The way Magistrate Carol Peralta had threatened me in a court sitting

L-isparpaljar ta' flus fl-isptar Monte Carmeli

Money down the drain at Mount Carmel Hospital

When in 2014 was arrested, and ended locked in Mount Carmel Hospital, there was at its helm Clifton Grima as Chief Executive Officer who today holds the position of Minister of Education. He had got that job on the merit for being the usual party's lackey, as has almost always been the custom in a country since ever corrupt like Malta. So once arrested, those of TimesOfMalta went to interview such "lawyer" appointed on such "merit" on the subject of "mental illness" to write an article on "the importance" that one should never stop taking psychiatric cure (it's like interviewing the illiterate Jack of the village who passed all his life growing onions, on Phytagoras Theorem - the typical "investigative journalism" you can expect from local media). Fortunately for me not only didn't stop taking the cure, but actually had not even ever started taking it from the very start. In the article they displayed a photo of me covering my face, yet the one who should have been covering his face in shame for the corrupt he was should have been the one in front of me, the then Inspector Edmond Cuschieri, for so blatantly, with other Police officers, framing me up and character assassinate me with unfounded accusationd he was fully aware I did not commit.

But as usual in Malta the more you are corrupt the more they exalt you, and if you dare expose some for the incompetents they are, they end make your life hell. To come to the point, after the mentioned Clifton Grima as CEO of Mount Carmel Hospital, were appointed Kevin Schembri, and then the one up to some time ago, Stephen Sultana.

The Chief Executive of Mount Carmel Hospital Stephen Sultana

As can be seen above, being the party's lackey in Malta must for sure be worthwhile. This Stephen Sultana, major of Santa Venera, in January 2018 from Chairman of Kalaxlokk, was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH) and recently on 19th May 2020 was appointed as head of Boffa Hospital, running away just in time to leave the mess he left at Mount Carmel Hospital to be handled by his successor, the just as well incompetent, corrupt and fraudster on even larger scale of Stephanie Xuereb. While many were loosing their jobs because of Covid-19, he was given another job to save him the day before he would most probably have had to resign as head of MCH for the incompetent he was. This screenshot from his facebook page was taken on 6th April 2020. Only hope that in the same way he is proud to be a Labourist ("Kburi li Laburist"), the party is just as well proud of one like him and in particular with the way he managed this hospital. To say it all, misadministration in this Hospital is not something of the present but has long been going, from the just as well corrupt previous PN governments, only that in my opinion it was never that much as is today.

What was Male Ward 2 at Mount Carmel Hospital

The above image shows what was Male Ward 2 in the second floor and another ward below named Prof. Victor Vassallo in the ground floor. That Male Ward 2 was still open with patients at least till 2016 when at that time during the time I could spend wondering around in the Hospital's "Main Garden" went to see an ex-MW3A patient nicknamed "Is-Susu" who some time later ended transferred back to MW3A where he eventually died on 28-Oct-2016. Some time later these 2 wards were closed and after months undergoing restoration and refurbishment with some money from the Marigold Foundation, those of TimesOfMalta on 25th February 2018 published an article "Five-year plan to make Mount Carmel 'top-notch'." Somewhere in the middle of this article there is mentioned "Works to revamp the colonial building, built in 1861, are already under way in Male Ward 2." This Male Ward 2 did not form part of the old part of this hospital built by the British as they made the journalist from TheTimes to gullibly believe, but was built years later. According to this article, this Male Ward 2 was supposed to be opened again within a short time, within not more than 3 months as "project manager John Papagiorcopulo walked this newspaper through the MW2 hallways explaining how works in the 23-bed ward would cost upwards of €1 million as of their May (2018) completion." But let us have mercy of them and say that it didn't take them till that day in May 2018 to end wasting the whole figure "upwards of €1 million " before someone noted (for sure not that Ivan Martin of The Times or the Auditor) that the roof of Male Ward 2 had some structural problems ... and to that extent that would need to be replaced, if not all, at least part of it. I am not 100% sure but someone who works as a cleaner in this hospital once told me that they had even installed some kitchen cupboard amongst other furniture in this Male Ward 2 - so much were the refurbishing works in this ward at an advanced stage (presumably the rest of furniture / beds were already ordered and paid even if possibly still not delivered and installed in place). So rather than continue to waste till the last cent (the left-overs might as well have gone to someone's pockets), they decided to stop all works, even in the Prof. Vassallo ward below, because in this hospital they reason it that once a roof has some problems, there is not only the possibility of it imminently collapsing, but in this eventuality it would also cause the roof of the ward below to collapse (in some cases they might be true if the roof is made the old way consisting of iron beams and stone slabs as possibly was the case in these wards), and possibly kill or harm the workers if left to work in the ward below, besides not being worthwhile to keep renovating a ward whose roof might one day in this way collapse. The video below, filmed on 28th December 2019, shows the state in which the ward at ground floor was left at that time.

I had since long before noticed that one of the outside windows was left a bit open (at that time just moved it to appear closed) and choose a Saturday in those Christmas and New Year's festivities when I presumed to less catch the eye of someone to just step in. As one can note, everything seems to have stopped abruptly, the workers took their tools away and left everything half finished, and for sure there was still much work to do in this ward below compared to the Male Ward 2 above. In particular one can note something very interesting in this video at time 1:23, a stairs unbelievably going straight into the roof, who knows maybe the architect reasoned it that might as well be left in place as a support for the roof above it or to serve as that typical modern art attraction in the era we are living where with the help of science, imbeciles seem to have by far outnumbered those who aren't. For sure the hospital authorities were now worried someone (not the Auditor for sure) may return expecting to see this refurbished Male Ward 2 opened with those "23 beds" and the usual sedated and drugged up patients in them. So to avoid the embarassement for having discovered those "little problems" in the roof a bit too late and be held accountable for all that money "upwards of €1 million " down the drain (in this link of 20-Apr-2019 is mentioned "He recalled a male ward was closed down about two years ago and refurbishment works started, however, after spending €1.5 million on the water and electricity systems, workers realised the ceilings were not safe, so it remained closed."), they continued with works but on another ward somewhere else in this Hospital which was inaugurated and re-named, guess what, as Male Ward 2 instead, ... as if this was the original Male Ward 2 on which those "upwards of €1 million" were spent mentioned by The Times, and make that "money down the drain" appear as "money well spent" for the just as well gullible Auditor to flatter them with. But this happened months and months later, for in the meantime, within less than 2 months when the original MW2 mentioned by the TheTimes was supposed to be inaugurated and its name still not assigned to another ward in this Hospital, the Planning Authority received an application with a Reception Date of 25th July 2018 (in case those of the PA happen to dare change its wording, this is a copy of this application on this website), by the Hospital's CEO Stephen Sultana for works on "Male ward 2 refurbishment," meaning that everything had to start all over again in this ward. This also means that the refurbishment works that were carried out before were done illegally without submitting an application for these works to the Planning Authority, and maybe now that the new "refurbishments" would involve "a bit more" work replacing some or all of its roofs (and expect "a bit more" more money "upwards of €1 million" to be spent), thought it better not risk it again doing the works once again illegally. Despite the permit for these works has since long been approved by the PA since July 2019, works only started around June 2021 in what was once that Male Ward 2 as the contractors had in the meantime been posted on other works within this hospital, in most cases works carried out illegally without applying for a permit as we mere mortals are obliged to do, something which seems to be the norm in this hospital especially during the tenure of Sultana as CEO with all the blessing of the Planning Authority which covered him up rather than took action on the illegalities when I reported them (expect nothing better in a typical corrupt country since ever like Malta where the authorities cover up the corrupt practices of those in high positions). As said works on what was Male Ward 2 started around June 2021 when they put in place a tower crane and began with the demolition (by mistake they ended demolishing more than was planned, as seen in this image link with both ground floor and the 2nd storey had to be rebuilt again as it was, with recycled and new stone - note also the walls damped with rainwater which had overflown some days before from the newly made roof!). Then after some time, works stopped abruptly (probably due to the mentioned mistake, maybe the authorities and contractor ended blaming each other), yet the tower crane remained in place, some said it was costing around €100 daily in rent for nothing (not to mention the extra staff employed as security at the back side of the hospital since the start of the works). So if the contractor was to blame, he ended earning it anyway with the rental income, if not it is even worse. Construction kept going at a slow pace for almost 2 years when around June '23 they removed the tower crane, yet the extra multitude of staff employed as security doing nothing at the back side of the hospital remained (it is ironic they want to phase out the hospital kitchen staff, but not these). If not enough, from the start they also rented a mobile office and an extra sanitory unit with WC, yet again despite that it has become a rarity to ever see anyone still working on the project, they left them in place - more taxpayers' money down the drain being paid in rent for nothing, not to mention they are occupying a sort of open area where patients used to play and pass time.

