like a woman who (the patient) has been raped (your health ruined through the side effects of Psychiatric cure) for the umpteenth time, so that the pimp (the Psychiatrist) earns a living and becomes rich at your expense. You know that another part of you, of your health, is lost but can do nothing other than seeing your strength go away a bit by bit. In total I received 67 INVASIVE TREATMENTS, 67 INJECTIONS, for illnesses attributed to me without any scientific basis, for illnesses intentionally invented by that fraudster of Psychiatrist David Cassar who kept drugging me even when told him his conlusions in his and other court reports were based on my false testimony and even told him I have evidence to sustain it. Isn't it impressive? Could just sadists and tyrants be enough to describe such evil of persons? Wasn't it more than justified when earlier above I described Psychiatrists as the incarnation of Satan on Earth? Now considering many Nazi leaders after World War II were found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death despite saying they were just obeying orders and if they dared refuse would have ended being killed themselves, why on Earth should one not prosecute against all those nurses and staff who gave me these so diabolical injections and pills which made my life really a hell a misery? Can I ever be excused if I go to steal the bank simply because I was ordered to do so by my boss when at the same time I was fully conscious I was committing a crime, which is even worse for these nurses as it concerns deteriorating someone's health with drugs and their side effects, possibly leading to premature death (and this is very very serious on their part: end staining their hands with the dirt and crimes of Psychiahtry). It is with their help and intervention that Psyciatrists manage to do so much harm to their patients, and what is even worse is that they cover-up the abuses of the Psychiatrists, they just keep silent and for sure enjoy it when say someone is increased the dosage for no valid reason at all or to cover-up their very own abuses (as happened to me, see further below). Once again the staff / nurses are 100% accomplice with Psychiatrists for they work hand in hand with them and cover-up each other. Would one who with a contaminated needle infects a patient with Aids be prosecuted, but one who gives an injection to a patient knowingly he will end making him sick with depression, parkinsonism and so many other dreadful side effects which lead to premature death and so much misery be excused? They for sure cannot be excused because they never experienced the side effects themselves to know how dreadful they are, because, apart from seeing their effects on patients, the injection, like any other medicine / drug, is always supplied with that leaflet listing amongst others their so dreadful side effects. It is really a case of two weights two measures showing how much a patient who ends up in a mental institution is without any dignity. They might as well kill him (as most probably did with Mangion and Harrington mentioned previously), for no one would bloody care of his possible premature death, let alone prosecute against those who caused it - his death is forged to be say as a result of deterioration of his (mental) illness they invented he was suffering from without any scientific basis, and those who killed him are pictured as dedicated staff who did their utmost to cure him and alleviate his suffering - the usual Psychiatry's so vile manipulation of facts since ever to keep them thriving.

Seeing that he (David Cassar) didn't manage to destroy me how much he wanted with Risperdal Consta, and especially for having reported his so many abuses to the Medical Council amongst others, he intended to try on me yet another diabolical injection, Olanzapine (Zypadhera), and I was saved when the authorities didn't approve his request, and instead began giving me the equivalent pill Olanzapine 5mg once daily as from 17-Dec-17 as can be seen below. The following images from my hospital file (click on images to see them larger if necessary) show amongst others the session of 5-Dec-17 when Cassar came with the intention to drug me with this so diabolic injection Olanzapine (see also Zyprexa Lawsuit) for simply having reported his so many abuses to the Medical Council amongst others (the typed text is further below the images):

Lies by Psychiatrist David Cassar in my Mount Carmel hospital file

More lies by Psychiatrist David Cassar in my Mount Carmel hospital file

Further blatant lies by Psychiatrist David Cassar in my Mount Carmel hospital file

The following is the transcript of the above images (the parts in brackets are my additions / translations):
Date: 5/12/17
Patient seen with Dr D(avid) Cassar
Patient states feeling well.
Claims --- --- informed of his situation.
Feels he has spent enough time in hospital, 3 years 9 months.
How do you feel about being sent to hospital?
States it might have been better to have been sent to prison as might have just spent 1 year and ‘ma nkunx imcappas ghall-ghomri.’
('will not end locked for all my life')
Do you feel you needed to be sent here or needed admission
Yes has accepted he states
( ... because God forbids if I dared to state otherwise! It would be a sign of "poor insight" and an excuse to drug me more and more).
But you have recently written to medical council regarding the contrary
(this confirms black on white how the Medical Council instead of investigating by sending for me who had alleged to have suffered so many abuses from David Cassar, ignored me completely and not only did him a cover-up by not proceeding against him but even informed him to more take his revenge on me by sedating me and drugging me up - literally wolves in sheeps' clothing, doing the opposite of what they are obliged to do, at taxpayer's expense).
Confirms this, upset that he wrote to council for them to investigate and instead according to him they informed Dr Cassar of his complaint.
Patient has written stating he believes he needs no Treatment.
(with this they were referring to that letter dated 9-Oct-16 I had sent to David Cassar more than a year before informing him amongst others that the court reports were based on erroneous conclusion and as such he had to stop drugging me up and my court case be heard again)
You are taking a small dose of injection.
States that even though this may be the case, he experiences side effects, he only sleeps 2-3 hours, his private part does not work.
Patient informed that for him to begin discharge process he would benefit from injection depot.
(in other words, you are "informed" / literally threatened, conditioned, that you either take that diabolic "injection depot" or else forget about the "discharge process," for you will remain locked forever, as if to tell you that if you do not allow them, the Psychiatrists, to sedate you and make you sick with so many dreadful side effects like depression and Parkinsonism, they will make your life a hell to make you depressed anyway and have an excuse to just as well drug you for this reason and you benefit nothing, because in the meantime you had been forced to remain locked and most probably got that depressed to maybe end not be fit to ever be discharged, so better begin to be drugged from now when they have still not disabled you enough, ... and if in doubt learn from the experience of other patients for an idea of how it (Psychiatry) works)
Patient states that he always behaved himself and was appropriate in ward and he had every right to write to medical council, regarding his situation.
Patient reminded that Dr. Cassar always trys (tries?) to push him towards discharge.
(another so blatant lie to the point that he so much "always" "push[es] [me] towards discharge" that he had vilely kept me locked and didn't approve the leave from hospital I was entitled as had been approved by the Minister almost 3 months before, let alone had kept me locked innocently in a mental institution and kept drugging me for over a year since I had gave him that letter dated 9-Oct-16)
Informed patient that application (made) for Olanzapine depot.
This has not been approved yet.
Patient very worried about increase in side effects such as hypertension
(one of its many side effects).
Olanzapine tablets suggested
(the equivalent of the Olanzapine depot).
Patient refuses. Feels Dr Cassar could be taking things against him due to his complaint.
(referring to the complaints I had made against him with the Medical Council amongst others)
Does not wish to wait 3 hours once olanzapine taken.
(they had briefed me before that every time I would be administered that diabolic injection Olanzapine, I would have to remain locked in clinic because of the much higher occurrence of its many dreadful side effects, see further below to understand what I mean, referred to as "THE POST INJECTION SYNDROME", with syndrome being a collection of symptoms or signs that are characteristic of a disease or other disorder, in other words "post" [after] having been administered the "injection", you will most probably suffer from a not so pleasant "disorder")
Dr Cassar informed patient he does not want to give patient anything which will increase side effects but a medication which will help him.
(I suggest you reader come back to read this very sentence once you read "THE POST INJECTION SYNDROME" further below to see what Psychiatrist David Cassar actually means when saying "medication which will help him")
Wants to know what he is doing wrong “ghidli x’jien naghmel hazin. Qas li kont guinea pig, tlett injections differenti fi tliet snin u nofs.”
("tell me what I am doing wrong. Not even if I am a guinea pig, 3 different injections in 3 and a half years.")
The good points of changing the medication were explained to patient. Dr Cassar told patient that from a clinical point of view patient is not medically well and there is more ground to gain.
(note that according to him I was "not medically well" and with this excuse he was so vindictively not approving me the little leave I was entitled to after so many other intentional vindictivnesses from the Minister of Justice by intentionally not proceeding with my case. You literally have to be really mentally strong to not fall into "IRREVERSIBLE" depression with such tyrants - Cassar and this Minister. Continue further reading to see the great U-turn he had to do within just a few days after having reported him once again to the Medical Council holding them responsible for his vindictivnesses - it's like the Medical Council to further proof how corrupt they are told him "despite we are already risking too much to cover up your vile crimes in particular out of respect for your wife and the many other members of this Council who are such close friends with you, you seem to have made that obstinate of Grech fully aware of our involvement in such severe crime to the point that he in 2 emails he had just sent us is holding us responsible for you vindictivly denying him leave, in other words we covered you, but you thanked us by unfolding everything with him putting us in more bad light. So if you don't want us to do you just the same, you either give him the leave he is entitled to or else we will have to proceed against you." The last email I had sent to the Medical Council was on 15-Jan-18; just 4 days later on 19-Jan-18, see further below in this trascript, Psychiatrist David Cassar had to come all alone without the glory of the usual flock of sheep following him to MW3A, just for me, to approve me the leave he had vindictively the Psychiatric way long been denying to me)
“Ha taghmilli sarima ma halqi biex ma niktibx, Inti ghax qed nikteb qed taghmel hekk.”
("you are making me a muzzle around my mouth so as not to write, because I am writing you are doing this.")
Patient advised that depot he is currently taking can be stopped and olanzapine tablets begun until depot Olanzapine approved.
Offered to think about this.
“mela jien ghandi vuci, mhux li tiddecidi inti, ghidli x’ghamilt hazin ha nitghallem.” “M’ghandix ghazla, xi tridni naghmel issa.”
("as if I had a say, isn't it that what you decide happens, tell me what I did wrong to learn from." "I have no choice, what can I do now." - note how they so blatantly mock you up pretend to give you a choice when they had vilely long before decided what to drug you with - in fact further above there was written that the "Olanzapine depot" "has not been approved yet" - so much they had already a premeditated diabolic plan with what to drug me further with from long and long before)
Patient informed of below plan and that after olanzapine started he will be reviewed for clinical improvement.
- Stop Risperdal Consta,
- On 17th to start Olanzapine 5mg tablet.
(on 17-Dec-20 was supposed to be administered another Risperdal Consta injection, instead I was to begin taking this Olanzapine 5mg pill daily)
In summary
1) Recent writing to media have reflected his ongoing psychosis and total lack of insight.
2) His repeated writings to medical council have reflected his ongoing psychosis with persecutory beliefs and total lack of insight, including a firm belief that he requires no medication.
(note that just stating you don't need medication, in that so fake branch of medicine of Psychiatry, is a sign of mental health deterioration, because once you have to do with Psychiatry you no longer have a voice, you become a nullity, you just have by force keep silent [it is termed "SUFFERING IN SILENCE" - better remain silent about the abuses you suffered or else you suffer even more, and in particular if it concerns Psychiatry as in my case, they are really so dreadful and inhumane], you become so discredited that not only it is useless to speak but just trying to speak becomes a sign of "his ongoing psychosis with persecutory beliefs" listed in point 1 - a repetion and dreadful reminder of the "delusions of persecution" he labeled me with in my first court case to so blatantly cover-up amongst others the abuses of Magistrate Carol Peralta when he threatened me in a court sitting of smashing me against the wall)
3) His current dose of Risperdal Consta which has had to be kept at a very low level due to side effects is not controlling his condition.
(in other words this means that I was not sedated and destroyed enough with medication to keep silent, with controlling "his condition" he meant controlling me from fighting for my rights, still not reduced to a complete imbecile, from exposing the abuses I suffered, FOR ABUSES ARE SO BLATANTLY THE NORM AND PART OF THE ROUTINE IN PSYCHIATRY that just trying to fight them is like taking it against something which has SINCE EVER been considered as totally acceptable in this so fake profession, a profession where the patient at all costs must be made voiceless to keep amongst others experimenting so blatantly on him with all leisure and liberty, and in particular of utmost concern if he is trying to expose its so many abuses)
4) He has repeatedly refused to change medication in spite of regular recommendation.
(as if I had a choice. In fact the point 5 below is contradicting this point 4 showing they had already long decided what to drug me with as said before, without even consulting me as they so vilely tried to figure it they had done in this point 4 - once again it is the confirmation of how Psychiatry is the art of blatant lies and manipulation of facts)
5) Olanzapine depot has not been approved
(so guess who had made the request for me to be administered Olanzapine, if further above they are saying that I refused "to change medication" - so much they are blatant liars that in almost every sentence they write they end contradict no other than themselves) by pharmaceutical services and all applications for Olanzapine depot in the last 4 months have not been acceded to. (it's really unbelievably the fact that they are even stating that they had made several requests / applications within just 4 months, but despite always were being refused, yet they kept trying and trying probably each time making use of some newly invented excuse / lie to justify the need for me to be drugged with this diabolic injection / depot. Also worth noting the fact that "4 months" before the date of 5-Dec-17 when Cassar is writing this down, was the end of July beginning of August '17, and hence within about a month since I had written for the first time the Medical Council with a letter dated 6-Jul-17 regarding his so many abuses, he had started with his revenge on me, aided and covered up by the same Council by not investigating his so many abuses and most probably WERE THEMSELVES who suggested to him to try to silence me with some diabolic drug as in fact ended being his intention, as don't expect in Malta the authorities and investigative boards not to be also CORRUPT and not to cover-up those who are corrupt just the same as them)
6) I (Dr Cassar) have also written to Chairman and Chief Medical Officer about this in the past.
(so it seems he even used external pressure to implement his so diabolic plan on me, he had his very own career at stake if he didn't silence me before it was too late, with the Chairman he is probably referring to his so very close friend the Chairman of Psychiatry Anton Grech whom I had informed him of some of Cassar's abuses in a letter dated 26-Oct-16 but preferred to cover him up a collegue by just doing nothing, by not investigating, and vilely instead reported me to Cassar)
7) He has now finally accepted to switch treatment to Olanzapine and this will be converted to depot treatment when finally available.
(yet another so blatant lie, as actually I for sure did not accept to switch to such diabolic injection [didn't they say in point 2 above that I had "a firm belief that he requires no medication "], neither was I simply forced to accept, but was vilely forced to take, was vilely imposed on me with no choice given, like an animal to experiment on because in Psychiatry the patient is not considered human but reduced to a mere guinea pig. And just ask yourself if he started with point 1 discrediting me as one with "total lack of insight" how could then end contradict himself by consulting me, supposed to be also one that imbecile with such "ongoing psychosis," about my treatment. SO MUCH HE IS THAT BLATANT LIAR. Also once he had that Treatment Order imposed on me since my first court case, he had almost all liberty to drug me up, as he had vilely Order(ed) it to be, when he wanted the way he liked it, obviously without the need for me to accept "to switch treatment," I had absolutely no say. Being a Psychiatrist he is that big liar that as can be expected he keeps contradicting none other than himself, what he had just written)
8) Olanzapine oro-dispersable will be started with close supervision of ingestion by nursing staff.
(note once again how he is contradicting no other than himself - further above he portrayed it as if he was discussing with me the medication to be given, and in this sentence he is not only imposing the medication he by himself had chosen for me but is also ordering the staff to keep "close supervision" on me to ensure I take his so fake Psychiatric cure).
9) It has to be noted that he has repeatedly stated that when on oral medication he reported taking it, but never did. (with this he is once again referring to that letter dated 9-Oct-16 I had sent him more than a year before and is confirming he was fully aware the conclusions he had arrived to with others in their court reports on me were totally erroneous, he had literally fallen to my bait together with others for the fake of experts they are, but in Psychiatry it is not facts and truth that matter, but rather blatant lies and manipulation of facts, and being that fake, expect nothing but fake and erroneous conclusions)
Dr E. Camilleri on behalf of Dr. Cassar
(this E. Camilleri was probably a recent graduate in Psychiatry just writing down what her mentor Cassar was dictating to her like a parrot)
Dr David Cassar, Reg No. 1674
Date: 19/1/18
At Ward
No prominent changes in behavior
Has been compliant with treatment.
Remains with very poor insight.
In view of compliance with oral Olanzapine and with a view to converting to long acting Olanzapine when available.
To start 4 hours per week leave, accompanied at all times by relatives.
And for relatives to sign awareness that he needs to be accompanied at all times.
Dr. D Cassar, Reg No. 1674
(note Cassar's very own handwriting for this session of 19-Jan-18 - this time, as rather than bringing with him the usual flock of sheep and the usual cretin to write him down what he (Cassar) dictates to him / her, he came totally alone by himself as if he felt shy to have to swallow his very own words and approve me the leave in front of them he had since been that so vindictive tyrant negating it to me and now so forced to do such a complete U-turn within just a few weeks, and when according to him not only had remained "with very poor insight" but with his logic was supposed to have deteriorated even further, for in the meantime, for refusing to allow me to go on leave as had been entitled now more than 4 months before, I had wrote again twice via emails to serve me as a digital proof to the Medical Council on 7-Dec-17 and 15-Jan-18 holding them responsible for this as said before)
Date: 14/2/18
Ward round, Dr Bezzina Xuereb
(for more information on this Psychiatrist Maria Bezzina Xuereb and how she vilely overdoses patients with drugs to cover-up abuses of staff as she did in my case, see further below)
Patient requesting more leave: currently on 4 hours once a week, wishes to leave to 5 hours twice a week, as per minister.
Plan: To discuss with Dr Cassar.