The above video filmed in Nov '23 shows what was Prof. Victor Vassallo ward reduced to shell form.

The above video filmed in Nov '23 shows what was the old MW2 reduced to shell form.

Mount Carmel Hospital illegalities

If you think I am just inflating things on purpose, to understand better what I mean by cover ups by the authorities, the above image shows Mount Carmel Hospital with the parts shaded in colour of what I believe were illegal works being carried out without a permit and which I reported to the Planning Authority years ago. But rather than take action as it would have done immediately with us mere mortals, the Planning Authority for the corrupt and fake it is, chose to cover-up the illegalities of such friend of friends and the usual party lackey of ex CEO Stephen Sultana by falsifying the description of works of another application to make what I reported to it as "illegalities" appear as if they were works to which a planning application had been submitted in the past. I am referring to application PA/09799/19 which its description of works today reads "To replace existing roof and window lintels and restoration of part of wall." This in itself already shows something very malicious, as how could you imagine submitting a single application to perform 3 different types of works in different sites (e.g. replacing "existing roof" in the parts shaded yellow, green and violet, "window lintels" in the part shaded light red, and "restoration of part of wall" in the part shaded red, like owning both a house in Attard and a field in Mosta, and need to replace the roof of the former and reconstruct the rubble wall of the latter, and end submit a single application covering both, simply because you happen to own them both). Yet before I had reported these illegalities, this application's original description of works read "To demolish existing diesel room and reconstruct " as can be seen from this link from the Planning Authority (PA) server with the photo (shown below) those of the PA themselves had taken of the application PA/09799/19 they affixed on site at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Mount Carmel Hospital PA09799_19

But let us have mercy of such corrupt Planning Authority, the usual puppet at the hands of speculators and politicians, whose only aim seems to be more than ever that of ruining the island entirely with concrete and asphalt, and assume it was due to some spelling mistake by the incompetents it has behind its desks, a mistake a bit too much to be a mere coincidence and in particular to have happened after I had reported several illegalities, including works being carried out without a permit like the "replacement of existing roof and window lintels and restoration of part of wall." Without knowing, the PA are simply confirming that I was right when I had identified those works as illegal and a permit was needed before they could start with the works. But guess those of the PA had chosen to falsify the wrong application, or let us say they forgot to falsify also the "Board Agenda date" of that original application PA/09799/19 which was left 24-Apr 2020 (data as extracted from PA server on 11-Apr-2020), a date which was yet to come for the issue of a permit for illegal works that had long been or were already being carried out. When I pointed to them this anomaly in the date and above all who is going to be held responsible for the falsification of the original description of works of this application, they changed the "Board Agenda date" and postponed it further to 14-May-2020, who knows maybe by that time, rather then approving simply the designs and drawings for the works supposed to be done, they took it a step further and approved the illegal works on site, done before the permit was approved, already finished and completed. It is precedent worthy to be exploited by us mere mortals, but of course not the case for some who have since long been enjoying such priviledge to do whatever they like (as always the laws in a corrupt country are there for us mere mortals, those of the priviledged class are always excused and above the law). Guess that in case you happen to be fined by the PA for say simply painting the facade of your home or repairing some rubble wall in the countryside without applying for a permit, go give it a try and ask the hospital administration for an advice on how just like them you can get away with your "little (compared to theirs)" illegalities, and instead as recompense reward the money they would have fined you or which you would have ended spending at Court, to finance the party, and above all to favour them with your vote in future elections for more of the same (not that it makes any difference voting for the other party).

The above video was recorded on 10-May-2020, a screen capture of my laptop screen as I was visiting the Planning Authority website to search for PA/09799/19, and then later began to view the photos I had submitted to the same Planning Authority to take action on several illegalities within this hospital, which illegalities not only the PA didn't bother at all to take action against, but to be more vile were incorporated as part of the falsified description of works of this application, and with the Planning Authority not only ended doing such a blatant cover-up in its role as a watchdog on illegalities, but also faked it as if it was about to decide whether or not to issue a permit for this application, when the photos show that works had long started and in some cases were already completed before the permit for these works was issued. I will be explaining some of the photos seen in this video further below.

Regarding the image further above with parts shaded in colour, worth noting a somewhat large building (the laundry) at the bottom centre slightly to the left, which is a bit misaligned with the other older buildings nearby. As regards the part coloured in wine at the centre on the extreme right, it shows what was once Male Ward 2 at the time when those of the TimesOfMalta published the mentioned article. The new Male Ward 2 is now even more not part of "the colonial building, built in 1861 " and lies somewhere in that block at the bottom right at ground floor (it seems originally the ward's name was Saint Bernardette and some still refer to it with this name rather than with its new name Male Ward 2). It happened that some months before the mentioned TimesOfMata's article, that is months before March 2018, the Hospital administration had contacted someone to certify if some old wooden beams holding the ceiling of some wards in this Hospital were still safe. Possibly some were certified as unsafe and so they made some form of support beneath them as can be seen in the photos below.

Mount Carmel Hospital illegalities

Both halls shown above formed part of the Male quarter of this Hospital built originally by the British, with the dormitories of patients now serving as offices and their hallways as sort of corridors. Rather than tackling the problem immediately, it was put on hold and they simply built some courses with bricks (as the roof is several courses high) on which they placed the usual screw shoring props (gakkijiet ) to act as support for the wooden beams and everything was left in this state to rot peacefully since long, so one day they might as well demolish everything rather than restore such old building. In these hallways they often used to do several rabbits, birds, poultry, fish (of aquarium) and even scale model shows with the intention "to lessen the stigma associated with this hospital." But that is something of the past, for now they seem intentioned only to depict this hospital as a derelict building worthy only of being bulldozed down (Psychiatrists have since long had the intention of having a new mental health hospital near Mater Dei hospital so as not to be anything less than other doctors - now considering that around one third of Mount Carmel Hospital is in derilict state and they could easily add another storey on its buildings currently with only one storey without wasting more land with another hospital, this is another blatant case of corruption at its best). As can you expect from the typical Maltese idiot, the staff of some other wards in this hospital seem to have got infected with this contagious disease suspecting the roof of their ward was also about to fall and thus those wards marked violet, yellow and green were amongst those which were subsequently closed and works began to replace their roofs or part of it, of course without applying for a permit or in case they had applied for one, began the works long before the permit was issued. But not all wards were that lucky, for the one marked blue, an entire block consisting amongst others of 2 of the largest wards, for simply having some damage in part of a roof, on a mere visual survey, was condemned for demonilition entirely.

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 10 or Male wards 3A and 3BThe above image from Google Earth shows that block shaded in blue (Block 10), once consisting of MW3A at ground floor and MW3B at the floor above. There was also another storey below on this side with stores, Outreach offices and a sort of Archives. Those marked D1, D2, D3 and D4 were dormitories containing say 5 beds each, while those marked A, B, C and D were single rooms with a single bed. When in 2005 was locked in this hospital after the sentence of my first court case was delivered, I ended after some time in that single room marked B (of MW3A) and when in 2014 the sentence of my second court case was delivered, I ended after some time in the room marked D. The numbers 1-6 indicate the places where there is some damage in the roof of MW3B. Some time before November 2017 they brought an architect to assess this damage and on a visual survey he saw the roof as bulging downwards. I suspect the architect must have bought some spectacles with fisheye lens effect and came to give it a try here to end doing such a "distorted" survey for the fraudster he is. So they ended evacuating all beds from the dormitories D1-4 of MW3B (but not of the single rooms A-D) and placed the patients crammed like sardines all in that big room at the top right (i.e. the part protruding out of the main block, 10 beds in total as can be seen in this photo from the mentioned TimesOfMalta article). That big room used to be the TV room of MW3B (while the part protruding at the bottom right used to be and remained the dining room).

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 10 from insideThe numbers marked 1-6 in the above images are photos, taken around December '19 / January '20 from inside MW3B of the screw shoring props they placed long before at the points marked 1-6 on the image from Google Earth further above. They were supposed to be holding the roof from falling. As one can note the painting on the roof was in a good state and for sure not cracked or stained which could indicate possible ingress of rain water (thus the possible damage to the steel bars within the concrete was limited), the thin wooden planks were perfectly flat with the roof and in particular that marked 5 supported by a single prop at the middle (so there was for sure no bulging downwards), and in the vicinity the concrete was not cracked or displaced owing to possibly corroded / rusted steel bars within. Also note that rather than flexible thin wooden planks, they should have used inflexible iron / wooden beams or something of this sort (imagine it the other way round, using such type of scaffolding on which to pour concrete for a new roof - it would for sure bulge downwards in between the props). So much was this a case of big fraud faking it as if the roof was being held in place because of these props, and wastage of taxpayers' money to the point that rather than doing the little repairs necessary in these parts of the roof of MW3B, they ended demolishing an entire block as if they wanted to cancel once forever the evidence, that the roofs, as can be seen so clearly in these photos, were not that damaged to not could have been very easily and with few expenses repaired. With the same amount of money they wasted in demolishing this Block 10 (apart from filling our landfills with unnecessary debris), they might as well instead have repaired and refurbished it and did even more.

So once they evacuated the patients of MW3B from these dormitories, it happened that the Nursing Officer / Deputy Nurse of the ward below, MW3A, went to have a look, and seeing those props they placed resting on the roof of his ward, asked the administration of this hospital to bring back the architect to assess if in this way the roof of the dormitories below at MW3A was safe with all pressure from the weight of the roof above concentrated in those small areas where the props were located (as the thin wooden planks are useless anyway). Guess the architect played it safe and said it might as well one day fall down. To understand better this so massive fraud, imagine one who gives you the advice to play it safe not to use a laptop because you may get electrocuted or not to ride a bicycle because if hit by car you might end killed or disabled (despite the probability of these ever happening in both cases is so very small). So as a result, in November 2017 they also evacuated the dormitories D1-4 of MW3A and placed the patients crammed in that big room on the bottom extreme right protruding from the main block (as the TV and dining rooms of MW3A were sited opposite to those of MW3B - the usual Maltese idiot doing everything erratic), as they had done in MW3B some days or weeks before. So with MW3A's TV room now filled with beds, became for me practically even more impossible to watch TV (the patients only liked watching sports and films, for sure not to my taste who only like watching documentaries and preferably in Italian). But it happened that the patients, at least those of MW3A, rather than walking it to the other side of the ward to go to the toilet, during the night ended peeing on the floor in the corridors nearby, and so as a solution the cleaner placed his bucket in that big room at the extreme right where they had placed the beds so that at least the patients pee the old way as they used to do a century ago (i.e. a bucket with possible residues of pee to wash the floor during the day, and a bucket to fill and cover from outside with pee during the night). I leave to your imagination the scene of having a single bucket to be used by 10 patients for an entire night, not considering that some were not even capable to at least direct their pee in the bucket with their big belly or the way they were sedated with drugs. But yet the biggest headache was for the cleaner himself who had to empty a bucket full with overflowing pee the first task the following morning. In April 2018 when I was vilely doubled the dosage of pills for simply trying to report abuses of the staff and reported this incident to that fake ex-Commissioner for Mental Health John Cachia, also mentioned to him if he found it acceptable and hygienic for the patients to have such bucket to pee in. So rather that finding any help, and in particular for being a voice to patients regarding such absurdity which the staff didn't bother at all to report themselves (they for sure didn't bother to at least allow the patients to use one of 3 staff toilets nearby), I ended the victim once again as they ended transferring me to another single room but on the other side of the ward, so that in my previous room, the one marked D above, they installed a toilet. They left everything in this state for long and then sometime in year 2019 began transferring some of the patients of MW3A and of MW3B above to other wards within this hospital or to private / goverment homes until finally by end of October 2019 they transferred the last 4 patients, with myself being one of those last 4. As regards those patients who were transferred to private homes (not only from this Block 10 but also from the wards that ended closed or were / are undergoing renovation), imagine how much it is costing the taxpayer and especially considering that the Government didn't make redundant the staff involved (including the many foreigners on whom the Maltese staff burdened them with almost all the work) but assigned them to other entities, not to mention why the Government didn't utilize St. Lukes or Karen Grech Hospitals despite paying Steward Health Care lot and lot of money. The way many patients once at Mount Carmel Hospital ended at private homes is another form but less eye catching to the way the Government has sort of privatised St Lukes, Karen Grech and Gozo Hospitals, fraudulently pumping, or better wasting, lot of money at taxpayers expense to a private company / home to cater for them. Maybe they didn't also privatise Boffa and Mater Dei Hospitals just to not make it that obvious, ... as for sure it must be a very profitable business for those involved. One can also see this link to understand better the privatisation of Mount Carmel Hospital from behind our backs. But what is even more vile is that for some reason most of the patients, at least as was the case with most of those in MW3A and MW3B, used not to be charged anything or say didn't have their pension / benefits deducted for their often forced stay at Mount Carmel Hospital, but once they ended in these private homes were made to pay say about €200 monthly.