Now if you think that when referring to that injection Olanzapine (also known as Zypadhera) as diabolic was just exaggerating things on purpose, consider the image below, regarding its already mentioned so frightening POST INJECTION SYNDROME (it can be found also online, with this being another version of same pdf file on this website), or in simple words, what you will most probably experience every time you are administered this so diabolic injection, a syndrome with so many ugly side effects that necessitates you remain locked in clinic to be continuously monitored for NO LESS THAN 3 HOURS by an allocated member of staff.

The post injection syndrome of the Olanzapine / Zypadhera injection

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (maybe this is some other name given to this so fake mental institution / hospital)
Post Injection Syndrome:
- Usually occurs within three hours of Zypadhera depot.
- Needs urgent medical attention.
- Symptoms are: sedation and delirium (disorientation, confusion, agitation, anxiety and other cognitive impairment).
- Symptoms also include: extrapyramidal symptoms, dysarthria (slurred speech), ataxia (staggering, uneven gait), aggression, dizziness, weakness, hypertension and convulsion.
- The three hour observation period should be extended as clinically appropriate for service users who exhibit any signs or symptoms consistent with Zypadhera overdose.
Date & Time: Temp. __, Pulse __, Resp. __, Blood __, Pressure __
Allocated Member of Staff
- Is the service user alert and mobilising?
- Is there any evidence of sedation or delirium?

This so dreadful Post Injection Syndrome of this so diabolic injection Olanzapine (Zypadhera) is a good example of what the ancient Romans on matters like this referred to as "RES AUDITU CRUDELIS, VISU NEFARIA" or "a thing cruel to hear, evil to see" - go tell them that after so many centuries such things are the norm, simply part of the routine in that fake branch of medicine they call Psychiatry. It must be that we are really living in an unfortunate era where everyone seems to remain blind and silent as to how Psychiatry is so vilely used to destroy and experiment on its victims IN SUCH A HUMILIATING, INHUMANE, AND SO UTTERLY SADISTIC WAY. And isn't it just as well vile listing the dreadful side effects they intentionally are expecting you to suffer but just don't care to list what actions and remedies to take? Are they maybe just interested in how much they manage say to increase you the "pulse" rate? Just ask yourself how on earth such diabolic drugs could ever satisfy the requirements to be given the approval to be produced (i.e. their supposed "benefits outweigh the risks") or it may be that as long as their side effects ("risks") are not that lethal to kill you instantly, it is fine and not a problem at all to be that inhumane to make your life miserable and most probably end killing you prematurely anyway (after all, had the standards not been so low, Psychiatry would not have existed and instead its true diabolic face would have since long been exposed, but with Psychiatry being such a big business, money speaks and bribes everyone). Hope only with this vague idea of the Post Injection Syndrome of Olanzapine, one can understand better what Psychiatrist David Cassar meant with the phrase "medication which will help him" referred to previously and highlighted further above when he wanted to prescribe me this so diabolic Olanzapine injection, for if it possibly causes such dreadful side effects once it is administered, one can expect the typical long term Psyciatric "help" it gives you in transforming you in a complete disabled imbecile. It confirms how in Psychiatry everything has exactly the opposite meaning - to "help you" actually means to destroy you so inhumanly, to sedate you, to disable you with side effects and reduce you to a mere imbecile not only mentally disabled but maybe also physically - because once you fiddle with the mind / brain, rest assured that the whole body literally begins to fall apart, to crumble to pieces. Again isn't it vile for the Nazis to be condemned for doing ugly experimentations on humans in times of war, but for Psychiatrists to do even much more ugly and dreadful experimentation on vulnerable patients in times of peace at leisure and with all liberty be considered so vilely as if they are curing them?

Psychiatry disables you: Theory of devolution

The following is how I began being administered this Olanzapine as from 17-Dec-17, in the form of pills instead of in the form of injection which was not approved by the authorities (probably not approved simply because of its high cost in depot form, and not because they were in anyway worried of its dreadful side effects on patients, of course not).

Prescribed the medicine Olanzapine with frightening side effects

Regarding that point 4 above where Psychiatrist David Cassar mentioned that I had "repeatedly refused to change medication," apart from being a blatant lie because I never had a say since a Treatment Order was enforced on me by none other than himself since my first Court case as already said, the next image shows how I even more didn't have a say because of the supposed consent I was forced to sign to give them the approval once forever to drug me at leisure and with all liberty - it is actually the forced consent to declare yourself as a guinea pig for the Psychiatrists to abuse you how much they want (rest assured that if they want to impose a Treatment Order on you, in some way or another they impose it with or without your consent, so much that supposed consent is meaningless and fake - it's like having a fake Court playing it to give you a fair hearing when your sentence was long before planned for you by the Police and the media before even stepping in Court - once a friend told me that in Court the Magistrate / Judge simply delivers that sentence the majority desire, of course different rules apply to the elite as in some way or another they will be excused and their crimes justified).

The forced consent I was forced to sign

English Translation
Ministry for Health, Mental Health Services
Informed consent by patient for cure

Treatment for: (insert the diagnoses)
- Asperger’s  syndrome
- Depression(?), CCJP
Expected Benefits:
- Alleviate of Illness(?)
Decleration by patient
- The cure has been explained to me, and I was informed of the intention and expected benefits of this cure, as well as the possible risks if this cure is not given. Where relevant, I was informed on alternative cure.
- I was also informed of the expected risks once I begin receiving the cure.
- (not marked) I refuse that I be given information regarding the benefits and risks of this cure.
- I understand that the results of this cure cannot be guaranteed.
- I was given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss my preoccupations.
- I give my consent to be given the cure as explained to me.
- I understand that I have the right to change my mind and refuse the proposed cure at any time and in this case I inform my relevant doctor.
Decleration of the doctor who received the consent
- (not marked) I explained and discussed with the patient the proposed cure, as well as the benefits and the risks (both general as well as specific) for him / her.
- (not marked) Gave the opportunity to the patient to ask questions that I replied to best of my knowledge.
Date: 15-Jun-14
Name and Surname: Maria Axiak, Reg. No. 2727, Grade: Consultant

Analysis: This supposed consent document was distributed to patients, not only me, at Forensic ward at Mount Carmel Hospital presumably on 15-Jun-14 as indicated by the date. It was given to me by a nurse who filled the basic parts and the rest were filled by that Psychiatrist Maria Axiak who seems to have used intentionally an almost unintellegible handwriting to avoid incriminating herself when she listed me as suffering from Asperger's Syndrome and depression, literally they are that blatant liars that it seems that for the first, the never mentioned before to me Asperger's Syndrome, there is no cure (and so makes this consent for cure even more meaningless) and for the latter, depression, must have thought she had successfully made me that sick with it when she began drugging me amongst others with Risperdal from the very first days once locked at Forensic in 2014 (and as such an excuse the other way round to be given treatment, namely for depression they intentionally wanted to make me sick with! - for a Psychiatrist never look him/her in the face but always try to decipher what is behind his/her mask). Regarding the last point in the declaration by patient, namely "I understand that I have the right to change my mind and refuse the proposed cure at any time ..." is there just to sugar the pill because for sure I NEVER had such right as can be confirmed and had explained above from transcripts of my hospital file. Also had I refused to sign this consent, when I was intentionally trying to make them come to the wrong conclusions in their court reports (had no choice as my 2nd court case was prejudiced that I am mental from the very start, from my first court case of many years before) by making them believe my wrong doings were a result of me having stopped taking the cure, would have interpreted it that by not approving for this consent had in mind to once again stop taking the cure and as a consequense see me as will end repeat the same wrong doings, thus being an "indirect consent" to keep me locked for all my life (remember the already mentioned phrase from my Hospital file: "Patient informed that for him to begin discharge process he would benefit from injection depot " - so much this supposed consent is fake and meaningless), AND ABOVE ALL would have only served as an excuse to drug me further to combat "his ongoing psychosis and total lack of insight." Regarding "Expected Benefits" listed as "Alleviate of Illness," it must be that by intentionally trying to make me sick with depression and Parkinsonism after having drugged me with that Risperdal, formed part of this supposed alleviation - so much they manipulate facts to make their evil appear as if they want you good. One can also conclude that their solution for one to stop him from repeating the same wrong doings or control his bad behaviour is to make him sick with so many side effects to intentionally make him mentally ill and to disable him starting from his mind - once again it's like preventing one from stealing again by cutting his hands, preventing one from raping again by cutting his testicles, only that by attacking your mind, they disable you from having the capacity to fight for your rights, for you end reduced to being that imbecile that might as well serve as a further excuse to overdose you even more with psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatrists prescribe that poison of Epilim with terrible side effects The above is the package leaflet of Epilim, so very often prescribed by the many fraudsters of Psychiatrists in Malta (downloaded from this link or available from this website link). A very common side effect (may affect more than 1 in 10 people) is nausea (a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit). Another of the many common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 people) is "Seeing, feeling or hearing things that are not there (hallucinations)! " Guess if you dare tell them of this symptom, you will end for sure labeled as schizophrenic, and to their immense satisfaction serve as that umpteenth excuse to drug experiment on you further with more poison of pills and injections. That poison of Olanzapine / Zypadhera version of these drug-induced hallucinations are acute confusion and panic atttacks. The umpteenth example of how the sadists of Psychiatrists intentionally and so sadistically make you ill. Note in the above image of Epilim the warning for women and girls regarding pregnancy - Epilim is our era's version of that poison of Thalidomide which in the 1950s and 60s caused malformations in babies and birth defects, "Mount Carmel Mental Hospital patients who were given the drug for anxiety, experienced nerve damage even during short-term use," and although it was banned in countries such as Canada and the US by 1961, "it could still be imported and sold in Malta until 1968" thanks to the since ever fraudsters of Psychiatrists who kept prescribing it: "The refusal of the government to act meant that the drug continued to be tested on (Maltese) mental health patients and pregnant women. It also led to more infant mortalities and deformities."

But in Psychiatry being that evil, never expect you have had enough of its so many abuses - as although in most cases it is a repetition of the same story, sometimes not even the most sophisticated risk assessment can predict the evil and sadism they come up with for the sadists they are. The following will hopefully help you understand better. On 4-Apr-18, after a nursing aid in the morning had refused to give me a Yoghurt and an egg as usual (so that more remains for the staff to feast on later), once later on in the day I returned back from a few hours leave at home, brought with me a camera, and once they distributed the evening meal and the same nursing aid began to collect the many left-overs to take home, went with the camera to take him photos doing this to have proof to incriminate him and indirectly also the other staff for having since ever kept a blind eye on such abuse. The following is what incredibly happened next:

Mount Carmel Hospital incident report, trying to incriminate the staff for stealing patients' food turned against patient
Incident Details
Date: 4/4/18
Reporting person's name: Victor Gelfo, Grade: Senior Nurse
Witness/es names: Patrick Farrugia, Grade: Senior Nurse
Details of Incident/ Accident: Patient was taking photos of food in tray, claiming that food is stolen.
Reported to: Senior Nursing Officer, Consultant.

Mount Carmel Hospital Patient falsely labeled with inappropriate beliefs
Medical description of Incident/ Accident: Escalation of behaviour with inappropriateness secondary to inappropriate beliefs as identified in patient's file.
Clinical management of Incident/ Accident: Well-documented in patient's file and nursing report.
Follow up: Plan as per file

Regarding that Nicole Sciberras, she most probably is a recent graduate in Psychiatry, just writing down what they dictate to her like a parrot.

Mount Carmel Hospital patient dosage increased for reporting staff
Actions taken - Immediate: Patient told that he is not allowed to take photos in hospital grounds. Camera taken from him.
Actions taken - Long term: Patient was reviewed the next day by Dr. Maria Bezzina Xuereb. The Consultant was informed and TREATMENT ADJUSTED.

Worth noting the term "Camera taken from him" - they took it to delete the evidence which would have incriminated them and paved the way to instead portraying their crimes as if they were my illusions ("crime-laundering" Psychiatry's style), those referred to as my "inappropriateness secondary to inappropriate beliefs," and consequently a necessity and an excuse based on such a blatant lie to have me drugged and sedated further. Compare once again to what Cassar and Peralta did in 2002 by locking me in Male Ward 10 at Mount Carmel Hospital to discredit me and character assassinate me as a mental with Cassar vilely portraying the abuses I had suffered as if they were my "delusions of persecution." In that so fake Psychiatry it is almost always the same story: blatant manipulation of facts with so blatant lies, ending the victim once twice and even more, and for the abusers not only to get away with it but to even abuse you further as retaliation, to make you learn the lesson the savage way.