With a letter dated 5-Apr-2019, the Ministry of Health published a fake "Request for Participation (Negotiated) for the Hiring, Supply and Installation of Temporary Support Structures at Mt. Carmel Hospital " (this is the source and a copy of same file on this website), when these "Temporary Support Structures " had long been set up before this date (for sure those props in MW3B were already in place by November '17 when because of them they evacuated the same part of MW3A below, and as regards for "FW3 & Half Way House" see further below where they must have felt shy to write FW3B instead, or maybe the many iron beams they installed there to prevent the roof from falling now need some shoring props to hold them in place), and even before the permit to the Planning Authority was ever submitted, let alone granted (namely application DS/00083/19 with this being a copy of same application on this website extracted from PA server on 11-Apr-2020). On 21-Oct-2019 when MW3A was still open with the last patients, those of One News published an article "Blokk 10 fl-Isptar Monte Karmeli se jinbidel fi ġnien terapewtiku" / "Block 10 in Mount Carmel Hospital to be converted to a therapeutic garden." The ex-CEO Stephen Sultana submitted 2 applications to the PA, DS/00233/19 and PA/02239/20 (these are copies of DS/00233/19 and PA/02239/20 on this website) whose description of works today in both cases read "Mount Carmel Hospital Male Ward 3A-3B Dangerous Structure Demolition and Reinstatement of the soil surface," yet the description of works of DS/0233/19, BEFORE IT WAS ALSO FALSIFIED, originally read "The shoring up of the building in order to safeguard third parties and stop further damage/collapses " as can be confirmed in this link of the exchange of emails between myself and the PA when I reported several illegalities in this hospital. This that they want to reinstate the soil surface where there was Block 10 (the part marked in blue in the image further above, i.e. MW3A and MW3B) is there just to sugar the pill as if to appear they want to do something good for the environment, but behind the mask their true intention is to cover-up the big fraud there was behind the wastage of resources and money down the drain of taxpayers money when they demolished block 10 for nothing rather than tried to do the little repairs needed (it is like stealing all the customer savings from a bank to go donate a mere €50 to an orphanage in front of cameras, or like planting some trees after having asphalted so much virgin land). Guess that to make up for the loss of these 2 wards (about 80 patients in total, not to mention the office space, stores and an archive below MW3A), the Government needed a place and a bed for them in some building somewhere else (i.e. they, being the Government or a private entity, will end ruin more virgin land somewhere else - so the environment will for sure gain absolutely nothing), and if they really wanted to do a therapeutic garden they might as well gave it a try by restoring some of the derelict gardens within this hospital, and above all they would have asked to put the area where there is Block 10 as outside development zone so as to prevent once forever from seeing some other concrete monster popping up instead years later and have money once again wasted away on a short lived "therapeutic garden."

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 10 before ending demolishedAerial view of Block 10 before it was demolished on 4-Oct-2021 - it was all in vain reporting to the authorities. They were in such a hurry to demolish it but now that they achieved their aim seem not to be in a hurry at all in implementing the promised therapeutic garden (it ended serving as a dump site, so they had to go through extra expenses installing a fence all around to prevent further dumping!).

But if you think that I am just exaggerating facts on purpose when said that this Block 10 ended fraudulently demolished rather that did the litte repair works needed, consider Block 7, the one marked light red in the image further above, which is almost an exact copy of Block 10 to the point that its architect even wanted to waste vilely virgin land by doing that semi-circular part for the sake of making them the same. This block 7 originally consisted of F(emale) W(ard) 3A below and FW3B above (note they also kept the number 3 the same as for the wards in Block 10, but instead of being for males [MW3A/B], it was a block for females [FW3A/B]). FW3A was eventually split in 2 with part of it still referred with this name FW3A and the other part as Half Way House with the partitioning was done most probably illegally without ever applying for a permit. Amongst the many possible illegalities here, they also illegally surrounded the main stairs leading to FW3B above with a wall and that HWH was partitioned further to be able to hold 10 male and 10 female patients with separate facilities (toilets, showers, and separate male / female staff rooms fitted with beds for the staff to sleep when on duty, etc.) and even built illegally a kitchen in what was a small yard. This partitioning of the original FW3A in two probably required doubling the staff (the expenses doubled but the work halved for the staff - just 20 patients each 2 wards instead of 40 for a 1 whole ward) to handle the 2 resulting wards. FW3B was closed for refurbishment long and long time ago, but it seems the contractor did the plastering and painting before passing the plumbing and wiring within the walls and so on. Imagine the workers working for the contractor at loss asking him if he wanted them to proceed with the plastering when the wiring was still not present and he ends telling them to proceed anyway as that was not his problem but the problem the hospital administration will have to face in future for the incompetents they were ("we do our part and the rest is their problem, they should have thought it better" / "ahna naghmlu l-parti taghna imbaghad jarawh huma, misshom rawh qabel"). So the administration of this hospital ended fighting the case with this contractor in Court and in the meantime possibly some other place within this Hospital was named FW3B instead, probably as if to make it appear that the original FW3B had been refurbished and opened, only that it opened with that name somewhere else (below the above mentioned MW2, in what was Prof. V. Vassallo ward, see video further above) with a capacity much and much less than the 40 patients capacity of the original FW3B (note the possible similarity with the fate of that MW2 years later). But maybe after they had lost the court case (and guess how much more money wasted in legal fees in vain, and could probably be still ongoing), the administration probably sent someone to pay a visit to that original FW3B to start everything all over again, only to realize that by that time the roof of this ward was so damaged due to continuous ingress of rain water that parts of the roof had to be replaced and in some cases had to install several iron beams as "temporary measures" (or maybe better as "permanent measures") to prevent the roofs from collapsing. All this massive work was once again done illegally before submitting an application to the Planning Authority and without even having the decency to evacuate the patients from the wards below. In this case in Block 7, unlike what happened in Block 10 as already mentioned, despite the much and much more extensive damage in the roofs, they didn't bother at all that the roof of FW3B might as well fall on the wards below and result in a tragedy with fatalities of the staff who manage them, for if the fatalities were of patients it would not have made that big difference as the patients would eventually end killed anyway prematurely in the long run by the diabolic side effects of the Psychiatric cure (the patients are in fact seen as a burden were it not for the sadistic passtime of Psychiatrists experimenting drugs on them and maybe a source for some to fatten their pockets by sending patients to private homes in the way Mount Carmel Hospital is sort of maliciously being also privatised). But what is even more absurd is that Block 10 consisted of 3 storeys and only required little repair works, while this Block 7 consisted of just 2 storeys (and in the image further above the parts shaded which had or are having their roof replaced are mostly just one storey only) and the repair works necessary that had to be done in FW3B were a million times more (not only regarding expenses but also the time involved, etc.), yet they considered investing lot and a lot of money in these wards (FW3B and those wards shown shaded) but refrained from spending some little money to refurbish Block 10 and do the little repair works that were necessary in parts of MW3B roof. So much this Block 10 was fraudulently and maliciously demolished at the expense of taxpayer's money.