Olanzapine dosage doubled increased instantly by an impressive 100%
And voila! The dosage was all that easily and so vilely doubled the day after 5-Apr-18 from 5 to 10mg, an impressive 100% increase! Note how I was prescribed this pill at twice the dosage and to "always dissolve in a glass of water" and of the type of "orodispersible" which dissolves almost instantly when in contact with water / saliva for the Psychiatrist to ensure I am taking it and hence suffer the intended diabolic side effects and sedations even more (again give a look at that Consent form further above and ask yourself how much they so blatantly lie and deride you when there was written "I understand that I have the right to change my mind ..." - for sure I never ever have that right). Even if the doubling of the dosage didn't have the full intended effect, the indirect intention was to remind me of the voiceless and the guinea pig I am at their hands: whatever abuses of them (Psychiatrists and staff) you dare expose, not only you end being no match to them but you will pay that high price with your very own health, like next time the side effects will make you suffer from urinary incontinence, then will make you sick with diabetes and so on and so forth. With Psychiatry being that fake and the art of blatant lies, they found the usual lie vilely turning them as me having "inappropriate beliefs," yet in the same incident report they being that fake are somewhat contradicting no other than themselves when they wrote down that actually it was because patient "is not allowed to take photos in hospital grounds (guess for these it must be an exceptional case for the exceptionally corrupt two of them, hopefully not 3, are)." So using their very own sadistic logic, it must mean that by doubling the dosage, the patient, the victim, will in SOME PURELY SADISTIC WAY be prevented from once again have the physical and mental ability to merely dare "take photos" to incriminate them - in other words, the usual diabolic psychiatric drugs will solve your "inappropriate beliefs" once for ever by disabling you, by destroying you, and in the long run by killing you prematurely, just like Mangion and Harrington, after having spent the last years of your life reduced to a complete disabled imbecile. Actually one is not allowed to take photos of patients, and not say of vile abuses by staff like taking home food intended to patients, to feed their animals and themselves, etc. (letting this be done leads to the abuse of intentionally ordering more food than necessary for more to remain for the staff to feast on and to take home - guess why so many nurses in this hospital, especially women, are as fat as a cow - they so blatantly feast on patients' food and at night having almost nothing to do with the patients drugged up and sedated, they just enter to sleep with Psychiatry being such a rewarding career for them - again why blame that Theuma for being paid for just 3 months for which he never actually went to work and not these so blatant thieves? - amongst others enter night shift to sleep and steal food meant for patients). As regards the words "inappropriate beliefs," it is another word for hallucinations, symptoms of schizophrenia seeing visions and hearing voices, or in other words a way for Psychiatry the art of blatant lying, to discredit what you are saying, turning facts as if they were just your imagination your illusions. That Psychiatrist Maria Bezzina Xuereb must have learnt quite well what Psychiatry means from her mentor Psychiatrist David Cassar who so vilely abuses his patients victims, just like a fortune teller pretends and fools you that he can tell you your future / fortune (a Psychiatric pretends he can cure you) when he himself is not even able to tell his very own (a Psychiatric cannot do you say a brain scan to see if you are really shizophrenic, etc., let alone cure you, everything is based on presumptions and blatant lies not facts, so don't expect anything better from something which is purely fake, from Psychiatry). When in the months before I was still being administered that diabolic Risperdal Consta injection and she often used to come for the ward-rounds in Cassar's name once every fortnight, I repetitively used to ask her to lower further its dosage because of its dreadful side effects on me but she used to come with the excuse that I was already on the minimal dose and according to her theory, "as time passes the body becomes accustomed to the medicine and would instead require an increase in dosage rather than a reduction" - in simpler words, that fake of Psychiatry only makes you sick and sicker and thus requires constant increases in the dosages with time - it is simply something to be expected that dealing with something completely fake you can only be ruined, it may appear to cure you in one thing but ruin you in a multitude of others. In this incident I had also asked her in vain to see the evidence in the camera and to inform the Police, but in Psychiatry evidence and facts are never considered for instead cover-ups, lies and manipulation of facts as they suit them are what only matters to them - being that fraudster herself she instead ensured this evidence be destroyed without any chance of ever recuperating it and I to be drugged further with the hope I will be disabled to not ever be able to report abuses again and in particular her just as well criminal act in covering up those involved. As regards "the Consultant was informed," it is confirming David Cassar had full knowledge of the happenings and once again was siding with those who were abusing their position (this time, the staff stealing patients' food to take home, that is cover them up by instead attributing maliciously to me "inappropriate beliefs"), really a case of old habits die hard. This time he had all support from staff to so vilely overdose me doubling me the dosage (before they used to tell him that I always behaved well so he couldn't have that necessary excuse to drug me further). I had reported him to that Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia the day after on 6-Apr-18, who first ignored me vilely just didn't care to reply my email (I have the email as digital proof I had informed him), and when almost 2 weeks later wrote him again on 19-Apr-18 threatening I will end inform the media, he just sent 2 puppets from his office (Psychiatrist Joe Saliba and a certain Dr. Noel Vella) to do the necessary cover-up as if to appear they came to investigate and found nothing wrong (if Cachia was really serious he would have acted immediately on my first email and not after many days had already elapsed on the second email - would the Police, if they are serious, act instantly when it is reported a teacher had molested a student or just wait several days possibly informing the teacher to even take his revenge on the student in the meantime and have time to corrupt the witnesses / evidence and help in the cover-up?) but obviously were prejudiced against me a mere patient (a doctor never contradicts another one, and especially in Psychiatry, THE PATIENT IS ALWAYS TO BLAME, and no opportunity is ever lost to experiment further vilely on him) and of course no action was ever taken against the staff (they see the speck in the eye of the patient if any, and not the big enormous log in the eye of the staff and fellow doctors, in other words they are made to be corrupt: to maliciously cover-up the abusers and to blame innocently the victimized victims). Regarding those nurses, the one listed as witness, Patrick Farrugia, mentioned further above in another incident without naming him, was the one who in the rage ended throwing me away the food I had for the evening meal on 4-Apr-18, while regarding the other one who is filing the report, Victor Gelfo, one can have a better idea of him from his facebook page shown below:

Mount Carmel Hospital nurse who signed the incident report Victor Gelfo's facebook page
As can be seen this Victor Gelfo superimposed on his image the symbols of that "religion of peace" inspired by one who when in his 50s married a 6 year old girl and consumed the marriage when she was 9 (for more on him, visit link). In his facebook post above he is calling the Mosta priest a hate monger questioning why the Police didn't act, but hope he just as well doesn't mind if one day the Police investigate him for knowingly seeing me being so vilely drugged up and overdosed with double the dosage for simply trying to uncover abuses of staff he was fully aware of, and should have reported himself in the first place, and not instead unbelievably ended reporting me (it's like reporting the abuses of a teacher and instead of finding help, ended the victim twice with all cannons pointed towards me and even labeled me the mental to further discredit me and destroyed the evidence I had in the camera to make it worse). To say it all, this Gelfo was that kind that he often used to trust us patients by handing us the key to open the Ward door to go say to Main Garden (and obviously hand it over back to him and close the door behind us). But one day he handed the key to one who had his permissions stopped say some day before because they had found some levels of alcohol in his blood. This patient had told him he would return back same day by say 16:00 as in fact he did. But when eventually this Gelfo realised he should not have let him go out in the first place, he called the doctor and figured it out that this patient had pushed some foreign carer and escaped incredibly by running away. Now this patient is diabetic and that fat that for sure he could NEVER walk away, let alone run away, and escape that easily without being caught within say just a half a metre or even less (rest assured they would have knocked him to the ground in a manner even worse to the way they savagely did to the one in his 20s who has the stature of a giant mentioned further up in the beginning). But the doctor, the usual fake of a Psychiatrist, believed Gelfo's version blindly, probably without even considering the patient's version (he most probably had still not returned back that same day) and was eventually sent as punishment to another ward for some days (I hope he was not also overdosed with pills) - another example of how fake Psychiatry really is, based solely on blatant lies and manipulation of facts and always prejudiced against the patients seen as imbeciles / guinea pigs to invent things on them, abuse and drug up with all liberty - the consent by mistake he [Gelfo] originally gave the patient who "fooled him" (for the incompetent he is) to go out, was turned into the patient "intentionally having abused" the (dedicated) staff to run away (in this sentence compare the words within quotes [incompetent - dedicated], as well as the words within brackets [fooled him - having abused]). But again, who bloody cares?

My camera having been confiscated at Mount Carmel Hospital for uncovering abusesThe above is a "Record (of) patient's valuables" when my "Camera fujifilm" was taken to the hospital's safe on 5th April 2018 and was only returned to me after almost 2 months on 31st May 2018. Instead of forwarding it to the Police to recuperate the photos and evidence in it, they saw that the evidence be destroyed once forever so to leave not a chance to incriminate them. So is life in a mental institution - the staff the culprits always excused and covered-up, the patients the victims are always to blame.

Psychiatrists label everyone as the mental

Like a fortune teller makes his fortune defrauding his clients pretending he can tell them their future and fortunes, expect Psychiatry being that fake to be similarly a big fraudulent business on a much and much larger scale. In fact despite the continuous developments in medicine and science and techonology, to the contrary there seems to be never any progress in Psychiatry but exactly the opposite because the persons with mental illnesses are always so maliciously and fraudulently on the increase: before they used to say they formed say 20% of the population, then 25% and soon will probably reach 33% and so on (in corrupt Malta, Psychiatrists have already inflated the figure to an incredibly 66%!!! - see above video downloaded from no other that Malta's national broadcaster of Television Malta).

Psychiatrists keep inventing mental illnesses

In this so very interesting article "The Lie of Mental Illness" it is mentioned that: No longer do people feel “sad” or “depressed” - now they are all “mentally ill”, they are “bipolar. In fact in Psychiatry telling them you have a hobby say practice cycling or doing historical research you risk being labeled as having an obsession, and if instead you dare tell them you have no hobbies you risk it just the same as they say you got depressed because you didn't have that something to pass time. Psychiatry is such a vicious circle that the more people are intentionally falsely diagnosed as mentally ill, the more it is the requirement for psychiatric drugs benefitting pharmaceutical firms, and through their so dreadful side effects (reduce patients to imbeciles or made them sick with depression, etc.) more people will be forced to seek the services of Psychiatrists, maximizing further their profits, they work hand in hand. In fact reading another interesting article "Profiting from mental ill-health" by The Guardian gives you some clue with the phrase "There's a reason psychiatrists prescribe drugs rather than talking therapy: the latter makes no money for pharmaceutical firms," and even further down in the same article "Do these psycho pharmaceuticals work to restore mental health? Actually, the evidence is overwhelming that they fail." Again the already mentioned ancient Romans' saying "CUPIDITAS RADIX OMNIUM MALORUM" or "Greed is the root of all evil." With what I mean with insatiable greed and hence insatiable evil, let us begin with the following image.

Screenshot of the webpage containing what are referred to as Clinical Services at Mount Carmel Hospital.

The above is a screenshot of the webpage containing what are referred to as Clinical Services at Mount Carmel Hospital, listing the 11 clinical firms with Psychiatrists working supposed in their full time job who handle them. Actually I presume it is their full time job as regards to salary, because as regards to the actual hours they work it is FOR SURE a totally different story. That already mentioned Psychiatrist Maria Axiak is seen listed at the end in the firm named "General Psychiatry, Old age and Forensic Psychiatry" - in fact my first acquantenace with her was in my second court case in 2014 in that Forensic Ward at Mount Carmel Hospital, in that same "Forensic " ward where the previously mentioned Mangion and Harrington died with symptoms say of "Old Age " when still in their 50s. That Psychiatrist Joseph R. Saliba listed in the firm named "General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Malta & Gozo) " is the same Joe Saliba already mentioned further above when I recounted how in 2018 he was sent with another one by that Commisioner for Mental Health John Cachia to cover up, instead of investigating, the abuses of the staff on me with Cassar even ended doubling me the dosage of Olanzapine pill. His name (Joseph Saliba) appears also in my first court case when he was appointed by Peralta with 3 others to do a court report on me but he later renounced this role (I am not sure if he was present together with the other 3 Psychiatrists including David Cassar himself when they came supposed to assess my mental state on 21-Jun-02 when maliciously locked in MW10 and then renounced this role later to not have anything to do with the fraud of Cassar, as for sure his so particular voice in that cover-up of 2018 was not new to me, but it could be that I was familiar with his voice when I had saw him on some TV programme). Psychiatrist Ethel Felice listed in the firm "Perinatal Psychiatry" with the rest of the text mysteriously similar to the mentioned Joseph R. Saliba's firm, was involved in my second court case report but let us have mercy of her saying she just acted as a rubber stamp between two dominant male Pscyhiatrists who were involved since my first court case of 2001 and just found nothing doubtful from them. Psychiatrist David Cassar is listed for firm "Community Services and Rehabilitation Psychiatry" and Anton Grech as "Chairman of Psychiatry." I already mentioned how this Cassar usually comes with the usual flock of sheep following him to ward rounds or to see some patients and thus possibly from this he pockets some extra allowance for sharing his "knowledge and expertise" with them. Some of them are often invited on TV programmes, for which maybe they are not remunerated in money, but instead are more than compensated by using it to promote themselves playing it the experts for their victims to go seek privately their services. In fact, so much in most cases one salary is not enough, that they have another salary much and much more profitable doing private practice say twice a week seeing patients in some pharmacy or private clinic, charging them at least some €50 each, all income most probably is not declared to avoid paying tax or fraudulently declare a much and much lower figure (remember when I mentioned the VAT applied to Jack of the village [the ironmonger], and doctors and lawyers could possibly do without). You just have to find in some way their hospital email address and ask some of them where they serve privately, to reply you back with the details, of course not seeing any conflict of interest with this, if only they know what it means. To see the gravity of this, imagine someone who uses his Government email address as contact address to do correspondence with clients in his private practice, or even worse that Psychiatrist having been invited to a TV programme to share his stupidities with the audience and someone phones him asking where he serves privately and he gives the details when on air, or a patient who went to see a doctor in a public hospital and is suggested that next time it's better to go seek him in private with an open cheque in hand if he really wants to obtain something like jumping the queue - ta' b'xejn, servizz ta' b'xejn tiehu / seeing me free of charge, a service free of charge you get - once again for the corrupt and without principles they are, they use their position in public office to promote their private practice (I am referring in particular to those appearing in these emails: Anton Grech, David Cassar and Hector Cutajar). If not enough, some of them get that extra allowance when they are nominated as court experts in Psychiatry writing down their presumtions and blatant lies with some totally wrong and erroneous conclusions for the fake they are, ending condemning an innocent person to a mental institution to experiment on and / or cover up the abuses of some big brother, as exactly happened to me. As regards that Hector Cutajar, he used to pocket an extra income by serving on Medical Boards and still remember that Monday 14 December 2015 when I appeared in front of such board and there was him who on seeing me said to the other members "this is a true case, I know him well and his case, he is schizophrenic with severe obsessive disorder " to the point that one of the members seemed to forget her role in investigating abuses of sick leave on workplace and imagined me such a disabled mental to end asking me if I ever worked in my life ("have you ever worked before" / "gieli hdimt qabel"), really incredible (go tell her that before my 2014 arrest I had most probably established a record had worked for 15 and a half years without ever taking just a single day as sick leave, except those 37 days when maliciously was locked by David Cassar in hospital and for sure not because I was sick, and with the help of Psychiatry as the umpteenth confirmation of being that COMPLETELY FAKE and TOTALLY FRAUD had just as well established another record completely and totally the opposite as probably the person who has been so long on sick leave since my second court case of 2014!). But a full time job, private practice, and serving as fake court experts may quite as well not be enough for such greedy and money obsessed persons. So some of them you find them working as lecturers at University, indoctrinating the future generation with their stupidities and presumptions. And in a country since ever corrupt like Malta, expect to find such Psychiatrist David Cassar not only as "Senior Lecturer" but to be even more vile as "Head of the Department of Psychiatry" in our University as can be seen in the screenshot below. I admit I came at crossroads in trying to decipher which is his supposed full time job, whether as "Consultant Psychiatrist" at Mount Carmel Hospital or as "Head of ... Psychiatry" at University of Malta, or in some way both.

The Department of Psychiatry staff at University of Malta

In the list of visiting academics in this Department of Psychiatry of University of Malta of which David Cassar is the Head is seen listed the already mentioned Ethel Felice and his cousin Joseph Cassar (both not highlighted, with the latter possibly didn't work at Mount Carmel Hospital when still a Minister [note in this link how he possibly earned it the other way and because of "it" ended having to resign from Parliament despite playing it the victim] but then he resurfaced again in this hospital), and that Maria Axiak and Maria Bezzina Xuereb both mentioned before. Although not 100% sure and couldn't confirm it, was told that when the PN was in goverment (maybe in the few years preeceding the 2013 election?), David Cassar was appointed some head of Psychiatry at Mater Dei Hospital (when his cousin, the already mentioned Joseph Cassar was Minister of Health under GonziPN) and was rarely seen at Mount Carmel Hospital, but his presence here began once again to be felt once he was removed from this post after the change in Government in 2013. Like the new Labour Government in 2013 seems it wanted to show everyone the corrupt it was going to be from day one, amongst others by putting most of the Super One staff (the party's media branch) on state payroll, I suspect by the way most of Psychiatrist David Cassar's colleagues at Mount Carmel Hospital or elsewhere, including the already mentioned Joseph R. Saliba and Roberta Holland (see this link for more info on her), appear as visiting lecturers or academics at University of Malta, to possibly have obtained such post on same principles. I also suspect some power exchange between Psychiatrist David Cassar and Anton Grech, one Head at University but head of a firm at Mount Carmel Hospital, the other Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Carmel Hospital but listed as visiting academic in the same Psychiatry Department at the University (a lecturer at University of Malta is said to be paid around €80 per hour of lecture). Guess that Doreen Cassar highlighted in the above list is no other than David Cassar's wife, possibly a blatant case of nepotism, who also pockets some allowance or salary as a member of the Medical Council, in my case using her position to cover up the crimes and abuses on me by her husband. Thus in their insatiable greed for more and more money having multitude of salaries and income from so many sources, assuming for the moment something so unimaginable that they work a 40 hour per week in their supposed full time job like a normal mortal, I doubt whether they have some little time left for the family and to practice some "normal" passtime, with possibly their "sadistic" passtime of drugging and ruining their victims' lives with their own money more than compensates for this. Just to make it complete, our most noble University also uses the services of that Commisioner for Mental Health John Cachia. But if you really want to sum up what means the University of typical corrupt country like Malta, have a look at this one, our most illustrious Andrew Azzopardi. One of the articles he uploaded years ago concerned my case, with the title "... Ran out of dogs? A sick mind on the rampage." For sure, thanks God, that ME who for him was that sick mind, was just having some fun utilizing dead cats and dogs I encountered on my way while cycling to work and back home killed irresponsibly by others. God forbid I was a sadist without scruples like him who instead of animals already found dead in abundance, enjoyed crucifying live human beings innocently without checking facts beforehand as can be seen in the link at the bottom to another article he uploaded months earlier concerning once again me with the title "Crucify him - Crucify him!. But what is impressive of this Azzopardi is that despite confirming himself as being that complete sadist, he not only was made Professor, but also the Dean of, guess what, the Faculty of Social Well Being in our University of Malta. The next step would be for our corrupt state to award him "Gieh ir-Repubblika" ("Loyality? towards the Republic"), but for this he has to introduce a subject in his "Faculty of Social Well Being" on the best way to crucify innocent people. Guess the departments of Psychology and Criminology fall under his "Faculty of Social Well Being" with no other than that Psychologist Roberta Holland listed as one of the visiting senior lecturers - with persons like this Holland and Azzopardi who so easily come to the wrong conclusions for the fake they are condemning one as mental and for crucifixion respectively, I am convinced they will succeed in indoctrinating the next generation to become even more sadists to do even worser without in anyway having it on their conscience, the Well Being of society as can be expected in a typical corrupt country.