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 7 FW3BThe above are photos of the original FW3B in that Block 7 marked red in the image further above. The date on these photos was intentionally made wrong to avoid putting the staff who happened to be on duty in bad light, but rest assured these photos were taken in year 2020 (in fact note that those aluminium windows, recycled from MW3B, were already in place, so after say March 2020 for sure). In 7 of the above photos, the roof is seen all patched over and even had to install several iron beams to support the roof from falling (they are supposed to be "temporary measures" but rest assured they have opted for this sort of "money down the drain" works as "permanent measures"). In the remaining 2 photos the roof was even more damaged that had to be replaced entirely. Note that the photo on the left of the middle row shows once again ingress of rain water which caused the plastering to fall over, and in the long run, the iron beam to rust. So much these supposed "temporary measures" are taxpayers "money well spent" - but go tell it to that incompetent and gullible Auditor. Imagine having spent millions of taxpayers money because the original roof was left to ruin away by ingress of rain water (and to be more vile, no one was ever held responsible), only to allow once again the ingress of rain water to damage once again the newly completed / patched over roof (and again no one will be held responsible, because as always, the big heads in a corrupt country are always excused).

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 7 FW3B roof damageThe above are more photos from FW3B, with the date once again intentionally made wrong. Note how the internal walls are in vain beautifully finished and painted white as was also once done by the contractor with the roofs, only that the hospital administration most probably had forgot to put a clause in the contract for him to first do the plumbing and wiring and install membrane on the roof. So much taxpayer money was wasted away in abundance for nothing (it's like restoring an old car painting it afresh without first treating it against rust). Five photos show the extensive damage in the roof of corridors, all patched over, and as if it was not enough, the one at the bottom left shows that some of the patching didn't last that long and has already fallen off (again possible ingress of rain water or works intentionally done unprofessionally). Expect one day most of the rest will follow suit and will have to start all over again and again, until finally they realize it would have been better to have replaced the roof in the first place instead, or at least held the contractor accountable (give them a guarantee, if only they know what it means) for his works. Guess that if they really wanted to wastefully demolish a block to do a "therapeutic garden," it might have been for sure much and much more feasable to do it where there is this Block 7 due to the much more extensive damage in the roofs there and instead do the little repairs in MW3B in that Block 10, rather than wasting all that money in FW3B to end back to square one after so many years and gain absolutely nothing - money down the drain once again to the last cent. Guess that with those iron beams merely there to prevent the roof from falling, they for sure did no refurbishing works, they simply wasted away money in vain rather than making the roof new in the first place. For sure they must have felt shy to appear that irresponsible to have left the roofs to ruin to that state, so chose this alternative as if not all the roofs were that ruined to permit some of them to be saved this way. The other photo at the bottom right shows another room in which they also had to replace its roof entirely. Again note the ingress of rain water with part of the roof was still damp when the photo was taken and part of the wall plastering had fallen over (not that it makes any difference as they still have to pass the wiring anyway). Note how some of the aluminium windows they recycled from MW3B didn't fit well in those FW3B openings for the windows overlooking the internal yard and had to fill the gaps temporarily with plywood. Imagine the cannibals at loss what to do with a smaller sized window in hand asking the corrupt administration of this Hospital if they want them to proceed anyway fix them in place, and these from the comfort of their office told them to fix them anyway to avoid themselves appearing as incompetents (guess to save their face, it was better than having to cover the window openings once again with plywood after the existing plywood was torn to pieces). One day they will for sure have to dump them and make them new the required size instead as they should have done in the first place. Note that what was once a fully functional FW3B with patients, after being closed for so many years supposed for refurbishment, is still in shell form the way it was so vilely reduced - and apart from the wiring, plumbing, plastering and painting of walls and roof, they still need to refurbish it with doors, and so many other accessories and furniture for this ward to ever become functional again, if ever.

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 7 FW3B rain ingressThe above are more photos of that original FW3B, the first 4 taken 2 days later the previous ones. The ones in the top row show roof damage in an already shown corridor, with the one on the right more zoomed on that part where the ingress of rain water has caused the steel bars within to rust and crack the concrete. Those in the middle row show a room (a dormitory for 5 beds) but from a different perspective than before, with the newly made roof stained due to ingress of rain water from both sides. Resting with the wall can be seen some plywood. Note that it is not the same as the original white melamine boards which once covered the openings for the windows as those had been mostly torn to pieces when the cannibals installed the recycled windows in their place. As such the hospital administration had to go through extra expenses to buy some plywood for the same cannibals to cover the gaps where the recycled windows did not fit exactly within the openings. The photos at the bottom show on the left FW3B as can be seen from outside from Google Earth Imagery of 2016 with the white melamine boards covering the openings for windows, and the one on the right shows a recent photo of FW3B with the recycled windows in place. Note how the tree, although remained roughly the same height, had grown a bit wider over the years. Worth noting in both photos is the window at the extreme right which has the bottom portion of the wall still missing confirming it has been so since at least 2016 according to Google Earth imagery, meaning that those works involving the installation of several iron beams to hold the roof from falling had been carried out at least since this date. So much everything has long since been abondoned, to the point that once they closed Block 10 for demolishing, decided to continue doing some work by recycling the windows of MW3B to FW3B. After once again some more years abondoned, expect the next phase of works to involve removing these windows to throw them in the landfill and make them new, and possibly redo the roofs once again - they are just giving rain water some more time to ruin them further naturally for them: a possible tragedy in the making.

Before I said that FW3B was possibly opened instead in some other part of this Hospital, with the mention of a ward named "FW3B" in the reports by the Mental Health Commisioner up to 2016 made me suspect this (this is a copy of the 2016 report on this website). Note in this report that FW3B always had the same results as FW3A, which sounds suspicious to me as if it was opened somewhere else within this Hospital (in what was Prof. V. Vassallo ward, see video further above), it was very improbably to have had exactly the same number of patients as FW3A to produce the same results. Through a friend I enquired with this Commisioner where this FW3B mentioned in his reports was sited, and first he faked it by indicating instead where M(ale)W(ard)3B was sited, and when once again for the second and third time was asked to indicate where F(emale)W(ard)3B was, he went completely mute. Again worth noting how persons in high positions in a corrupt country like Malta cover-up the corrupt practices of each other - the corrupt Hospital administration are covered up by this Commissioner, by Auditor and the Planning Authority to mention a few in a sort of vicious circle because what matters to them is the friendship between them not integrity towards society, towards those "inferiors" of low positions us mere mortals. The above video is another screen capture of my laptop screen filmed on 19-May-2020 as I was visiting the Government's Procurement / Electronic Tendering portal and searching for tenders issued for works in FW3B. I found 3 with a tender submission deadline of 3-Apr-2017, namely calls for quotations for the supply of Wooden Tables and Chairsfor the supply and fix of Aluminium Windows, and for the supply and fix of Aluminium Doors (this deadline date possibly indicates they were intended for that original FW3B in Block 7 as those refurbishment works with "temporary measures" were done there some time in 2016 or before). If the mentioned FW3B mentioned in these tenders was the original one of Block 7, for sure no tables, chairs, and aluminium window / doors were supplied by those awarded the contracts at somehow mysteriosly low and ridiculous prices of €4,704, €8,797 and €2,287.22 respectively (note the 22 cents for the latter rather than rounding the figure to say €2,290). Everything seems to be so totally fake that for the case of the windows and doors, there is almost double disparity between the most and least expensive offers (could it be an indication of yet another fraud where the winner was paid for supplying nothing?). But if there was a winner, how did they end making use of recycled windows, or is it indicating that the hospital administration were trying to fake it these recycled windows were those the winner of that tender had supplied "as new" and fixed in place with the money supposed spent on these windows instead ending in the pockets of those involved in this possible fraud? Were they going to fraudulently waste away that Block 10 demolishing it simply to have things to recycle from and install as if new? It is like bringing pieces together to solve a complicated jigsaw puzzle, that of blatant corruption and fraud at taxpayers expense.

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 10The above photos taken on 28-Jan-2020 show Block 10 once the Hospital authorities sent their primitive cannibals with mallets and chisels to recycle the windows of MW3B (note the windows in the second floor are missing), which windows can be seen stacked outside. Considering the money so vilely down the drain in the way this Block 10 was wasted away ending demolished, how FW3B instead of being refurbished, was left to ruin over so many years to the current state, and that figure "upwards of 1 million" wasted away in what was Male Ward 2 amongst possibly many others, this act of recycling these windows is once again simply to sugar the pill, like that reinstatement of soil to do a "therapeutic garden" instead of this Block 10. Also worth noting is the pipework of air conditioning at each MW3B window. In fact every single room and dormitory at MW3B was air conditioned, a luxury for dormitories only in MW3A below, and absent in its remaining 14 single rooms. As regards that container, it was one of two (and then later they brought 2 others) into which they began recycling some left overs from these wards of Block 10, like rusted beds or scratched sofas and so on, with the hospital administration ended paying some Eur10 daily for each one for several months to hold scrap they might as well have sent to the landfill in the first place and saved the money to instead buy amongst others such beds and sofas new, once again money down the drain.

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 7 garden replaced with concreteThis is the internal courtyard in Block 7 where there is FW3B in the second floor. In this case the date on the photo is correct. Once there was that problem with the Covid-19 virus, they discriminately chose to lock all the patients within the wards as from 12-Mar-2020 but for sure was not the case for the staff, as in this hospital they probably reason it that the patients already destroyed with the side effects of that diabolic psychiatric cure are that vulnerable to risk getting infected with the virus even if they dared leave them breath the fresh air outside their ward let alone at the hospital precints, but for the staff it was a completely different story considering them immune to the virus to be left enjoying their life and their families and doing their private errands while supposed to be on duty at work during the day and sleeping almost an entire shift when supposed to be on duty during the night. So once they locked the patients within the wards, as a compromise, the patients in this case of the Half Way House had the once always closed internal yard seen in this photo opened. Note in particular the chairs and that tape they made to confine the patients to that little part only, for in this hospital the patients are treated as being that imbeciles to end falling in those rain water culverts if left to wonder around by themselves (the reason why they used to keep that yard closed), giving the staff unnecessary hassle. Now considering that, as its name suggests, the patients of the HWH are usually "half way" from being integrated back in society, one can only guess how they consider as even more "complete pure imbeciles" the rest of the patients in other wards. Guess the same patients of HWH whom the staff treat as slightly less "imbeciles" than the rest, are nevertheless worthy to assign them some cleaning tasks like washing the floor and risk slipping and hurting themselves anyway, etc., ruining and wasting away 2 hours or more from their day when they were supposed to be out on leave (before the Covid-19, as now are confined 24x7 inside).

Mount Carmel Hospital Block 7 internal yard with recycled windowsThe above photos are once again of the internal yard within Block 7 but show all the 4 walls. The architect of this Block 7 had the simple task of just copying the plans of another architect before him who designed Block 10, but wasn't able to do it in full to the point that he chose to do the larger windows overlooking the longer walls of this yard 6 courses rather than 5 courses high as was in Block 10. As such for 10 of these windows of FW3B they had to fill the remaining gaps with plywood, while they were fortunate enough to find 2 the required height of 6 courses for the remaining 2 (probably recycled from the washroom above MW3B). The smaller windows are still covered with white melamine (probably these at MW3B were still the originals made the old way of iron, not worthy to be recycled). I don't want to be pessimistic but seeing the way the hospital administration after having wasted money so lavishly and in vain, now intends to play it the miser "refurbish" this FW3B with "recycled" windows and scrap and left overs, most probably if they don't find some good souls ready to donate some windows for the remaining ones, this ward will probably remain closed for yet another half a century or maybe have this Block 7 also demolished to reinstate the soil with another "therapeutic garden" and have these recycled windows recycled once again to yet another ward, and a repetition of the same story (hope by now this makes you understand better the probably true intention of doing a garden instead of Block 10 for the corrupt and fraudsters they are). In this photo above note how at the corners and at say every 3 windows, they made those vertical gaps in the walls to pass through them the rain water pipes, with the typical idiot of an architect ended wasting away resources and time by making the wall thick enough to put in practice this stupidity, although he might as well had good intentions: that of making it less dangerous for someone to dare climb up the pipes.

If one visits Google Earth imagery of years say 2009, can notice that once this internal yard within Block 7 was a garden full of trees as was the case in Block 10 they ended fraudulently demolishing. In the above video note how someone probably hacked the PA website (or maybe the PA intentionally made it that way) so that when one does say a google search for "within development zone," the search results lists one from the PA server with the title "GonziPN in 2006 putting more virgin land for development." In the same way that so very corrupt of Gonzi had chosen to ruin an already over built Malta giving more land for development, the present just as well corrupt Government is ruining Malta further with overpopulation, so that what the speculators started developing under GonziPN (indirectly to have money to donate to his corrupt party), today they rent or sell it easier and at higher prices (indirectly to have money to donate to the new corrupt party in government) due to more demand and increased population (if it was not for the Covid-19 which ruined for a while their plans). In the video above after watching how Gonzi has ruined further my hometown Mosta in this way, accessed Google Earth for everyone to see how that garden within Block 7 was doomed sometime between years 2009 and 2011 under that corrupt Gonzi, literally wasting taxpayer money to ruin a garden with concrete, in the same way he wasted so much more and more money to uglify Valletta with that so very ugly Parliament building and a breach in its bastions by Renzo Piano. In this Block 7 internal yard, they just cut away and dumped the many olive and orange trees, gathered some of the soil in those basins, and poured concrete all over and in particular on the remaining soil to that extent that where they made those rain water culverts, the concrete was not made thick enough and caused some weeds to grow anyway from the little soil left beneath, literally taxpayers money and soil wasted away to once again degenerate rather regenerate. So much the hospital administration have nature at heart to the point that the environment would have gained much more with a "therapeutic garden" instead of Block 7 rather than instead of Block 10 which already has say about 40% of it covered with soil, and by demolishing Block 7 instead being one storey less would also have generated less construction waste to dump at landfills. And with Psychiatry being that fake, expect such "therapeutic garden" to be wasted away by growing wild and "useless" trees, for being surrounded by "useless" vegetation probably serves as consolation for the patients to not consider themselves being alone treated as "useless" imbeciles. For seeing shrubs and wild trees must for sure be far more healthy than being surrounded with orange trees and eating something healthy and nutritious with lot of vitamins. It is the way the Maltese idiot is made to be, where with today's technology you simply have to use Google Earth to spot who have similarly wasted away their home's soil to make a swimming pool when the sea is only at most 15 minutes away from their home in such a small island like Malta. So guess why with these sort of people occupying high positions in Malta, what was once a so beautiful island was ruined away in large part covered with asphalt and concrete, for if they chose a swimming pool in preference to a dozen orange trees and thousands of years old soil for their home, guess how they ruin even further what does not form part of their home.