The above is a video which for sure I am convinced you will find interesting. It shows a typical night in this so fake mental institution of Mount Carmel Hospital where some or almost all the staff do their utmost to make the life of patients even more miserable than already is, like forcing patients to go sleep early because the staff themselves want to abusively go to sleep. They do it because those above them, doctors and Psychiatrists do even worse, and those under their trust, the vulnerable patients, are that voiceless and without dignity that if they dare report such abuses risk being labeled with "inappropriate beliefs" and an excuse to be drugged further as happened to me and outlined further above and in another case further below. I intentionally uploaded this video when in charge of the Half Way House at night was that most pathetic nurse, not that the others are any better but at least do not go to such low levels. Normally he goes to sleep from 10p.m. till some time after 5:00a.m. (when during the night shift they are supposed to have only a 2hr break) but in this video he happened to go to sleep after 12:00a.m. I have videos of him in charge sleeping all that long time (see further below) but it happened that he was at work with some other female nurse in charge and not with the one who normally works the same shift with him. Note how the clinic is closed all that long while the 10 female patients are locked behind that door "Female side" with the female nurse sleeping in the female staff room at the other end (before the original FW3A was split with part of it becoming HWH, it formed part of the corridor, so the corrupt Hospital Administration wasted money to do them a room large enough for that bed complete with shower and toilet, or as they call it, an "en suite"!). Rest assured they lock that door not because the male and female patients end having sex as most of them are already that ruined made sterile with Psychiatric drugs (if anyone bloody cares?). Next to the air conditioned Male Staff Room, where there is this so pathetic nurse in bed sleeping in total darkness with the door slightly open tied with a chain, there is the Male (Patients) Toilets with 2 toilets and 2 showers, but guess, he leaves it closed all night to prevent the possibility that some patient end flushing the toilet or take a shower a bit early and end waking him up. So the male patients, 10 in total, have to use the only single toilet left available between the 2 dormitories, and to avoid waking each other because it is located so near to our beds (just hearing someone peeing on the floor may end wake you up anyway), we avoid flushing it and guess we pay it the other way with the stink by the morning. Some of the patients are that sedated with drugs and injections that end do some of the pee on the floor, or else happen they find someone already in the toilet and end having to pee it all on the floor nearby as they cannot hold it any longer. So someone ends having to give up say his sheet that he had to cover himself while in bed and place it near the toilet to at least absorb some of the pee and avoid making his shoes wet with other's urine. The alternative is either not to drink anything long before being forced to go to bed at 10pm, or leave some cup or plastic bottle at hand to pee in it and then later empty it in the sink like the primitive cannibals they force us patients to be to avoid wetting your shoe at the only toilet available. In contrast the female patients have 3 toilets which are separated by a corridor from their rooms and the female nurse has a toilet and a shower for herself in the female staff room (the already mentioned "en suite"), besides another one in the clinic. Similarly the male nurse has the toilet at the clinic at his disposition, and guess, the two patients' toilets next to the male staff room where he is sleeping. So to be more vile, by the morning when he later opens these toilets for us male patients, expect to find them with drops of his urine as he probably goes urinating there when almost half asleep (he doesn't go urinating in the toilet at the clinic because it is a bit too far for one so lazy like him). If these 2 male toilets were left open for us male patients to use during the night, we would also have at our disposition 3 toilets to use as is the case with the female patients and at least maybe one you possibly end finding it not that dirty. In summary, during the night this male nurse has the choice of 3 toilets to use (1:3, with 2 of them being of patients), the female nurse has 2 (1:2), the 10 female patients have 3 (10:3) and the 10 male patients have just one (10:1), so try not to curse your luck ending a patient in this so fake hospital being so vilely and discriminately treated like an animal for the staff to vilely abuse their position while enjoying the salary being paid despite spending almost an entire night asleep (again, why blame that Theuma when these have been doing it since time immemorial?). Note how once this so pathetic male nurse wakes up some time after 5:00a.m and opens the male toilets, later wakes up the female nurse at 5:30a.m. but incredibly locks again that partition door "Female side" to leave the 10 female patients all locked alone till 6:00am (really incredible, it's like leaving your child locked with 2 Great Dane dogs), while she (seen in the above video at time 9:07) is feasting, eating and drinking in the staff pantry to become even more fat like a cow than already is. The same had done the male nurse before her, eating say from the bread complete with ham and cheese that are intentioned to be distributed to the patients later on during the day. Note in time 9:00 of this video that the kettles are still empty in the upside down position, as this male nurse is that lazy that for him is a bit to far fetched to just give us some 4 tablespoons of coffee, and the boiling water and the rest we do it ourselves the patients, and so leaves this task to the responsible carer to do it himself instead. During the day, except for some 2 hours after dinner, some of the staff have the sadistic habit of closing that female partition door as well the male dormitories to prevent patients from going to sleep during this time with the excuse they would end remaining awake during the night (and indirectly, prevent them from passing an almost entire night asleep), although in such cases there is always that injection like Ativan or Valium to administer to that particular patient to sedate him/her making him so lethargic and sedated to end peeing on him/herself in bed by the morning. And in such cases, during the day the "male and female" patients, 20 in total, have at their disposition just the 2 "Male" toilets to use (20:2 or 10:1), those next to the Male Staff Room, instead of 6 toilets (20:6 or 10:3). Toward the end of the video one can note how the male and female staff rooms are equipped with beds, besides another spare bed in the clinic, with the part showing the female staff room a bit better filmed, where one can see that apart from several sanitizers at their disposition to prevent the staff from getting sick with say leprosy if they come to close to patients (so much they consider the patients as scum), one can note, besides sofas and other furniture, a kettle (besides the one they have at the staff pantry), most probably ordered / bought from the ward allocated budget as if they were intentioned for the patients only that they ended being used by the staff instead. Now considering the Half Way house is managed by 2 nurses at night who cater for 20 patients (2:20 or 1:10), in the morning there is twice as much (4 nurses), possibly together with the Nursing Officer and the Deputy Nurse and that clerk (so let us take an average of 5 staff), yet the patients reduce to say 10 only as most go out on leave or to work (referring to the times before the Covid-19 as since then have chosen to lock all the patients, so say used to be 5 staff:10 patients or incredibly 1:2 - 1 staff for just 2 patients). So if the nurses have almost nothing to do during the night shift to spend almost all of it asleep, one can guess how even more (5 times more!) they have nothing to do in the morning when there is more staff and less patients (before the Covid-19). So if during the night the staff enter to abusively sleep, during the day the staff end doing their private errands, like going to the beautician, doing their shopping, paying that car insurance or taking it for the service, and of course also sleeping as those beds are 24x7 at their disposition unlike the patients who can only sleep 2 hours after dinner or at night. When they say that they have a stressful job rest assured it is stressful only for the reason that they have so much nothing to do that a shift ends being seen as century long, so one can understand even more why the staff waste away the hospital money possibly intended for the patients, into beds and sofas for them to so abusively sleep. Now I myself used to work on shift basis whlist at Enemalta and some of us used to abuse and sleep some time during the night shifts but of course everything was done secretly say utilize the uniform clothes to serve as a pillow and sleep on some cardboard on the floor and for sure NO ONE ever dared bringing a bed complete with the sofa in the staff room, let alone the bed be paid fraudulently with the money from the Corporation, at taxpayer expense, to sleep when supposed to be working! And this is not just a symptom of the HWH staff but is endemic with all staff of this so fake Hospital, as in fact one can note in the video that once I walk the corridor beyond the clinic, I give a look to the big internal yard and practically everywhere is in complete darkness, even the FW3A staff room / clinic which happens to be on the other side of the yard. In fact they abuse their position so blatantly in the face of their so much abused patients and to their detriment, without even worrying of possibly ending dismissed or actions taken against them because they know that if the quite as well corrupt authorities were to take action against one, they would have to dismiss just as well almost all staff, and so they end dictate not be dictated (in the same way the GWU used to do under the PN at Enemalta, with the PN [the hospital administration] ignoring the managers [the patients, allows that they be abused and humiliated] to please the GWU officials [the hospital staff]). Another massive fraud in this Hospital is in the distribution of food where more is intentionally ordered for patients than necessary for the staff to have for them to eat (apart from having the priviledge of being served free food at the mess, now being distributed to the respective wards instead because of the Covid-19, as the mess has been converted with beds), food to take home, and to feed their animals (just imagine how even much more food used to remain not distributed before the Covid-19 when some patients happened to be out on leave, etc.). In fact when further above I mentioned that incident when I was so vilely doubled the dosage of pills for trying to report such theft of food at MW3A, I also mentioned how a nurse ended throwing me away the food as I used to go take another plate after they had distributed the food (to the somewhat few patients present for food, say 25 out of 40 patients of MW3A), to at least have something to give to some cats at the back of MW3A and the 2 dogs that in those days were at MW3A internal garden (they used to give these dogs just the left-overs of the left-overs in the true sense of the word, guess what, the bones, and being that hungry, they used to eat them!), and so as a revenge for sort of preventing them from taking food home for their animals that day, they did the same to me by preventing me from feeding those cats and dogs by throwing away the food I had for them and some for me to eat. To be more vile, after having reported the incident to that Commissioner of Mental Health (I have the emails as digital proof as already mentioned), he seems to have issued some directive via the CEO to prohibit patients from feeding animals so that indirectly, more remains for the staff to feast on (really a case of me maliciosly being framed-up and labeled the "cat killer" fighting for animal rights, and that Commissioner and CEO without any conscience leaving the hospital animals hungry as long as that pleases the staff and serve as revenge against the patient, myself, who reported them!). So much a patient is without dignity always abondoned to his fate and the staff always excused with all support of the authorities (so guess why the situation has degenerated so much for the staff to spend the night almost all asleep amongst many other abuses - because the corrupt authorities back them up in all their corrupt practices).

Patients on anti-psychotics end become overweight

To return to the massive fraud in the distribution of food, take as comparison some patients who end overweight not only due to the side effects of the pills and injections they are drugged and destroyed with, but also because of the sedentary lifestyle they are forced to live having nothing to do other than sit on a sofa all day long, and now compare them with some of the staff who are overweight even more than them for the same reason of having nothing to do earning a salary for work they instead spend sleeping and especially due to the food intentioned for patients they end eating themselves or take it out to feed their animals. In fact employing a fat nurse in a hospital having in charge the distribution of patients' food, is like employing a thief as a guardian of the bank giving him the key of the bank safe, for you will remain impressed with the great appetite they have and hence guess why some staff end being that fat. And in the same way an overweight staff or say staff who has the habit of smoking so much doesn't care of his own health, you can guess how even more they don't care of the health of the others (there are few exceptions to this rule), of their patients, especially if these are vulnerable patients labeled as mental without any dignity and voiceless, so expect them to always come with some new rule to humiliate and abuse them further for the slaves and imbeciles they treat and consider the patients.

At the beginning of the somewhat previous very long paragraph I said that the staff so much abuse their position (to spend time sleeping, to steal patients food, invent new rules to make the patients' life even more miserabe, lock their dormitories during the day, or transfer them to other wards as revenge for reporting them [see further below from my latest experience], etc.) "because those above them, doctors and Psychiatrists do even worse" and so is a reason to be further excused: not taking action against one is a precedent to not take action against the other with the staff are simply following "their own way" the examples of their sadistic bosses the Psyciatrists and in a sort of competition with them (in Maltese the saying goes: "Ghidli ma min taghmilha u nghidlek x'int " - "tell me whom you befriend and I tell you whom you are"). So when I previously wondered how Psychiatrists, are able to cope with so many different jobs at the same time to pocket a multitude of salaries, like their supposed full-time job at hospital, serving as lecturers at University, work in private clinics, as Court experts, etc., I will give you a clue how they fraudulently do it, hoping the rest will be able to conclude it by yourself. In one of the images further above there were listed the 11 clinical firms at MCH. But in some of these cases, for the ward-rounds instead of the Psychiatrist listed as the head of that particular firm, appears in his name some new graduate in Psychiatry and for almost every patient he sees ends phoning him (as possibly he is not at work at that time despite being his supposed full time job, probably taking advantage of flexi hours) to discuss the way forward to drug the patient concerned, with possibly having the services of their mobile phone paid for free complete with internet by the Hospital (i.e possibly the corrupt hospital authorities waste away money to allow the Head of firm to not be present himself at ward-rounds on his work place, etc.). Then later on during the day this so called Consultant Psychiatrist listed as the head of firm may happen to enter for a few hours work at Hospital and they further discuss what drugs to experiment on patients and so on. But what is even more vile is that possibly during the few hours they spend in their supposed full time job with the Government, apart from using it to promote their private practice (if in doubt see the already mentioned emails regarding Psychiatrists: Anton Grech, David Cassar and Hector Cutajar), they possibly do work not related to their supposed full time job for which they are paid from other sources, like writing their court reports, doing the preparations for the lectures or for the stupidies they are going to say when invited on some TV programme, etc., as this is what possibly David Cassar did when he with others came to see me to write their so fake Court reports (in my first Court case I was seen on Fri 21-Jun-2002 and in my second court case was seen on Mon 2-Jun-2014, i.e. in both cases he came to see me to do the reports asked by the Court on weekdays when supposed to be working in his supposed hospital full time job!), so at the same instant he was pocketing income from 2 sources ("jiekol b'zewgt t'ihluq" - "eating with 2 mouths" as some corrupt politicians do), and similarly in case they do the lectures at University (possibly paid €80 an hour) in the mornings during their supposed full time job, or say do not take it as vacation leave when doing things not related to their full time job like testifying in Court, and so on and so forth. So why blame that staff nurse who during the day shift went to do his private errands when supposed to be at work in Hospital because of overstaffing, who entered the night shift to sleep almost all night because they have almost nothing to do so that in the morning he can go out strong enough to do other jobs and errands, or for pocketing a sort of other salary from the theft of food intentioned to be delivered to patients? It is an example of blatant corruption, where one does wrong as that other or even more, convinced the latter cannot take action against him because he is just as well corrupt if not even more, so everyone, Psychiatrists and staff persevere even more in abuses (the saying goes "a rotten apple spoils the barrel"), and even end working hand in hand to destroy patients' health with pills and injections to make them imbecile and sedated not in a position to report their so many blatant abuses: covering up the abuses of each other and scratching each others backs, and God forbid if one tries to reveal the fraud of one, let alone of both, for they will unite as if forming part of a Masonic lodge to make his life really a hell, miserable, and silence him through their own sadistic way with pills and injections and maybe even a so called "restriction of communication" to be more complete.

Some of the staff of Mount Carmel Hospital Half Way House including that most pathetic nurse Glenn Galea.The above photo shows some nurses happily celebrating "Happy nurses day 2020" outside the ward with the patients all locked inside since 12-Mar-2020 with the excuse of the Covid-19. The second one from right is that most pathetic nurse Glenn Galea (in facebook is listed with the name Nic Glen Galea, with Nicolette probably being the name of his wife, in which case you can understand his pathetic character a bit better [see address bar, probably had to change her account from the original Nicolette Galea to accomodate him]), the second one from the left is the female nurse who normally works the shift with him, who has the sadistic habit of locking the female patients all alone for half an hour, seen a bit in the previous video further above, hence the saying "Birds of a feather flock together." In this facebook post, this Glenn Galea is saying "It is not what I envisioned " as probably because of the Covid-19 and with the patients ended all locked inside the ward, he ended doing a bit more work than almost nothing and maybe had a bit less of patients' food to carry home with him. As regards the others, try to read again the previous paragraph when I said that in the morning ... "an average of 5 staff" (besides the one taking the photo) to even more have nothing to do.

If one thought that previous video showing that most pathetic nurse sleeping almost all night was just one night stand, the above video shows him again being paid for sleeping an entire night but this time from 10pm, rather than 12am, till 5am in the morning, 2 hours more, if only it makes a difference to the so corrupt hospital authorithies. In this and the following videos, the female nurse happened to enter overtime instead of the one who normally works with him, pocketing 1.5 times the normal pay just to spend almost all night sleeping. So again why blame that Melvin Theuma for being paid for just 3 month he never actually went to work, why blame me to have crucified already found dead animals and not those who actually killed them while driving and kept going, or Maltese hunters and trappers who kill so many birds as part of their traditional passtime. Why see the speck in your brother's eye and not the big log in your eyes (Matthew 7:3).

The above is yet another video of the so dedicated nurse Glenn Galea being paid for sleeping almost an entire night. Now compare to a child reporting abuses of a teacher in a school - he would instantly be suspended before the investigations begin. On the other hand in a mental institution it is exactly the opposite - they take full revenge against the patient for daring report abuses of staff as exactly happened with me, while the staff are always excused in their corrupt practices and abuses on patients.

And if still in doubt, yet another video of the so dedicated nurse Glenn Galea being paid for sleeping almost an entire night. His shift repeats every 5 days. Now compare to a newly graduate working in the private sector where the employer forces and abuses him to work extra unpaid hours till he finishes the task assigned to him with the excuse of being professionals.

This video is from another shift when the male nurse happens to sleep with the lights on, sleeping more than 4 hours straight (didn't film the other 2 hours with the excuse he is entitled to 2 hours break), but at least he isn't that sadist as that pathetic nurse Glenn to close us the Male toilets. Again note the clinic closed all night long and they just don't care if the telephone rings - so much are without ethics and any decency.

Around May 2020 was fighting in the name of patients so that the Hospital Authorities begin distribute the dessert to patients as they used to do years ago and to further sustain my argument sent the first video in the series of 5 above of that pathetic staff Glenn Galea sleeping almost an entire night and asked that if there is money to pay him for doing nothing but sleeping, there should be money for this €1 dessert to patients. But didn't I mention that the sadists of staff and the sadists of Psychiatrists in this Mount Carmel Hospital cover up the blatant abuses of each other and work hand in hand? For what happened next was really incredible: Just 3 days after having sent an email to the newly appointed CEO and the customer care of Mount Carmel Hospital which falls under Psychiatrist Anton Grech, on 12th June 2020, exactly on the 18th anniversary when was abusively locked by Psychiatrist David Cassar and Magistrate Carol Peralta in MW10 way back in 2002 on blatant lies, was transferred and locked in Male Ward 1 with primitive cannibals (patients who in the name of so fake religion, instead of sitting on the toilet they stand on it squatting, and instead of using toilet paper, they keep a bottle with water and leave the rest to your imagination), where one cannot keep a mobile phone or laptop but had to just stay sitting all day long on a sofa inhaling the cigarettes' smoke of others, was made Level 1 under supervision of a staff 24x7, and they issued a restriction of freedom of Communication Order (see image below) to further put you out of sight, to silence you and make you despair, so that in case they succeed in making you go crazy, they will have the opportunity and all the excuses to drug you further and silence you once forever. Had it not been for my sister who to put them the breaks began sending emails (see links to emails to Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia and Psychiatrist David Cassar and the Police 1, Police 2), they would have sedated and disabled me with pills and injections and silenced me once forever so as not to ever be in a position to expose their so blatant abuses. Now try to imagine if I was left all alone by myself as that Mangion and Harrington both mentioned at the beginning and hopefully can make you understand better how they managed to kill them when still in their 50s at Forensic Ward Mount Carmel Hospital.

Mount Carmel Hospital patient issued a restriction of freedom of Communication orderThe above is the restriction of freedom of communication order issued by the "Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health" in the name of Psychiatrist David Cassar, issued by such a Commissioner who didn't even have the decency to at least hear my version of events before issuing it (see again emails sent to him by my sister), so much he considers patients as pure scum that for him is a waste of time hearing what the patients have to say let alone doesn't even bloody care of abuses on them. Note that it didn't contain the date till when such order expires to make you despair even more. It is all that easy, where just a stroke of a pen all that is needed and the usual blatant lies, to silence you, to make you voiceless than already are, and destroy you with pills and injections once forever, that not even the corrupt Police saw anything wrong with it to leave me all alone in their hands (of Psychiatrists) to do whatever they like on me (see again links Police 1, Police 2 - compare to a child in an orphanage asking for Police's help and ending vilely left abondoned to his fate). And then you hear them mumbling on TV or doing media conferences on the subject of "BREAK[ING] THE SILENCE – ma nistgħux inkomplu nħallu persuni u familji ibatu waħedhom fis-silenzju / cannot continue to leave patients and their families suffer alone in silence," SO MUCH THEY ARE TWO FACED AND PURE HYPOCRITES that instead they do exaclty the opposite - they "APPROVE THAT YOU BE SILENCED, THAT YOU BE IGNORED WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO SAY" - in front of the public and the media they speak in a way, but behind closed doors they do exactly the opposite. For sure, no action was ever taken against that so pathetic nurse sleeping almost all night long, to the point that he still works at HWH, still sleeps almost an entire night as he used to do and even more, and takes home food intentioned to patients that remains not distributed, and still closes those two Male patients' toilets during the night as seen in the first 4 of the series of 5 videos above so as not have some patient flush them and wake him up. But for sure it was not the same for me the Whistleblower and speaking of abuses in the name of patients for the revenge on me was too great as outlined above, with the restriction of communication lasting till 18th July 2020 almost an entire month, and ended locked at MW1 with those cannibals, with no laptop or mobile for no less than 43 days. Imagine if I didn't have my sister or some relative or friend to help me what would have happened when myself was made so voiceless with that restriction of freedom communication - it is really a frightening thing remembering how they had in mind ruining my health, disable me with that diabolic psychiatric cure to silence me once forever. With the help of my sister, and because I had always behaved well despite the trauma having nothing to pass time and in that environment of MW1, they couldn't find that excuse to justify to overdose me with pills and injections. All this has to be taken in the context that the restriction of communication was imposed on me with the excuse that for simply reporting abuses of staff, my mental health had deteriorated to supposed ended saying crazy and stupid things, but reality was that I was far from so to the point that the cure had to remain untouched despite the "invented deterioration" - so much Psychiatrists are blatant liars, fraudsters, and manipulators of facts. If not enough, within 2 months since being sent to MW1, exactly on 12th August 2020, the staff of Half Way House came up with another revenge on me, attibuting to me of having said I wanted to stab the Psychiatrist with a knife (when I never had a violent past and if it was really so they would have called the Police to interrogate me and ask me about the whereabouts of the knife). With this excuse and blatant lie, I ended transferred to Male Ward 7, overdosed had the pills prescription increased by another 50% (from Olanzapine 10mg to 15mg daily), made once again Level 1 with a staff on my watch 24x7, and another restriction of communication order issued after having reported to the CEO another staff sleeping almost an entire night (see these emails link). Rather than these staff being given at least a transfer, I the patient ended vindictively transferred to other wards for having reported these abuses to her the CEO, this time ended also with my laptop broken by the staff, vilely had to cover the €1,000 repairs expenses myself (€650 only for the hard disc data recovery. After 2 years they came refunding me just €140 for the broken laptop screen), and prohibited from using it again. You really have to be mentally strong to not go totally crazy with such sadists and in the face of so many injustices and abuses on patients. To sum it all, they even stopped the free wifi for patients solely in the ward I was locked in, MW7, by last week of August 2020, to further silence patients me in particular make them more voiceless and isolate them from the outside world to further abuse them at leisure. It seems they have also planned to prohibit the use of smartphones in wards for patients once the Covid-19 is over. So the patients without that evidence in hand can more easily be labeled as having "inappropriate beliefs" if they dare report abuses of staff and thus a not to be missed opportunity to drug them further and silence them once forever the sadistic psychiatric way. This is yet another restriction of freedom of communication order, the 3rd one issued in the space of a year, to be more vile issued on 24-Jun-2021 by that sadist of Psychiatrist Catherine Dimech when few days before had asked her to allow me to visit my aged mother who was on the verge of dying (she died the next September without giving me the chance to see her for the last time) and when had also made her aware more than already was of the fraud behind me having been labeled the mental, issued with the excuse that I had been refusing to take the poison of psychiatric pills for more than a month, as the previous Psychiatrist Joe Vella Baldacchino had allowed me to do, as the Mental Health Act article 3.1.i gives me the right to do, and as outlined in the Consent Form I had no other choice but to sign years before.

Mount Carmel Hospital patient put on Level 1 for reporting abusesThe above is what means when I said was made Level 1, with one staff always on your watch (1D[uty]N[urse] : 1patient) and humiliated being followed even if you happen to go to the toilet. It is taken from my Hospital file when was locked at Forensic after my 2nd arrest in 2014 (note the Psychiatrist listed is Hector Cutajar on behalf of Maria Axiak), although the same type of Level 1 I was subjected to when locked at Male Ward 1 and 7 in 2020 after reporting the mentioned abuses of the staff. That staff on my watch (usually a foreign one) used to have so much nothing to do, being paid for nothing for just sitting near me and following me (guess how much they laugh when they recount to their relatives abroad they are earning it all that easily, in Maltese we say "jikluhielu u l-Gahan ihallas" / "earning it easily and the Maltese idiot pumping money" - we have really become the laughing stock of the world), that they used to spend the time chatting on their mobiles and browsing internet. Now imagine your employer catching you wasting your time when on your workplace browsing say facebook - you would for sure be dismissed or at least be warned not to do it again. But in this hospital, the staff have so much nothing to do that for them it is natural to spend away time like that using the free wifi available 24x7, wifi which was intentioned to be used by patients (according to the Mental Health act Article 3.1.r the patient should have "free and unrestricted communication with the outside world when receiving treatment in a licensed facility ") who instead those of MW1 were only allowed to use it (assuming they do not impose on you "a restriction of communication order" despite not being "detrimental to the patient’s health or it impinges on the rights and freedoms of other people") through a dedicated laptop for just 30 minutes once on a Sunday - it is a stark comparison comparing how the staff on their workplace who should not be using the free wifi used it 24x7 via their mobiles, while the patients at MW1 had no mobiles at their disposition to the point that their 24x7 free wifi was only accessible to them via a laptop for just 30min on a cursed Sunday (that is instead of 24x7 or 100% of the time accessibility, it was only accessible to patients for just 0.29% of the time - again so much they treat patients as scum and abuse them at leisure!) - once again try not to curse your luck being locked in this Hospital the way they so much treat patients worse than animals and earning it and making money at their expense. Lately when returned back from Male Ward 1 for a short time to HWH before being transferred this time to MW7 as if they are dealing with a sack of potatoes trasferring you from one cage to another, they again made me on Level 2, guess why, because one big fat nurse reported that I was feeding the cats (must be a big sin in Psychiatry) and helping other patients in cleaning the dishes, plates and cutlery - she had it against me as revenge for having reported her colleague that Glenn Galea sleeping all night long and stealing food that remains not distributed to patients, as she similarly does (guess that she has 2 large dogs to feed and is also as fat as a cow), and knowing that no actions were ever taken against him, would just as well no actions ever be taken against her by the corrupt hospital authorities and the sadists of Psychiatrists, but forms part of their routine in making the life of patients more miserable than alreadly is, reporting them for the slightest mishap to give the sadists of Psychiatrists the excuse to further experiment and drug patients with some new drug or injection even more diabolic (for the staff to even more steal food and sleep in peace). The satisfaction the sadists of staff get when this happens because of their reporting of patients is something that cannot be explained in words (check again when they doubled me the dosage of pill Olanzapine for simply using a camera to uncover blatant theft of food way back in April 2018 in MW3A).

My Mount Carmel Hospital Treatment Order issued in 2002As conclusion, the above is an extract from my Hospital file when a Treatment order was issued by Psychiatrist David Cassar way back on 25th June 2002 when was transferred from Male Ward 10 to Mixed Admission Ward. Note the exactly same wording and the exactly same handwriting, that of Psychiatrist David Cassar, but with a different pen, as if to make you think was done by 2 Psychiatrists independently - in the page on the right, Psychiatrist Hector Cutajar is just serving as a rubber stamp or as the saying goes in Maltese: "kappell ma jmerix lill-iehor" / "a hat (in the sense of a doctor or persons in high position) does not contradict another" (I even suspect it could not be Cutajar's signature but signed for him by Cassar instead). They are inventing that I was suffering from "paranoid psychosis" and had "no insight" without any scientific basis to back it, and had been locked at that time in MW10 with the excuse of "recent uncompliance with / to treatment" - for treatment was necessary to silence and discredit me not to expose amongst others the threats on me in a court room from no other than Magistrate Carol Peralta himself of smashing me against the wall - so much Psychiatrists abuse their position and abuse their victims who come under their trust giving them "treatment" BECAUSE OF ULTERIOR MOTIVES.

The above last video shows the old ward on which the Male Ward 10 I experienced in 2002 was copied with minor variations consisting of cells one next to each other with a corridor on one side so once they lock the door on this side, they supervise you from the window in the corridor the other side. During that time of hot summer months of 2002 when the World Cup 2002 was taking place in Japan and South Korea, they used to lock us patients for 21 hours in a room usually with the mattress directly on the floor, with a toilet in a corner of the room, allowed to speak to relatives from behind a perspex for just 15 minutes, and make one phone call per day of not more than 5 minutes - it is really all you need if you are suffering from "paranoid psychosis" and "no insight" to deteriorate further in mental health, yet I kept always calm even when without any cure (for the first 10 days without cure as then they began drugging me by force) and despite Psychiatrist David Cassar had almost managed to make me loose my full time job. In my teens I remember seeing on an Italian TV channel the film "Le Ali della Liberta" (its name in English being "The Shawshank Redemption"). Never had I though that film story would I end living it myself. These are some quotations from the film which have remained impressed in my mind after so many years that hearing them again makes me shiver, or as they say it, makes your blood run cold - I have really lived them myself through that fake branch of medicine they call Psychiatry:

Fortunately we are no longer alone in the fight against Psychiatry. Abroad several lawsuits were opened against Pharmaceutical brands (see also Risperdal Settlements And Verdicts and Zyprexa Lawsuit) and Psychiatrists' malpractice, and some websites have been set up including Mad In America Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. This site KnowYourDrugs focuses mainly on the harm caused by Pychiatric drugs and amongst others contains links to live stories of stolen lives that will probably end make you cry.