The above video shows Block 10 they wanted to demolish to supposedly make "a therapeutic garden," filmed around January 2020, in the state the primitive cannibals of the hospital authorities had reduced it up to that time. Note the painting on the roofs still in good conditiion. Note also those Abloy keys seen in the video at time 0:37 costing around £60 in large quantities - they have littered the hospital's wards with these high security locks to prevent say the patients from escaping or stealing some apple, yet the true thieves are some of the staff themselves to whom the hospital authorities have entrusted with the keys - really a case of the latin saying: QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES? - Who will guard the guard themselves?

The above video filmed around March / April 2020 (the timing on the video was intentionally made wrong) shows what was FW3B in that Block 7 - it is that ruined that rather than continue wasting money refurbishing it so that one day they open it with patients, they instead chose to dump in it the documents that were originally in a sort of archives below MW3A (so much they have history at heart), seen in the previous video of Block 10 near its end (compare to the case when not so long time ago several books from some convent were dumped in a truck).

Scrapyard at Mount Carmel HospitalThe above shows a sort of scrapyard within Mount Carmel Hospital shown shaded in brown in the image further above. It is something unimaginable to see a pile of rubbish in a hospital, a source for rats to breed and especially during the Covid-19, but in such a fake of hospital the impossible is possible. Those black scrap on the left are desktop computers - rather than recycle them say distribute 2 such computers in each ward to be used by patients, they chose to dump them lavishly that way. Because in this hospital, rather than help the patients keep up with technology and pass time learning how to use a computer which can prove fruitful when he/she comes to find a job and integrate back in society, they consider the patients as too imbecile to ever be able to use one (in part they are made imbecile the way they are sedated with Psychiatric cure). As such, those of the Occupational Therapy are more concerned that the patients pass time doing stupidities, like solving crosswords, drawing some dog or using glitter, indirectly to make patients more depressed seeing they have been reduced to passing time this way (doing stupidities makes you feel stupid and worthless, in the same way that planting useless trees and shrubs in a therapeutic garden makes you feel similarly useless and capable of nothing - in both cases, the ultimate aim of Psychiatry).

The above video show the boundary wall rebuilt illegally without having applied beforehand for a permit, to the point that once I reported this illegality, the new CEO had to submit an application PA/05036/20 "To sanction formation of opening in existing boundary wall, construction of masonry boundary wall and proposed ramp." Yet the PA didn't have the decency to highlight the works in red on its Mapserver as would have done with use mere mortals.

The above video shows what was FW2, now renamed as Female Drug Dependency Unit (FDDU), covered by permit PA/03470/19 and decided by the PA on 6th December 2019. Yet this video filmed on 28th December 2019 confirms that works had started long before the permit was approved to the point that scaffoling was already in place where a new roofing was going to be re-made. In fact the works on MW2 refurbishment covered by permit PA/10851/18 which was approved months before in July 2019 were put on hold by the hospital authorities as the contractor was already occupied on this site of the new FDDU (while some more rain water could seep in what was MW2 to damage it further). This new (instead of what was FW2) Female Drug Dependency Unit (FDDU) was finally opened in May 2021. Note that back in June 2014 they had already inaugurated another FDDU, so it ended falling in disgrace to the point of having to open a new one instead barely 7 years later! Ask yourself where is the auditor or if anyone was ever held accountable? Recently got to know that the ward below Male ward 2 was split in 2, part shown in video further above was FW3B (Sala Prof. Victor Vassallo) had been relocated there (from Block 7) and subsequently closed, and the other part was the old FDDU, so it seems they were unable to start works on MW2 until this old FDDU below could be relocated as happened in May 2021, so much they have good planning. Also from Block 7, the wards at 1st floor, FW3A was closed around May 2021 and the remaining part, what was the Half Way House, was closed by end of June '22 to relocate it once again after a few years there instead of MIDU (Mentally Impaired Disability Unit - was closed around June 2021 for this refurbishment), and renamed as "Dar is-Sebh" after they had to spend 1/3 of a million in its refurbishment (in what was a fully functional MIDU ward a year before) to end having just 14 beds (instead of the 20 beds the Half Way House had) so probably now that this Block 7 is completely empty will start works on it or more probably demolish it completely (maybe even the 1st floor which does not seem to have problems in its roofs), and guess how long lasted those windows they recycled to its 2nd floor from what was Block 10 (ex Male wards 3A / 3B)! And guess that those archives they had relocated from under Male Ward 3A to this Block 7 2nd floor (the original FW3B) will have to be relocated again, or even dumped as expect the unimaginable from such incompetent administration of this hospital.

Dar is-Sebh favouritisms at taxpayers' expense A Dar is-Sebh inauguration photo: Spot the most corrupt out of the most corrupt - doing favouritisms (and discrimination with others) at taxpayers' expense, earning a salary sleeping, abusing patients, covering-up crimes and the criminals, and having revenge on those who dare report. Back to the newly inaugurated "Dar is-Sebh", one of its priviledged 14 patiens is the son of a big head, who had been relocated to Half Way House since the closure of MW3A in October 2019, taking the place of other patients (sons of a lessor God) who ought to be there, and since his condition is so severe not only he is allowed to stay in bed all day, is allowed to not perform the "duties" as other patients, but as these ward's door is kept open during the day, they had to put 4 responsible carers 24x7 on constant watch with him working in 4 shifts, so assuming they have a salary of about €20,000 each, this priviledged patient alone is costing the taxpayer about €80,000 yearly (add another €20,000 in overtime to cater for 4 staff's vacation / sick leave), and since they (foreigners) pay income tax, they qualify for free education to their children, free healthcare and other benefits, so the amount costing the taxpayer is even higher. And then they claim staff shortages (an excuse for more overtime at taxpayers' expense). So much in Psychiatrists' mentality, the friends you have can make such a big difference to not end discriminated locked with the underdogs as in my case waiting for the umpteenth restriction of freedom of communication order.

The above video from year 2020 shows the old ward on which the Male Ward 10 I experienced in 2002 was copied with minor variations, left in such a dilapidated state. It could have easily been incorporated as an extension to the hospital's museum, but considering the sorry state the once very intetesting museum was left with ingress of rain water, shelves empty, etc. don't expect an extension to the museum when the museum itself is in shambles.