Strongest people make time to help others even if struggling with their problems

Around June-July 2020 when locked at MW1 came to know a patient JX. This is in short his story. He lost his mother when about 8 years old and had to spend the next 4 years sleeping many days per week in a sort of orphanage. Despite all the obstacles he finished secondary school and wanted to continue studying, but his father, a heavy smoker, wanted him to go to work so as not to burden him say with exam fees and some cash to spend with friends in the weekend. Out of frustration the patient, then 20 year old, took it against God, and grabbed a statue of Our Lady from home and went to break it to pieces at the local Police Station. For the 1st time he ended locked for 3 weeks at Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH), blaming him, not his father, not the frustration the patient was suffering from the one, who instead of giving him a helping hand, was there to put him spokes in the wheel in pursuing a career, in keeping contact with his friends, etc. He even had to abandon school for one year to find a job and earn some money. His father had since long found a partner, possibly ending seeing him even more as a burden to the point that he kept pestering him every now and then, sometimes even switching him off the computer when in the middle of a school assignment with the excuse of incurring internet and electricity expenses. When he could stand it no further, he broke the refrigerator at home and once again found himself at MCH. From the 1st incident at the Police Station, he was prescribed Paxetine and Risperdal but only took them for say the 1st week as they made him tired, always wanting to sleep, and sterile without erection. With Psychiatrist David Cassar blaming him for the second incident, the patient excused himself saying his anger resulted after having stopped taking the cure for a while as if he would admit that he never took the cure, he thought he would for sure be administered the injection. It backfired anyway as this time Cassar wanted to experiment on him that diabolic injection Fluanxol making him suffer from restlessness and stiffness of muscles to the point that despite being still in his early 20s, he could no longer pursue playing football anymore with friends. He eventually found a girlfriend, but seeing him diagnosed as mentally ill and prescribed an injection periodically, presumably made her suspicious that children from him would be disabled and decided to break up the relation. When in his attempt to reconcile back with her he went at her doorstep, he ended again locked at MCH where Psychiatrist David Cassar prescribed him amongst others Valium which made him suffer from delirium and had to be stopped after say one week at the expense of injection Fluanxol which was possibly increased further and prescribed other pills. Despite the side effects from Fluanxol, he managed to finish his exams and graduate from a course at MCAST. Yet clashes with his father erupted every now and then, most probably aggravated further as a result of Psychiatric cure he was given, on which he was now for about 2 years, when one day degenerated in an incident with father and son beating each other with a rod, even ending in public gossip, on the news. Being stigmatized as a mental, he was once again blamed, his father excused, with Psychiatrist David Cassar this time prescribing him instead the injection Risperdone, making him once again sterile and had no choice but to keep away from seeking the friendship of a woman. After about 4 years, out of frustration and blaming his father for all this, he refused to go take the next injection, only to find the Police at his doorstep to end locked once again for 3 weeks at MCH with a Treatment Order re-issued. If not enough, he was yet again locked at MCH, from where I got to know him when myself locked at MW1, with the excuse of having threatened the Psychiatrist he will contact the bomb dealer if the Treatment Order is not removed, the  problem being that if it was real, instead of destroying him this time with lithium and Risperdone in the range of  75mg or 100mg every fortnight, they would have sought Police intervention to interrogate him, arrest any possible bomb dealer and investigate further.

In summary Psychiatry was for sure of no help to him with Psychiatrists seeing him as that umpteenth victim on whom to experiment and destroy with drugs and medicine. At 29 years of age in 2020, with Psychiatric cure, he ended that fat unable to wash entirely himself due to stiffness of muscles and in the mornings most often than not, asleep on the sofa, to the point that he now risks being dismissed from his job, his only venture left, to possibly become a burden once again on his father, or ending locked once forever at MCH and disabled and destroyed even more. He even ended contemplating about suicide the way he was reduced and disabled not even having control on the way he can enjoy and spend his life. In other words, with Psychiatry you are always a loser.

Side effects of Clopixol: patient with drug induced eczema
Another patient, a certain RZ used to have frequent fights with his father who used to beat him, even sometimes ending biting him. His mother had died, his father found a new partner and arranged to have her live at home. The son was against his father's decision, with the father was ready to have his son expelled from home force him go live on the street without a penny without food than let an outsider his new partner out, which ended in another father-son fight, the son disadvantaged still a teenager was given the blame, ending at Mount Carmel Hospital as the umpteenth victim of Psychiatrist David Cassar, who began by prescribing him pills, and as they were a bit large to swallow, suggested as alternative (to ever be released) the injection Clopixol ever 2 / 3 weeks, to which the son, unsuspicious, accepted, thinking it would be a matter of only a few months. This Clopixol had its dreadful side effects, in particular made him suffer from "eczema or inflammation of the skin (dermatitis), bleeding underneath the skin seen by red or purple discolorations on the skin (purpura)" and to his frustration ended isolating him from his friends began thinking he had some contagious disease, and to avoid further embarrassment had to even deprive himself from going to swim or going out short-sleeved or with shorts. Years passed, his father died, when one day his neighbour kept going with construction works when late, degenerating in a fight with the Police present, ended arraigned in Court, was seen by 2 Psychiatrists who continued to built on the lies originated years before by Psychiatrist David Cassar, labeling him as unable to control his anger (possibly aggravated by the same Clopixol and the frustration in having, together with his father, ruined his life), an excuse to drug him further, ending sentenced to about 2 years in prison (Forensic section at Mount Carmel Hospital). When time came for him to be released, they sent some social worker to see his home, and as in the meantime it had become uninhabitable without electricity supply and so on, the Psychiatrists for the sadists they are, kept him locked in another section of the Hospital (not forming part of prison) from where I got to know him. Again another life made hell and ruined through the evil of Psychiatry.

A certain patient KG had some court case which sentenced him to Mount Carmel Hospital. He was prescribed some injection at such a high dosage that sometimes used to have difficulty to simply walk. As he grew older, the injection was discontinued, only to make up for it with an increase in the pills prescribed. Among the side effects of this poison, it takes him days to poop and when finally the day comes, he usually does diarrhea. One day he lamented about the matter with the nurses, they brought the hospital doctor, who said he should pass the next say 3 days drinking water only, eating nothing, in preparation for some medical tests at Mater Dei Hospital. What was really frightening to me was seeing him having to swallow day after day the bunch of pills (the cause of his problems) on an empty stomach, but was of no concern at all to the nurses and staff.

In 2022 got to know a certain LS, severely autistic, sometimes his temper made him punch himself in the forehead. He ended prescribed the diabolic injection Risperdal Consta, that poison which ends making him sick with Parkinsonism, etc., for in Psychiatrists' twisted mentality, dying slowly and prematurely this way is less harmful than the absolutely non life threatening occasional punch to his forehead (for sure this injection did not alleviate the matter). When myself lamented with one staff, he cut me short with the words "Ghax hekk ghandu bzonn / Because it's that what he needs." You will not find these stories on our so fake local media, for to keep themselves in business, their sponsors dictate them what to write and what to not, hence expect nothing but eulogies to Psychiatry intended to trap exploit the next victim in their insatiable greed to make more and more money out of the vulnerables and fools - for "independent journalism costs money," makes lots of enemies and in Malta can cost you your life, while it is the biased journalism that makes the easy money.

A sad story: When locked in Male Ward 7, on 2 occasions had the frightening experience of seeing patients choking on food. The patient of Sun 25-Jul-2021 chocked on a piece of ham which remains solid but was saved, the one of Sun 15-Nov-2020 (7 months before) chocked on a piece of bread (most probably resulted from a side effect of injection Risperdal they had prescribed him days before: Risperidone-Induced Tardive Pharyngeal Dystonia Presenting With Persistent Dysphagia) which simply the saliva in the mouth makes it soften dissolve, yet he was not saved, guess why, because a Psychiatrist who thought he knew better than anyone else pushed himself in handling the situation (kulhadd warrablu - they all gave him way) ... and at the end resulted in a fatality (u ta' Psikjatra hareg ghax ma salvahx, baqa' baqa' sakemm baghtu ghand Alla - and as to expect from a Psychiatrist did not save him his life, but ended sending him to meet his maker / God). Latest update: The mentioned patient who was saved from choking on 25-Jul-2021 (guess why, because some nurses from Mater Dei Hospital happened to be in the vicinity of Mount Carmel Hospital and came to assist and it was them who saved him), choked again on 11-Feb-24 (officially, as most probably was the evening / night of the day before, a public holiday) in Mount Carmel Hospital but this time had at his mercy only the incompetent staff nurses at Mount Carmel Hospital, so as can be expected it ended in a fatality (they had instead entered the night shift prepared for sleeping, as usual, with all the blessing of the CEO Stephanie Xuereb).

Male Ward 7 emergency trolley, but all in vain when handled by incompetents
Mount Carmel Hospital Male Ward 7 emergency trolley, complete with Air intubation, Battery Suction Aspirator, and the LifeVac choking rescue device, and available throughout the hospital an AED (Automated Emergency Defibrillator - analyzes the heart's rhythm and, if necessary, delivers an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm) ... but all in vain when handled by incompetents..

Now this didn't happen say at his mother's home where possibly there was no one experienced in handling such situations, but in a hospital, supposed to have professional staff and in particular competent in handling such cases, and to be more vile, even happened within a ward equipped with an emergency trolley (see image above) with equipment to use in such cases. The first thing they had to do was remove the blockage (it's like one involved in some accident begin doing on him CPR instead of first stop his bleeding), but no nurse dared tell the Psychiatrist what to do, for sure such a big head of Psychiatrist would not put his finger in the patient's mouth get dirty with his saliva, instead with what he did, he more ended blocking the patients airway. The hospital administration and authorities never ever bothered doing an investigation speak with those who witnessed the incident to see if there were any shortcomings (these are emails sent mentioning the incident: 1, 2, and 3 twice to 2 supposed to be Commissioners for Health, and again here), for patients in Mount Carmel Hospital are treated even worse than animals, a patient is just a number, nothing to bother about, for them it was just one patient less and another bed available for the next victim, as confirmed further in these final emails, am reproducing part of them below as it further highlights the total impunity enjoyed by the staff in their most sadistic abuses on the vulnerable patients:
Excuse my late reply as I was busy fighting my case on other fronts while concurrently trying to help other victims, and of course because I do not have the luxury of a laptop at my disposal for the one I had ended smashed by staff for reporting their abuses and prohibited from using one again, so only an old smartphone has to save my day. First wanted to clarify your maybe small unintentional mistake in your first paragragh which should have read "2 years before" (not a year before), referring to that tragic incident of 15-Nov-20.
What is unbelievable is that despite me a mere patient had played my part as a first-hand eye-witness had written to the relevant authorities including your predecessor long ago months before I had written to you, no one ever bothered to investigate let alone possibly take any serious actions to prevent such incidents from happening again, they just vilely brushed it under the carpet, confirming further how for them a patient is that nullity to simply ignore his calls, just an unwanted nuisance to not waste time on his complaints whatever their severerity, not only to discourage him from having the audacity to report again knowing his cries will always fall on deaf ears, but even worse to intimidate him by making him suffer repercussions himself for daring uncover abuses paying with his own health end poisoned more with drugs, silenced made voiceless further ending locked in wards with less freedom, his most sentimental possessions vandalized as did with my laptop with all the multitude of data I had been accumulating in it, for the staff are treated as demi-gods in contrast to a patient's life which is for them that worthless and meaningless that whatever the shortcomings, incompetence and wrongdoings of the staff at the expense of their miserable patients, they are always excused covered up as was the case with that incompetent of Psychiatrist Hector Cutajar who not only wasn't sacked let alone brought for questioning in front of some board and prosecuted against, but even ended promoted anyway and is still ruining patients' lives with his sadism.
Now that I had written to you presenting you facts and arguments, was hoping will be given the chance to at least testify further also on the incompetent nurses present on that tragic day, but as I had perfectly predicted, you opted to let these "big heads" and "friends of friends" go away with it, as the corrupt others had done before you, as has always been the custom in corrupt Malta, for those "characteristcs" make them above the law and priviledged to enjoy a culture of complete impunity and the patients just their umpteenth victims to have to pay the ultimate price for all this.
Imagine taking your beloved cat to a vet, paid him good money, and through his incompetence he gives it back to you dead, when others would have easily saved it and gave it back to you completely healthy to enjoy the company of each other for more and more years, would you remain silent and let him go away with it that easily? Now this wasn't a mere pet, but a human being ended like me kidnapped unjustly in this hospital to be abused experimented upon at leisure with that poison of psychiatric cure with so terrible side effects, so instead being a millionth times worse than an animal for with today standards I presume research on animals with such devastating effects like making you sick with drug-induced parkinsonism has long been prohibited on them, the only thing animals and patients in this hospital still have in common is that both are completely voiceless.
That tragic death, you called regretful, for me also shameful, as well as others would have been avoided also had the authorities taken action when in the past and also just months before that incident had reported in vain on other abuses of staff, but instead of taking the opportunity to do some reform to make them concentrate on their work, enforce discipline and some sense of duty and responsibilty when on their placework, they kept covering up the staff again and again in their corrupt practices, by transferring one like me on their watch when it comes to abuses, to other wards to leave them all doors open to further persevere in their malpractices unhindered, to have me intimidated and further abused also to serve as a lesson to others, to indirectly show all solidarity and support the authorities have to the staff in their malpractices whatever their severity, never to dare investigate to end incriminating them or put them in bad light, with the most sadistic wrongdoing for them being none other than having a mere miserable patient the audacity to speak, the capacity to report must at all costs be prevented by destroying him psychologically keeping him always locked without any permissions not even for a little fresh air outside even if it means blatant violations of UN's charter of the most basic human rights, drugging him incapacitating him further to deny him the capability of ever daring do it again and be a lesson to others will end suffer the most sadistic consequences like him, further instilling that climate of terror to make the voiceless patients more voiceless than already are stigmatized through the lies and sadistic labels of Psychiatry as happened with me, to shut their mouth before even giving them the chance to open it (it's just their "delusion of persecution").
How can patients' lives not be at stake when you have malpractices of all sorts imaginable, and the authorities do nothing to stop them, even when made fully aware of than already were, to mention just a few from the multitude I had reported, like staff eating food intended for patients and taking home to feed themselves, their family members and animals (a sort of extra salary, the 1st time I reported this, ended prohibited from using even the meat in my own meal to feed the cats so that more remains for them to take home), taking the Ecopure water for themselves and for the patients keep making coffee and squash out of tap water, spending entire nights sleeping and then reusing what were new sheets they took for themselves for doing patients' beds the following morning, spending the days playing with computers using the government paid internet wasting bandwidth on everything except on matters relating to work (except for that occasional email once in a while), when about to replace each other the bulk of them go out some 1 hour earlier and leave the ward attended by some 2 staff only (the punch clocks are only for those employed by Healthmark: literally the goverment is paying good money the salary of a doctor to get back the service of a carer / a cleaner), our head of the ward has even abusively dedicated a room intended as a sort of office within the ward equipped with goverment computer and internet to serve instead as a child care for her nephew bring him to spend the entire summer months playing inside while patients like me were treated like lepers forced to have visits from behind the perspex because of covid measures and cannot even use the ward laptop intended for patients' use (it is used rarely say to communicate with some social worker as in covid times), most often than not comes around an hour late but writes it down as if she has entered on time while the patients who happen to go out on leave have to do so within specified limited times (the staff give the most bad examples in everything but expect the patients to follow the umpteenth rule they invent for the slightest mishap), doing their private errands when supposed to be on their placework, taking breaks during the day double or more that entitled with their staff rooms equipped with beds and their lockers with pillows, always believed when they lie and frame up patients who dare report them paving the way for the sadists of Psychiatrists to do the rest have them drugged up experimented upon further, always excused when they abuse patients even assisted in their revenge on them not only by humiliating them with verbal threats ("issa jghidulna min irrapporta npattuhielu", "mur oqghod ikteb irrapporta, x'min ghalik se tahxina?"), by locking them in wards with less freedom even destroy their belongings to make them voiceless even more, issued restriction of freedom of communication orders lasting one month each to intimidate them silence them further, have their lockers smashed open abusively by the staff when out of sight say locked for some time somewhere else because they had came positive to Covid, etc.
What professionalism do you expect from such evil persons without any morals, conscience, come to work earn a salary doing nothing to accumulate enough energy for the tasks they have when back home or even on another job, with that peace of mind that they will never be investigated never held accountable for their malpractices, abuses, wrongdoings, incompetences even as was the case with that incident which ended in a fatality, with the most they can get is a fake warning to not repeat the wrongdoing and they being so convinced it is just a formality that you see them within few weeks starting afresh in their wrongdoings with even more intensity. Simply the uncontrolled use of internet provided by the Government is serving only to further distract them from their duties, with seniour staff like nurses are even given personal tablets / laptops to play with as part of their employment package, to make them incompetents and unprofessional even more, for rest assured they use it on anything other than research on matters concerning their profession. For all this corruption it is always the patient who has to pay the greatest price, pay with his belongings destroyed to the satisfaction of the culprits, with his health ruined drugged up further at lesuire, pay even with his life for their incompetence when even the man in the street with basic first aid knowledge and limited resources would have saved.
By not taking action in particular against that incompetent of Psychiatrist Hector Cutajar letting him go that easily as if nothing happened you are further reinforcing the precedent already established by the others to whom I had reported before, that whatever death or casuality that may happen due to the incompetence of the staff, whatever most blatant abuses by staff on patients, neither should any action be taken against them for it would appear as blatant discrimination say take action against a nurse the man in the street when not having taken action against this mentioned Psychiatrist incompetent a millionth times more when supposed to be competent and qualified more and holding a more authoritive role. You are thus intentionally further nurturing this climate of complete impunity enjoyed by the staff having nothing to fear repercussions whatever their shortcomings and wrongdoings, thus encouraging them to further persevere in their corrupt practices knowing well they have nothing to worry about will never be held accountable, consolidating further the mentality that the life of a patient is that worthless to not give a damn for its loss, and assisting further in nurturing a climate of terror in the minds of patients not only knowing their life is at stake in the hands of such impunity-blessed corrupt incompetents but even more being the ones who instead have to fear the most sadistic repercussions for simply daring to speak, knowing it will serve well the staff the satisfaction of taking their umpteenth revenge on the voiceless patients with all liberty seeing them drugged poisoned sedated more by ending maliciously labeled with "inappropriate to inappropriate beliefs", labeled as became paranoid / suspicious towards the staff, of suffering from mental confusion, and as an addition to those not that easy to manipulate, to silence, even invent the most absurd lies like had the intention of stabbing the Psychiatrist, were poisoning cats, depict one a fighter for his rights and that of others as exactly the opposite as a loser as if he wants to commit suicide serving as an excuse to drug him further and humiliate him put him level 1 on constant watch with no privacy, as they did with me, for once they intentionally maliciously label you as mental, they have the road wide open to invent whatever most blatant lies on you everything is so easily believed no one questions them in particular by the sadists and just as well complicits of Psychiatrists in their sort of competition between themselves of who will beat the other in their sadism and abuses on the voiceless vulnerable patients. It is incredible how in corrupt Malta you ended being no exception, as I had perfectly predicted, just the umpteenth puppet always ready to cover-up their crimes and wrong doings, chosing to incriminate yourself for such incompetents covering them up even leaving them in office to abuse further the vulnerable patients. For you know well it was not simply the 1) incompetence of the staff that caused that tragic fatality, but even more 2) the climate of terror they instill in patients who dare report and the subsequent most sadistic repercussions they have to suffer as revenge, and above all, 3) the complete impunity enjoyed by the staff knowing well they are blessed to never be held accountable, no authority can stand them, even as was this case, writing to you as new Commissioner of "Health" within the Ombudman proved once again futile (does the word "Health" refer to something completely different than its supposed meaning?).
I am attaching 2 restriction of freedom of communication orders I received within the space of 2 months (1 and 2), few months before that tragic incident of 15-Nov-20, being part of a series of systematic revenges I got paid with for reporting abuses, on termination of the 2nd one on 14-Sep-20 they returned my laptop smashed, and even in this case the CEO chose to once again vilely cover them up saying it did not result from negligence / wrongdoings of staff, when then about a year and a half later your predecessor is exposing her as the big liar she is when mentioning they had given me €140 for the damages (see emails I forwarded when first wrote to you) out of the €1,000 I incurred in repairing my laptop amongst for the data recovery and don't know if it was completely successful for they didn't even give me the chance to try it out use it again. This is part of the mentioned culture of complete impunity the staff enjoy with all the blessing of the authorities mentioned in those 3 points in the previous paragraph that led to that tragic incident.
In one of my first emails I had sent to the CEO had asked her to enforce time logging to see how the staff are spending or better wasting their time, a move which could have further proved how much the hospital is over-staffed (as an example my ward which was reduced from a capacity of 28 patients to 21, had the staff compliment increased around June '21, it also has 3 NOs [Nursing Officers / heads] plus a secratery blessed with this cosy job on the eve of last election), when the hospital can function with say just a third of the staff present, with the taxpayers' money saved could be diverted in part on measures which benefit the patients. Instead the authorities prefer the status quo, for the staff have unions and friends to back them to cover them up, the miserable patients no one in contrast even end framed up, weak with the strong, strong with the weak, so they rather keep wasting money on corrupt practices rather than ever try to tackle them, keep rewarding the corrupt when concurrently playing it the misers when it comes to patients' needs even if it means negating them even from the basics.
As regards the training that was given to nursing aides and carers, I got to know it myself from some nursing aides themselves heard them laughing it will serve them as an opportunity to work overtime ("ahjar ghax nikluhielu overtime talli noqdu nisimghu l-hmerijiet"). So much did they take the training seriously knowingly they won't be ever held accountable as has always been the custom. Regarding the training of doctors and nurses, aren't these supposed to be already qualified on matters of first aid, the basics of the basics, or what the hell did they study in their University course? Can't they do the research themselves with the government paid internet provided rather than leaving them to use it on stupidities? Are the hospital authorities recruiting incompetents to end having to teach them everything from scratch again and again at taxpayers' expense? Money which instead could be invested on patients, to distribute them some dessert to make up for the often disgusting meals they are fed, to improve the quality of meals given, teach them some computer course, to provide free wifi to patients (the ward TV / internet modem with wifi protected by password is used exclusively for staff), as cat food for the strays there are in hospital with the same animals can serve as the best therapy for patients a millionth times better than wasting money poisoning patients sedating them with drugs, to refurbish the hospital not closing a ward after another to start with some work but will end never finish it or if ever it will take years, to equip those of occupational department with the necessary resources to be in a position to perform activities to fill patients' time, to teach and inform patients of the so frightening side effects of the psychiatric medication they are forced to swallow, they are injected with, to teach them about their rights in particular their prior consent to medication as stipulated in the mental health act not do the exact opposite have such poison imposed on them without their consent and without first made aware of the multitude of side effects, to appoint a truly indipendent commissioner (for sure not from the sadistic mental health sector) that safeguards patients' rights not having instead a fake hospital "customer care" office intended to inform the staff immediately that someone has filed a report on them and give them inside information and similarly a fake commissioner for mental health for covering up the abuses of psychiatrists and assisting them in intimidating patients as issuing restriction of freedom of communication orders (rofoco) continuous treatment / detention orders, etc. Part of the therapy is to listen to the patients, not invalidating them, instead in Psychiatry they do the exact opposite intentionally destroy you with drugs and psychologically as with the issues of Rofocos.
I appreciate that you acknowledged that it is an "established fact that choking may be a hazard in patients undergoing psychiatric treatment," for subjecting a patient to psychiatric treatment ends making him sick with so many terrible side effects to end being an excuse to be drugged further to combat the same side effects, a big business for the pharma industry through the evil of Psychiatry. It's like giving the tetanus vaccine to your newborn, but doing it with an Aids contaminated needle. And I am pretty sure you quite as well know that in Psychiatry there is not the slightest scientific means on which they can base their diagnoses, the stroke of a pen all that is needed to find yourself maliciously labeled with the most absurd invented for the occasion mental illnesses, especially suited for crime laundering and covering up crimes. From the emails I attached to you when you asked me to whom I had reported that tragic incident, I highlighted more than enough abuses from my case that for sure cannot have gone unnoticed by you. But instead of being a catalyst for change you opted for continuation in covering up abuses, by closing not one eye but both, rather see me kept further innocently locked kidnapped and abused at leisure than in any way take steps to end incriminating the big heads who are the ones who instead since long merit to be behind bars. Because my cries have always fallen on deaf ears, it is me who has to pass yet another festive season locked while the culprits are left running scot free. Maybe you have heard of that phrase before: 'It's not only what we do, but also what we do not do for which we are accountable.' "

Above image shows the LifeVac choking rescue device.

Male Ward 7 at Mount Carmel Hospital: staff bringing their children to play on Government computers
Staff abusively bringing their children to play on government computers, of work: In the above image, on top right is seen Male Ward 7 Nursing Officer (NO in short, the head) in uniform, Marlene Grech, with her kid, in the bottom part is seen zoomed the inscription she affixed to the ward's door seen on the top left with the words "Very important: No relatives are to be allowed in the ward for no reason at all, relatives are to sign for patients outside the ward door, thank you." In Male Ward 7, there were originally 2 single rooms for well-behaved patients, but it ended so over-staffed, with some staff even having 2 lockers and more, that they since long took them for themselves, one as a sort of staff room for their lockers while the other was taken by the head of the ward (the mentioned Marlene Grech) with the excuse she is a women and wanted it as an office equipped with a separate computer and internet and complete with toilet and shower at hospital's expense for her exclusive use. It ended abusively using it instead as her child care bringing her kid/s nephew/s to spend the entire summer months (note the children in shorts) playing inside the whole day while at the same time we patients where treated as lepers forced to have visits from behind the perspex with the excuse of covid measures (note the mask on the child). In this way she intentionally and so irresponsibly risked the vulnerable patients' lives during covid times and denied us patients when already stigmatized more than enough as 'mentals' of our privacy. When in August '22 had reported her in vain to the CEO Stephanie Xuereb, it happened that about a fortnight before 2 patients came positive to Covid and were transferred in isolation in another wards, herself Marlene began quarrelling with management to have us all remaining patients in MW7 swab tested for Covid shouting repetitively "because we have families at home." In the image, the secretary also pushed herself in bringing her child to play, so much the staff abuse their position galore seeing no other than the so very corrupt head of ward, the NO, doing so herself. Instead of taking action against them the authorities cover them up and even assist the staff in their umpteenth revenge on patients for daring reporting abuses. This NO Marlene Grech intentionally instills fear in patients to not dare report abuses, but maybe underestimates the audacity of some, or let us say one. She has such a sadistic character always trying to take that extra step in making the life of patients more miserable than already is that had amongst others since long been of the idea of prohibiting patients from using smartphones to further isolate them from the outside world (imagine say an elderly home where the elderly are denied from using their mobiles / smarthphones!) to abuse them further at leisure and herself persevere further in abuses unhindered at Government expense. The occasion came on 22-Feb-23 when the Commissioner for Health within the Ombudsman, Raymond Galea, happened to come at Mount Carmel Hospital on purpose to speak with me in what ended being a messa 'n scena (you find this swindler listed here with other fraudsters of Psychiatrists, guess why all those favouritisms, and what an obvious conflict of interest he has), to discuss matters and so many abuses I reported to him, mentioned above. The staff, particulary the sadists of NO Marlene Grech and nurse Joe Galea, so much wanted to have their utmost revenge on me, that they did't leave it for another day to not make it that obvious, but that same day in the evening they prohibited the use of mobiles in Male Ward 7, a week later on 2-Mar-23 they imposed on me through the usual fraudsters of Psychiatrists the umpteenth restriction of freedom of communication order, and 2 weeks later on 16-Mar-23 got rid of me once forever from their ward to abuse even more with that peace of mind, had me tranferred to Male Ward 1 to further isolate me and more have me tortured psychologically, etc. So much the staff abuse patients at leisure with all the blessing and help of the authorities, and as always in Psychiatry, it is not the ones who abuse patients who are wrong, but those who dare report the abuses, always a repetition of the same story.

The sadist of nurse Joe Galea laughing hardThe sadist of nurse Joe Galea laughing hard. The moustache helps portray him even more as the evil he is. Although he is a PN lackey, he reminds me of my frightening childhood days living under that Traitor and Dictator of Evil Dom Mintoff who had literally sold Malta to Gaddafi and his supporters more often than not used to carry moustaches (spot the "labourites", those blessed with cosy jobs, social benefits and housing stolen from others less blessed), as the multitude of Libyans he began bringing as "tourists" and to arabize us (compare to Psychiatrists dehumanizing their victims) made learning arabic compulsory (compare to Psychiatrists and nurses forcing patients to swallow the poison of psychiatric pills and injected with poison). I think he vents on patients his frustration of seeing his increasingly irrelevant PN since long in opposition, finding inspiration from the never ending injustices of Mintoff's days. For Mintoff may have died on a date particularly special to my family (was my sister's 49th [=7x7] birthday, my 36th [=6x6, and 49-36=7+6=13] and was 666+9 days to Magistrate Carol Peralta's vindicative court sentence on 26-Jun-14, was also 25 [=5x5] years from 1987 election, my father was saved and myself saved from ending fatherless at the age of 10 and from learning arabic) but his evil still lives on even on a much much larger scale, no less in Psychiatry (both may at first appear as benevolent having good intentions, but their side effects are devastating).

The sadist of psychotherapist and criminologist Elizabeth AbdillaThe sadist of Psychotherapist Elizabeth Abdilla. Previosly had said the staff at Mount Carmel Hospital are in competion with Psychiatrists in their sadism and abuses on patients, this one in particular is abusively more on sick leave than on work (worthy an investigation the doctor/s who fraudulenty issues her the multitude of sick leave certificates), and when supposed on sick leave is probably more than healthy to continue with her course of Criminologist at University of Malta, as she proudly lists herself on ResearchGate in the above image. On Mon 27-Feb-23, few days after the staff had confiscated my mobile in MW7, sent for her via those of the Occupational Therapy. For the 2nd time made her fully aware of the abuses I had to suffer and asked her to give a lookout to this website for evidence wherever she had doubts, hoping she puts her studies as "criminologist" into practice. Not only she as Mount Carmel Hospital Psychotherapist was of no help, but further infuriated the staff against me by assisting them in their revenge on me, a mere patient, ending with the umpteenth restriction of communication order on 2-Mar-23, and few days later, on 16-Mar-23 expelled from MW7 to MW1. For sure she sees her Dean Andrew Azzopardi as role model, inspiration, and example to follow, incriminating herself for the fake she is, just as that fake "criminologist" of Roberta Holland had taught her to be.

One of the most sadists of nurses in the whole Mount Carmel Hospital is no other than nurse Joe Galea. He was involved in that tragic death of Sun 15-Nov-20 (a patient had choked in food and the incompetents staff present didn't manage to save his life, this Galea had entered half day overtime and returned to sleep almost the entire night shift without in anyway having it on his conscience), together with a fat nurse and that corrupt of NO Marlene Grech who as usual had entered almost an hour late when almost everything was over. This Galea was one of the nurses involved in smashing open patients' lockers when around 15 of us including me had been transferred to another ward for a fortnight with the excuse that we had come positive to Covid in March '21 (some found things missing from their lockers, myself found my my mobile with its screen cracked but still working, they had told us to leave everything behind, guess why ...). When we returned not only we weren't greeted welcomed back but he in particular began lamenting "Ghadhom kif gew, ga bdew iridu l-mera, biex iqabbdu c-charger / They have just returned, already started asking for the mirror (to shave my beard a fortnight long), to plug the charger (of the shaver)", and when I reported in his presence that my locker has been broken (as at first I had suspected the other patients were responsible), he began making fool of me when asked them to contact those of maintenance to make me a new lock. These patients' lockers were originally elevated from the ground resting on a sort of platforms (can be seen in this image, with my broken laptop resting on them). He had these platforms dismantled one by one with the excuse patients were sleeping on them during the day (so that he can himself sleep the entire night unhindered and not have patients sleeping late or walking around). He reduced the lockers available to patients by say half, taking some to be used by the staff (compare to Mintoff stealing your property to give it to his sympathizers), dumping others, and had the remaing patients' lockers arranged in such a way to form yet another staff room (so the staff ended having 5 staff rooms in total, besides a store used as a spare bedroom). When about to shave my beard and need the mirror, I rather leave it for some other time when he or that fat nurse are not in office for it is a task a bit too much for them to handle it to me a miserable patient. A set of chairs (11 in total) used to be situated in the vicinity of the clinic / their office - he had them removed to a more distant place because the chattering of patients was annoying him. The patients' toilets are composed of 2 cubicles - he had the alumimium door of one of them removed so that at night there is for him the sound of one door less being closed and opened. Similarly the door of the smoking room was annoying him - so he saw that a padlock be placed to keep it shut the entire night, with the patients ending instead smoking in the toilets and dormitories, and guess why after 8 years locked, I again began having asthma attacks. Before he used to collect the cigarette lighters when working the night shifts for the same reason to not hear that cursed door being opened and closed. He has the habit of peeing (dirtying) in the patients' toilets, but when it comes to shit he uses the clean staff toilets reserved only for themselves. Around June '22 came again in MW7 a certain patient GA, roughly my age 1 month difference, who used to ask for some Panadol every 6 hours to make up for the pain, possibly side effect of that poison Risperdone which also kept him awake most of the night. One day he happened to ask for one at midnight waking up this nurse Joe Galea who had since long been sleeping. As revenge, he made up with that sadist of NO Marlene Grech to get rid of him have him transfered to some other ward. The opportunity came when one day this GA had some appointment at Mater Dei hospital, and on arriving back had gone to a local vending machine to buy cigarettes, probably from the little pocket money given by his parents. With the excuse he should not have been in possession of money, for this petty offence, they had him transferred to MSU (Maximum Secure Unit) for several months. Around December '22 came in Male Ward 7 a certain patient JR, maybe because he has some intellectual disability, he either used to pass time laughing by himself or annoying other patients and staff, even passing entire nights awake. It happened the turn of this nurse Joe Galea to work the night shift, and unlike the other days, after this patient JR was given the night pills, after say one hour ended being so lethargic they had to drag him to bed and in the morning ended up soaked up in his own urine and had to pass almost till the evening in a wheelchair unable to get on his feet. The staff present during the morning didn't bother call him a doctor, so some became increasingly suspicious that possibly that nurse Galea well known for his sadism had gave him some extra pill/s to leave him pass the entire night sleeping, and asked for Police intervention. The next night entered the already mentioned fat nurse, who began threatening patients they will have their revenge on the one who reported. After he gave this JR the night pills, he once again became lethargic so much that he was this time referred to Mater Dei Hospital. The staff had in the meantime became so infuriated someone had put them in bad light for bothering about a miserable patient's life that for them was such a nuisance that once again began pushing for the patients to be prohibited from using smartphones to further remove any remaining obstacles from abusing them more at leisure and have them intimidated and silenced made even more completely voiceless. Guess one was a nurse from Gozo like that sadist Marlene Grech, always entering say 1 hour late and goes out 1 hour early the day shifts, but at least for the night shifts he normally goes out 1 hour late, guess why, because you find him still sleeping (imagine what would come out had they do them mobile tracking, and even better had they track Psychiayrists! Instead they track who dare report abuses, for in Psychiatry, a fraudulent business in itself, it forms part of their crime laundering and cover-up of crimes). That mentioned fat nurse, for long used to bring say cooked rice or pasta to sell to some patients when entering night shifts, and when we patients do some biscuits with those of the occupational department, he takes home most of them or are normally eaten by the staff and the left-overs, if any, distributed to the few patients remaing intentionally when most of them are out for some time at main garden. Guess how many sadistic abuses patients have to suffer continuosly for the staff to persevere endlessly in their abuses unhindered with always greater intensity and impunity than before. If only we can use their twisted logic to have them labeled as unable to realize the severity of their actions to have them drugged and injected with Psychiatric poison as they do with patients for the slightest mishap, let them taste their own medicine, if only. Of course there are few staff who are exceptional, or do not go to such extremes, but they are the very very few.