The above video shows how the authorities depict Mount Carmel Hospital as some top notch hospital - in fact it is exactly the opposite for behind its walls, apart from taxpayers' money down the drain, expect no other than so many blatant abuses and experimentation of drugs on patients. After reading all this, hope that one can conclude himself that for one to end saying "Thanks Stephen Sultana, our loss is Boffa's Hospital gain," he must be a fraudster himself, for a Psychiatrist is simply nothing more than a fraudster on a much much larger scale than a fortune teller.

Taxpayers' money down the drain, with more overstaffing, when already have practically nothing to do

Staff entering night shifts to sleep.

Other staff entering night shifts to sleep.

Staff working hard in Male Ward 7, not that the other wards are anything better, but expect that bit more in a ward administered by one who does the most unbelievable abuses herself, like abusively bringing her kids to play with Government computers, of work. Really taxpayer's money down the drain (paying the midleman the salary of say a doctor/nurse, multiplied by hundreds and more of staff, for the services of a nurse/carer, for doing nothing, for ending so overstaffed to end having nothing to do) sponsoring the construction industry, more foreigners mean higher rent and buying prices for the ugly apartments all Malta is being ruined with, besides enjoying free healthcare, transport, education, social benefits (as they do almost nothing, their salary can more appropriately be considered as part of their 'social benefits package'), etc., also at taxpayers' expense (while these are earning it that easily, think of some pensioners who can't make it till the end of month). In the video above they are seen chatting, playing with mobiles, sleeping, etc., just imagine what even worse they do during the night, and what worser most of the Maltese staff do themselves, in particular those blessed use no punch clocks like that sadist of Marlene Grech, just a fake signature one signs for the rest all that is needed (guess, in the last Aug'23 sectoral agreement of which 87% of the nurses agreed with, it was amongst others "agreed that electronic palm readers, that clock in attendance, will only be used when all employees, irrespective of their grade or salary, begin to make use of it" - so it's something will intentionally never happen for rest assured the fraudsters of Psychiatrists themselves amongst other "employees" will never submit to it - no punch clocks was so worthile to no other than that fraudster and corrupt of MUMN president and nurse, you find him guess where, at Mount Carmel Hospital, Paul Pace, to claim thousands of overtime he never worked, he did it so lavishly to even claim overtime when was on holiday in Egypt and is so vile he even wants compensation for his own misdeeds [will they do him mobile tracking ... for sure not] - being on holiday or on work does not make any difference for he does nothing of work anyway!). Rest assured had they do them time logging, per ward just one of them would not total more than 30 minutes of work in a 12 hour shift, the rest total nothing at all.

On 22-Dec-23 those of Shift News came with an article: Systematic abuse and theft in overtime, allowances at Mt Carmel Hospital mentioning: In the case of some medical consultants (i.e. those fraudsters of Psychiatrists), the allowances they were being paid surpassed their basic pay by up to 200%. Few days later those parrots of Times of Malta followed suit with an article on 28-Dec-23: Mount Carmel staff found doing extra jobs during working hours mentioning: In one case, the audit found a consultant was paid for services given to the commissioner for mental health, a separate entity, during working hours at Mount Carmel. ... The same consultant was also found to be carrying out work for the Court Services Agency and the Malta Foundation School. Note how our fake local media didn't dare to mention the consultant/s by name as they did with that fraudster of a nurse and MUMN president Paul Pace. But what is even more incredible in this so corrupt country since ever is that over 3 and a half years before on 12-Jun-20 in these series of emails had amongst many others highlighted these abuses to the CEO Stephanie Xuereb saying, in Maltese, translated here to English:
"But they abuse so intentionaly from the fact that those above them, amongst them doctors and in particular Psychiatrists do the same and much worser. In fact many of these have several jobs (that is apart from their supposed full time job at the hospital, work privately in clinics, or as Court experts, University lecturers, appear on TV) and ask yourself how they manage to find time for everything and for the family. ... Also during the time these supposed consultants are working at hospital, I presume they are doing work not related to hospital for which they are being paid in another way, eg. doing the court reports, preparing lectures, etc., prepare what they are going to say on TV as does that Anton Grech, and so on, don't think yourself as a doctor don't know of these things or else you must surely be living on the moon - if you don't believe me or maybe just want to turn it as some illusion of mine, just tell you that for the court report on me paid by the same Court they came doing it amongst others David Cassar and Ethel Felice during the time they were supposed to be working in their full time job at hospital ... that is at the same time they were being paid from two sources."
But being a big super fraudster and sadist herself took no action, except having their utmost revenge on me within a week transfered me to another ward with savage primitive cannibals, put me Level 1 on supervision with staff 24 hours on my watch, and issued this restriction of freedom of communication order for a whole month and again yet another one few weeks later on 14-Aug-20 for another whole month, when I was also transferred to yet another different ward, to intimidate me, silence me, and abuse me further at leisure, and themselves continue in their abuses at leisure, unhindered and with that peace of mind. At the end of this second restriction of freedom of communication order they returned my laptop from the hospital's safe broken with the screen smashed and prohibited me from reusing it again after had to repair it at my own expense, save a miserable for a miserable €140 they refunded me over a year and a half later, as mentioned in this email (note how months before that fraudster, big liar and complicit of CEO herself had lied saying it was not on part of negligence from the staff or the hospital that my laptop was broken).

Freelancer Belle de Jong writing fake articles promoting Psychiatry Again, if you think in the above script I was exagerating things on purpose, the above image and this article Psychiatrists call for temporary Mental Health hospital on Times of Malta sums it all. In fact, in corrupt Malta, Psychiatrists have sought the services of a freelance writer, Belle De Jong, to write fake articles promoting Psychiatry and to fraudulently pressure the Government for a new Psychiatric Hospital next to Mater Dei, as already said, so that Psychiatrists don't have anything less than other doctors. It is corruption at its best, blatant wastage of land and taxpayers' money when all that is needed is to restore the roughly one third of Mount Carmel hospital currently in dilapidated state and built a storey on buildings in it currently with one storey only. So much our local media are puppets on a string and money speaks.

Above video recorded and was ready from editing by end of May '24, when few days before the corrupt Government has outlined his intention of closing Mount Carmel Hospital to the satisfaction of Psychiatrists, to the detriment of patients, Psychiatry's hypocrisy at its best. All the fuss about the energy sector sold to the Chinese, 3 public hospitals (St Luke’s, Karin Grech and Gozo General) similarly given away in a fraudulent deal, and unbelievably the Maltese idiot suspects nothing wrong in the mishandling at Mount Carmel Hospital, a one complete hell of systematic fraud which started under Minister Chris Fearne even demolishing entire wards (MW3A and MW3B) fraudulently to serve as an excuse to send patients to private homes, will probably be even more under the current Minister JoEtienne Abela, an incompetent puppet from day one.

As regards the emails sent to the Ombudsman and the Auditor regarding the massive fraud in Block 10 demolition, to the Planning Authority regarding the illegalities at Mount Carmel Hospital, and to the National Archives and Heritage Malta mainly regarding documents dumped savegely at FW3B, see this link.

As regards the emails sent to the Ombudsman and the Auditor regarding the massive fraud in Block 10 demolition, to the Planning Authority regarding the illegalities at Mount Carmel Hospital, and to the National Archives and Heritage Malta mainly regarding documents dumped savegely at FW3B, see this link.