Socialism sucks. Under past labour governments, labour supporters used to ask ministers to give them cosy jobs doing nothing with the government or ask to fruadulently be boarded out, under present labour government went a step further, with contractors and speculators asking ministers jobs for foreigners to have money to pay them as rent, etc., to privatize Mount Carmel Hospital closing / demolishing ward after another to serve as excuse to send patients to private homes, in exchange for party donations the Corrupt-Malta-Style, etc. In the above video, can be seen staff "working hard" in Male Ward 7, not that the other wards are anything better, but expect that bit more in a ward administered by one who does the most unbelievable abuses herself. Really taxpayer's money down the drain (paying the midleman the salary of say a doctor/nurse, multiplied by hundreds and more of staff, for the services of a nurse/carer, for doing nothing, for ending so overstaffed to end having nothing to do) sponsoring the construction industry, more foreigners mean higher rent and buying prices for the ugly apartments all Malta is being ruined with, besides enjoying free healthcare, transport, education for their many many children, social benefits (as they do almost nothing, their salary can more appropriately be considered as an extra addition to their 'social benefits package' - the cherry on the cake), etc., also at taxpayers' expense (while these are earning it that easily, even with double and triple pay for Sundays and Public holidays respectively, think of some pensioners who can't make it till the end of month - as the public debt continues to spiral up, it is inevitable that one day will bankrupt the country). In the video above they are seen chatting, playing with mobiles, sleeping, etc., just imagine what even worse they do at night, and what worser most of the Maltese staff do themselves, in particular those blessed use no punch clocks like that sadist of Marlene Grech, just a fake signature one signs for the rest all that is needed (guess, in the last Aug'23 sectoral agreement of which 87% of the nurses agreed with, it was amongst others "agreed that electronic palm readers, that clock in attendance, will only be used when all employees, irrespective of their grade or salary, begin to make use of it" - so it's something will intentionally never happen for rest assured the fraudsters of Psychiatrists themselves amongst other "employees" will never submit to it - no punch clocks was so worthile to no other than that fraudster and corrupt of MUMN president and nurse, you find him guess where, at Mount Carmel Hospital, Paul Pace, to claim thousands of overtime he never worked, he did it so lavishly to even claim overtime when was on holiday in Egypt and is so vile he even wants compensation for his own misdeeds [will they do him mobile tracking ... for sure not] - being on holiday or on work does not make any difference for he does nothing of work anyway!). Rest assured had they do them time logging, per ward just one of them would not total more than 30 minutes of work in a 12 hour shift, the rest total nothing at all. They so much know they are being paid for nothing that they inevitably end suffering from severe obsessive disorder thinking-they-are-going-to-be-reported and goodbye-to-such-cosy-jobs, so always try to grasp with the slightest excuse to make the patients further more voiceless, to further abuse them at leisure, and themselves abuse more unhindered and with that peace of mind. All this to the great frustration of patients who are even denied of their fundamental rights, for what the Mental Health Act article 3.1.r beautifully states that a patient should have "free and unrestricted communication with the outside word" is just on paper for the total opposite they do in practice, they even prohibited the use of mobiles by patients to further silence them make them go crazy having nothing to pass time, reported for the slightest mishap (gie paranoid ghall-istaff - came paranoid towards the staff; imhawwad - is confused / disoriented; imtektek / imcaqlaq - is shaken; cemplu ghall-ghajnuna - phone to ask for help) in contrast to the staff who abuse so vilely even in the light of the day with total impunity with all the blessing of the authorities. Really a case of Psychiatry "never disappoints you," when it comes to cross every limit of decency! - this article sums it all: ‘MUMN boss [Paul Pace] abuses his position for personal gain’ – Mt Carmel CEO admits - and if an action is taken against one of them like against that corrupt Marlene Grech, ... "he will use his position to retaliate by issuing directives that will negatively affect the service." - so LET THEM ENJOY IMPUNITY GALORE and to hell the miserable patients - for if this one complete corrupt fraudster blackmails that easily the supreme head, the CEO, imagine the revenge the staff take of patients, myself a prime example, who dare report them!

fraudster Psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri used to take money to board out prisoners As regards the stuff is made of the Psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri who together with that incompetent of Psychiatrist Hector Cutajar issued me the latest restriction of freedom of communication order (rofoco), above image on the left from this link gives you a glimpse of what he himself as Deputy Chairman of Psychiatry does so vilely with the stroke of a pen, prisoners used to give him a sum of money to fraudulently board them out, and for the fraudster he is, invents they are suffering from some inexistent mental illness as usual in Psychiatry without any scientific basis, taxpayers' money does the rest. The same above image on the right from this link shows him listed together with the other fraudsters of Psychiatrist Hector Cutajar, Doreen Cassar (wife of the just as well fraudster Psychiatrist David Cassar) and Raymond Galea (the mentioned recently appointed Commissioner of Health within the Ombudsman) as forming part of the Medical Board responsible for approving social benefits, recently embroiled in the disability benefits fraud scandal where those implicated said in some instances the medical board’s interview would last all of "five minutes” and "weeks after appearing before the government board, the people would start receiving average monthly payments of €450." Months before this scandal came out, on 29-Jun-23 asked in vain the newly appointed and just as well corrupt Ombudsman Joseph Zammit McKeon, later the 'Compliance Unit - Social Security', the Police, the Minister responsable for social benefits, and even Times Of Malta to investigate this fraudster of Psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri: worth noting that while this Spiteri benefits criminals with social benefits most of them never paid a single cent as tax, he and those before him never did the same with me despite for so long having been maliciously labeled with so many chronic and more severe mental illnesses, for I opposed from the start this label on me of a mental, and even gathered evidence to show this massive fraud behind it, on the other hand criminals work hand in hand with Psychiatrists to get benefits. With Psychiatry has been fake since ever, in their twisted logic it is not the one who abuses who is wrong but those who dare to report abuses, me in particular, so guess why all those rofocos I suffered (1, 2, 3, 4), they can't stand the truth, the evidence, this website, which unmasks them as the evil, the hypocrites, the fraudsters they have since ever been. Rest assured had I wrote something untrue or exaggerated on the evil of Psychiatry in this website, they would have for sure instead of these restriction of communication orders issued some statement and flooded our fake local media with articles labeling this website as providing misleading incorrect information, in the same way as happened during Covid times with those instilling fear about the vaccines, etc. (guess these were probably right).

fraudster and sadist Psychiatrist Joseph SpiteriThe super fraudster (links: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and sadist of Psychiatrist Joseph Spiteri.
fraudster Psychiatrist Joseph SalibaPsychiatrist Joseph Saliba.
Professur tal-bigilla Psychiatrist David MamoPsychiatrist David Mamo.

For sure the above merit the title of The greatest fraudsters and crime-launderers of all times" for the fake corrupt Psychiatrists they are. On 2-May-23 and 16-May-23 was examined by these fraudsters of Psychiatrists and on 6-Jun-23 they spoke also with my relatives, who all together made them more aware, than already were, of the abuses I had to suffer and wherever there were doubts, clarified them elaborated them further to them more than already explained in this website, which Spiteri had it printed as if to intimidate me. When my sister asked them how journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia had ended with over 40 libel cases but myself got none, the hypocrite of Spiteri told them that it is because I am still considered a mental (guess besides parliamentary immunity, there must exist "mental" immunity!), as if a magistrate who had a 'parasite ... scum' of journalist arrested, would ever tolerate a "mental" writing stupidities and lies on him. As regards Psychiatrist David Mamo, he is the umpteenth example of a Professur tal-bigilla you can expect at a University of a corrupt country, to be more vile, at the Faculty of Social Well-Being whose Dean Andrew Azzopardi issues fatwas as part of his "social well-being." As regards Psychatrist Joseph Saliba, in his heydey he was the Superintendent of Psychiatry (as a sort of what today is the Chairman of Psychiatry and CEO of Mount Carmel Hospital combined), with this fraudster is mentioned in this thread of emails: was sent by that fake the then Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia to cover-up the abuses of the staff whom I had reported in 2018 for taking home hospital food intentioned for patients, guess he is a fraudster even more when it comes to cover-up the even more sadistic abuses of colleagues, of other fake Psychiatrists and complete fraudsters like him, for Psychiatrists are nothing but failed doctors and drug pushers, and having no science to back them, they vent their frustration or possibly take advantage of, transforming themselves into the most sadists, fruadsters, hypocrites, and big liars, and to hell their victims.

Psychiatrists, being failed doctors, mostly got all Cs all the way through the medical school

On 22-Dec-23 those of Shift News came with an article: Systematic abuse and theft in overtime, allowances at Mt Carmel Hospital mentioning: In the case of some medical consultants (i.e. those fraudsters of Psychiatrists), the allowances they were being paid surpassed their basic pay by up to 200%. Few days later those parrots of Times of Malta followed suit with an article on 28-Dec-23: Mount Carmel staff found doing extra jobs during working hours mentioning: In one case, the audit found a consultant was paid for services given to the commissioner for mental health, a separate entity, during working hours at Mount Carmel. ... The same consultant was also found to be carrying out work for the Court Services Agency and the Malta Foundation School. Note how our fake local media didn't dare to mention the consultant/s by name as they did with that fraudster of a nurse and MUMN president Paul Pace. But what is even more incredible in this so corrupt country since ever is that over 3 and a half years before on 12-Jun-20 in these series of emails already mentioned further above, had amongst others highlighted these abuses to the CEO Stephanie Xuereb saying, in Maltese, translated here to English:
"But they abuse so intentionaly from the fact that those above them, amongst them doctors and in particular Psychiatrists do the same and much worser. In fact many of these have several jobs (that is apart from their supposed full time job at the hospital, work privately in clinics, or as Court experts, University lecturers, appear on TV) and ask yourself how they manage to find time for everything and for the family. ... Also during the time these supposed consultants are working at hospital, I presume they are doing work not related to hospital for which they are being paid in another way, eg. doing the court reports, preparing lectures, etc., prepare what they are going to say on TV as does that Anton Grech, and so on, don't think yourself as a doctor don't know of these things or else you must surely be living on the moon - if you don't believe me or maybe just want to turn it as some illusion of mine, just tell you that for the court report on me paid by the same Court they came doing it amongst others David Cassar and Ethel Felice during the time they were supposed to be working in their full time job at hospital ... that is at the same time they were being paid from two sources."
But being a big super fraudster and sadist herself took no action, except having their utmost revenge on me within a week transfered me to another ward with savage primitive cannibals, put me Level 1 on supervision with staff 24 hours on my watch, and issued this restriction of freedom of communication order for a whole month and again yet another one few weeks later on 14-Aug-20 for another whole month, when I was also transferred to yet another different ward, to intimidate me, silence me, and abuse me further at leisure, and themselves continue in their abuses at leisure, unhindered and with that peace of mind. At the end of this second restriction of freedom of communication order they returned my laptop from the hospital's safe broken with the screen smashed and prohibited me from reusing it again after had to repair it at my own expense, save a miserable for a miserable €140 they refunded me over a year and a half later, as mentioned in this email (note how months before that fraudster, big liar and complicit of CEO herself had lied saying it was not on part of negligence from the staff or the hospital that my laptop was broken).

Mount Carmel Hospital patient issued a continous detention orderThis is an example of a Continuous Detention Order, where with the stroke of a pen, the patient is being locked by the sadists of Psychiatrists for a bloody long period of 6 months. When this patient could no longer bear it being locked innocently, drugged up for nothing, and seeing his health being ruined in such a blatant way through the side effects of pills, he escaped from Mount Carmel Hospital - the animal instinct that keeps you fighting for survival, fighting for your rights, keeps you busy living, to prove to the outside world that without cure he can behave well just as well. As a revenge for this, the staff of MW7 locked us remaining patients within the ward 24x7, without access to the yard for a bit of fresh air. Now doesn't this draw parallels with the atrocities of say World War 2, when some prisoner escaped, the guards would as a revenge kill say 10 of the remaining prisoners? Such orders are not the exception to the rule, they are instead the norm (in Maltese we say: qishom qed ibighu l-pastizzi / like they are selling cheesecakes - with that fake Commissioner for Mental Health serving as a rubber stamp to what the Psychiatrists dictate) in corrupt Malta where Psychiatry has found fertile ground to abuse patients' human rights at leisure - the true diabolic face of Psychiatry.

Above video filmed by some eldery with a smartphone at the home for elderly, St. Vincent De Paul, shows a carer mishandling an eldery. Now try to imagine the abuses, not only physical but also verbal, a billionth times more severe at Mount Carmel Hospital where patients are so easily lied upon, framed-up, stigmatised whatever they say is taken with a pinch of salt, even end up labeled with delusions, with "inappropriate beliefs," and drugged up and revenged that easily if they dare report, with their belongings (my laptop, my mobile) damaged by the staff in retaliation, denied the use of smartphones in wards to make them voiceless even more, so that the staff can abuse further at leisure always with that peace of mind that no one can stand them and with full knowledge the authorities anyway are always more than ready to cover them up in their most sadistic abuses they are so free to do on the vulnerable patients.

Freelancer Belle de Jong writing fake articles promoting PsychiatryIn corrupt Malta Psychiatrists sought the services of a freelance writer, Belle De Jong, to write fake stories and articles promoting Psychiatry and with a hidden agenga (that of having Mount Carmel Hospital closed and relocate in a new mental hospital next to Mater Dei). Really incredible. So much Psychiatry is totally fake, our local media puppets on a string, and money speaks. Rest assured that if a patient writes to the media, his letter won't even be considered, as they did with me and others. All this lobbying to close Mount Carmel hospital to built a new psychiatric hospital is the cause of immense mental stress not only on patients but also on the staff. Rest assured that a new one will solve nothing of the stigma, for within a short time will become known as the "New Ta Frankuni" and we will be back to square one. Guess that the only ones to gain will be the Psychiatrists who will pride themselves in having a hospital next to Mater Dei Hospital to appear to be nothing less than doctors, at taxpayer expense. When this Belle calls herself "Mental Health Advocate" and at the same time plays her part in my character assassination calling me cat killer when there is all evidence to the contrary, she is giving you a taste of the abuses far worser you can expect from the evil of Psychiatry.